Guys, look at this super cool READ IS THE NEW BLACK tote!


My hobbit!Nalu tote bag has finally arrived!! The quality is amazing and to make things better, it’s double-sided! The size of the bag is perfect for me. Thank you so much blanania for redrawing this!! I am beyond happy.

CCK clothing line news💕💫 I realized that with the summer coming soon I can wait a bit for Twinkle chan bunny to be released and printed on sweaters~! I am willing to have goodies soon featuring him anyway for this season♥ In the meanwhile I also made a new design I was really wanting to do since ages, as she is the CCK’s mascot since basically the beginning of Cute Can Kill! Our magical Dreamy Pegasus will be featured on these white large shopper bags in heavy cotton! These cuties will be printed this month along with new t-shirts featuring a modified version of it, for a super dreamy set! ♡♡♡
Please keep an eye open as I will post more previews and stock photos! Also, I am finally making Dreamy Crystal Pegasus necklaces preorders a real thing, after ages! ♡ Stay tuned for more exciting news!