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*in the weeks leading up to me drawing “completely serious”, i had been milling over many works by Alex Toth. one day during this time, i grabbed a sharpie (mind you, i wasn’t looking at any Toth work at the precise moment i started drawing) and i had the urge to draw my yeticorn…so i started scribbling, really rough and fast. what was initially going to be a throw away image, developed into a neat headshot that seemed to carry some of the style and even spirit of some of Alex Toth’s work…”reminiscient of Alex Toth” is how i would describe this. though my work is admittedly far more inferior than the late great Toth. that said, this illustration is one of my favorites (of works that i’ve done)…largely because of Alex Toth’s influence. 


It would be an understatement to say Im astonished right now. I had seen the Setting the Standard: Comics by Alex Toth video a while ago, but I just checked out their Flickr set to see the actual pages and I am blown away.

This is hands down the best reproduction of any golden-age comic I have seen collected, ever. I think what Im so blown away with is that they kept the original printing process colors, rather than deciding to go ahead and digitally color it. Absolutely incredible! After seeing a book like this I wonder if we took a step backwards. For me a majority of the comics colored today look dull. While digital coloring has brought its benefits to the medium, it  has also taken away some of the sensibilities comics had in the past. One of the things I enjoy about Toth’s comics are the colors, as I talked about In The Land Unknown. The colors are bold, expressive, as well as catchy. Everything is’nt colored realistically, one of the reasons I enjoy Jean Giraud’s Lt. Blueberry so much. We can learn from this, and I think we can all look to Fantagraphics and this book for how reproductions in the future should be done. This should be the new standard.

I’d also like to make a note that I will not be scanning anything recently published like this, as I’d rather have people go and buy the book. If anything, I will only scan panels, so don’t expect full stories from a book like this from me.


Hey everyone, I hope you’ve all been enjoying TOTHLOVE so far. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this, and have ended up finding more about Toth than I ever thought I would. If you have any comments or suggestions let me know! They’re more than welcome. I think sometime soon Im going to do more of his model sheets. I hope you’ll enjoy them. Im glad to see that theres more Toth on Tumblr now. Before this blog I had hardly seen any of his work on here,and I’ve found that this is one of the best websites for people to find unknown or new work. Thanks again for following everyone. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! REBLOG! SPREAD THE TOTHLOVE!

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TOTHLOVE.TUMBLR is a new blog i’ve made from my love of all things Alex Toth. If you love great comics I highly recommend following. He’s most well known for his character designs on cartoons such as Johnny Quest and Space Ghost, as well as ton of others. However, if you didnt know he was an incredible cartoonist, making some of the most sophisticated comics of his time. Following down the same path of Roy Crane, Noel Sickles, and Milton Caniff, Toth created a legacy of work, which should looked at greatly in its own right. My goal with TOTHLOVE is to show a newer generation and the people on tumblr the work of an incredible artist, who i feel is not shown enough. COME SHARE THE LOVE! ENJOY!