Touch by Natalia Jaster (andshewaits)
PublicationDate: October 2014
Pages: 237
GoodreadsRating: 4.36 

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Eros, Cupid, the mortals have their myths, but they’re so very wrong. The truth is Love: a deity with her bows and arrows (the only part the mortals got right) and her knack for match making. When the Fates Court sends her to a small snowy town with mortals who need her signature dose of romance, she goes through the town bringing love to the unsuspecting, unseen by the mortal eye. Until Andrew. Andrew, a truly selfless human, is able to see her and Love knows this means bad news for the Fates. But bad news or not, she’s drawn to him, and their lives will collide for better or worse.

Originally, this book caught my interest because the female lead was the “supernatural being” or whatever you want to call it. It might just be me, but I’m really used to seeing the male lead be the “gifted” or “different” character. He’s a werewolf/vampire/alien/ghost/superhero or whatever and either the girl is just normal, or she eventually ends up his equal. I don’t see many books where the girl is the original mythical being, though, and it caught my interest. While I felt the book started out a bit slow, in the end, it didn’t disappoint me! Its a really remarkably well-done romance novel with hints of fantasy and its own type of mythology. While the mythology can be a bit convoluted, and sometimes requires a bit of extra suspension of belief, it’s altogether very creative, clever, and unique. It gave a lot of depth to Love and the other deities and it makes me want to know more about that world and possibly get some questions answered!

The characters are truly lovely. Love is an inquisitive, temperamental, and passionate protagonist and she’s well balanced between her good traits and faults. Andrew is the “selfless mortal” gifted with the ability to see Love and her kind, but he’s got a lot of depth and isn’t a stereotypically “pure character” like one would imagine. Andrew swears, is sarcastic, can be wholly stubborn, but still wants to give and take care of others. Love’s fellow deities are also really interesting and I hope to learn more of them in the future!

The writing is incredibly elegant and eloquent. Jaster manages to discuss love, free will, human nature, and human emotion with such a deft hand that I was thoroughly impressed. Such topics are very abstract and some writers can struggle to convey certain feelings and ideas, but Jaster did it with remarkable talent, which I think really added to and made the love story that much more potent. Paired with the creative mythology and some well-done characters, this is a really enjoyable story and I can’t wait to see what Natalia Jaster writes next.

Rating: ★★★★ 
4.00 stars

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