Note to self.

Sometimes the person who made you feel loved turns into the person making you feel worthless. Sometimes the person you trusted all your secrets to turns out to be the biggest liar you’ve ever met. Sometimes the person you were madly in love with turns into the person you hate more than you’ve ever hated anyone. Sometimes your favourite face in the entire world turns into a face you never, ever want to see again. Sometimes the hands you craved to touch you, turn into the hands that threaten to hurt you. Sometimes the words that made you feel all warm and special inside turn into words that make you sick to your stomach just thinking about. Sometimes the person you thought was your soulmate was just someone to teach you a tough lesson. And sometimes, the person you hated turns out to be a lovely person after all.

But it’s okay baby, cause you will feel loved again, you will trust again without being broken, you will find a new favourite face, new hands to touch you, someone whose words will fill you with more joy than you could’ve ever imagined. And next time it will be real. But first, pick up the pieces, rebuild yourself again, and love yourself more than he ever did.

surprise - it’s a skull 😁

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even as we touch
i wonder what you feel like

because there is only space
between our atoms
and we would have to defy
all physics to really

with our bodies melding
into one mass of
elements and
energy and
fighting all
the forces
within and
holding us apart

and it would be
a real miracle
to finally feel

—  touch my spaces, nc