People change. They grow up. They undergo through different times and in the end of each episode they learn, get stronger or break down, but in any case they change. And sometimes the ways of the persons splitt up. Sometimes you lost contact. Maybe forever or maybe for a while. Sometimes your tie grow and get unbreakable. I think it´s okay. I think I finally learn to let go, it´s a really liberating feeling. You can´t avoid changes and you can´t undo them so you just should accept them and learn from them. I hope every of my lovely followers can learn to let people (and things) go and don´t being dependent on them. 

before tomorrow's episode:

We just want you all to know that it has been a joy and pleasure sailing on these seas with you (through smooth and rough waters). Thanks for all the new memories created and for this anime for introducing us to new, amazing people. We were wary about starting this SouMako blog in the beginning, but in the end we have no regrets. You’ve all been so kind to us and have been supportive of each other.

We’re also not sure if we’ll get another season, probably unlikely with some of our important third years graduating, so I don’t know how many of you will still be in this fandom afterwards, but before you go (whenever or if ever that happens) we just wanted to say “thanks!!!”.

I think we’ve shed enough tears of sadness and frustration, and some tears of joy is finally called for when we give a proper send off to our swimming babes. *salutes*

- Cap & Kage

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Coil-Tenderness of Wolves

This next Pokemon is not a Hoenn Pokemon, but it’s up there on my favorite list. It’s one of those Pokemon whose anime cries I’d run around the house imitating for some reason, in this case I suppose simply because I could. It was the co-star of one of the most epic and iconic Pokemon episodes there ever was, right up there with like, the first one. Oh man I went to watch the clip again and I actually teared up a bit. Also here, you’re welcome. But yeah, the main reason I’m covering this Pokemon is because it’s awesome. The second reason is that I believe it’s the only Pokemon that received a Mega Evolution in X/Y that I have yet to cover. All of this combined… well, I think you see why we’re here right now. 


#142: Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokemon, and its HORRIBLY underappreciated Mega Evolution, Mega Aerodactyl! 

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