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MIT: GelSight sensor gives robots touch

Researchers at MIT and Northeastern University have equipped a robot with a novel tactile sensor that lets it grasp a USB cable and insert it into a USB port.

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Neuroscientists Challenge Long Held Understanding of the Sense of Touch

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Different types of nerves and skin receptors work in concert to produce sensations of touch, University of Chicago neuroscientists argue. Their assertion challenges a long-held principle in the field—that separate groups of nerves and receptors are responsible for distinct components of touch, like texture or shape. They hope to change the way somatosensory neuroscience is taught and how the science of touch is studied. 

The research will appear in Trends in Neurosciences

Research: The research will appear in Trends in Neurosciences

Image: Perviously, the classification system has been supported by experiments using mechanical devices to elicit one or more of these specific components of touch. For example, responses to texture are often generated using a rotating, cylindrical drum covered with a Braille-like pattern of raised dots. Study subjects would place a finger on the drum as it rotated, and scientists recorded the neural responses. This image is for illustrative purposes only and is not connected to the research. Credit Lrcg2012.

I still remember

I still remember
the first time my lips
touched yours

I still remember 
how my lips felt
after the first kiss,
after every kiss

Every kiss felt like the first
My heart stopped
with every kiss
you blessed me with

I still remember
your smell when we first hugged
I still remember
the feeling on my back
with your hands touching it
every time you hugged me.. back
(I say back because you never initiated anything)

Your name still moves my heart
Your name still brings tears into my eyes
Happy and sad tears

My mind still goes back
to the moment our eyes first met

Our firsts, seconds, thirds…
are all saved in my memory

Your smile
Your laugh
Your happiness
Still means the world to me

Making you giggle
was my favorite thing to do

I care about your happiness
more than I care about mine
I think about your comfort
more than I think about mine

You engraved yourself
into my heart
without even knowing

Your name is my tongue’s favorite

As days have gone by
You forgot all about me
But I…
I still remember all of you


There are many reasons to consider going to graduate school in the UK (ahem, finding your own Mr. Darcy!) BUT make sure you’re ready for everything that comes with it.

The pros and cons of going to graduate school in the U.K.