I have a mighty need for a carol/deanna face off

like how r u gonna give me a woman like deanna all but bragging about her ability to read people, and then give me carol bullshitting her way through her interview and NOT give me them in a furious battle of poker faces????


someone just compared shipping jd & veronica to supporting the abuse in fifty shades NO

I feel so bad for Jennifer Morrison. All the hate that she got on Twitter today. And those fans who actually fucken thought that Jennifer and Colin meant “making coffee” was MAKING COFFEE. Like honestly you guys!! Grow up!! Once upon a time is a fictional show. Emma Swan and Hook are fictional characters that Jennifer and Colin play as their job. I’m not a huge presence in the captain swan fandom but I’m sure that the hardcore shippers must be really upset that their coffee inside joke made Jen feel so uncomfortable over some stupid fans. Smh.

UNUSUAL HOARD commission for matt - isnt this more of an abstract concept oh well


Teen Wolf AU: In a world in which werewolves are an enslaved race, Stiles buys Derek from a hunter slash slave trader family.  (before I get more messages about this, yes, this is kinda loosely inspired by Not As Described and either way it’s an amazing fic that you should read)