The first sound out of Varric’s mouth wasn’t even a sigh.  No, it was, “I don’t want to know, do I?” 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Eppie sniffed.  Varric’s expression didn’t change.  Didn’t budge.  Didn’t even waver.  And, Maker’s blood, he was actually arching an eyebrow!  At her!  Varric! Eyebrow!

“I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t show up with that thing.”

“That thing” happened to be draped around her shoulders at that moment.  It also happened to be keeping her neck particularly warm, a plus when one’s secret (all right, not so secret, as it turned out) stronghold was located in the frozen-middle-of-bloody-nowhere.  

“Don’t call him that,” she admonished.  "He has a name.

“Oh.  A name.”  Varric chuckled.  “This should be good.”

The fennec that was, at that moment, curled contently around her neck, lifted its head and folded its ears back, sending Varric a look of displeasure so dour, even Eppie had to laugh.  “He’s quite ridiculous,” she said, reaching up to scratch the little beast behind its ears.  The animal’s eyes shut in contentment as it leaned into her hand, trilling softly.

“Ridiculous is a good word,” Varric offered, nodding.  “Disturbing’s another.  Also, creepily familiar.”


“Nothing.  So, a name?”

“Fenny,” she announced, grinning proudly as the fox nuzzled her chin.

A beat of silence passed.  “Fenny,” Varric said evenly.

“Because he’s a fennec,” she explained.  "Fenny Fennec?  Cute, right?“

“Not your best work, Hawke.”

“Hmph.  And I suppose you could do better?”

His lips twitched back a smile.  “Nah.  No, this one can be all yours, Hawke.”

wolf-of-herkimer asked:

Every time I see Trevor referred to as anything else, I shout "HIS NAME IS TREVOR, BELLA SAID SO" (because I suck at remembering real names so in my brain I refer to you as just Bella). I so want fic or something around this guy.

Oh my God you do not even realize how much this absolutely made my horrible, no good, very bad day.  I almost cried when I read this.  So because you are amazing and you made my day, here have this: 

His Name Is Trevor

Fury footsteps bounced off the walls of the empty deck of the Helicarrier.  The lights slowly flickered into life and he turned his head, his one good eye taking it all in.  For the most part she looked exactly like she had the day she’d rolled off the assembly line all those years ago.  But if Coulson’s guys had followed the specs Fury gave them, and he’s sure they did, there’d be a few surprises up her sleeve.  He walked up to the computers, the SHIELD emblem spinning lazily, and swiped his hand across the screen.

“Welcome back Director Fury,” a computerized voice greeted him as the carrier’s life supports systems came on line.  He smiled.  It was good to be back.

“It feels empty,” Maria said from the behind him and he spun around to see her standing at the edge of the command deck.  “It never felt empty before.”  

“Don’t worry,” Fury assured her.  “It won’t be for long.”  

“Permission to come aboard, Sir?”  There was a teasing smile tugging at the corner of her lips and he rolled his eyes nodding his head in permission.  

Maria glanced out the panoramic window at the crowd of SHIELD agents who had gathered on the dock. “Load ‘em up,” she announced. The message was received and the Agents began boarding the carrier en masse.

“Do we have enough volunteers?” Fury asked as Agents began filtering onto the deck.

“Had to turn them away, Sir,” Hill said passing Fury a tablet.  The cabin hummed with noise as it filled up with Agents and after a while, it wasn’t so empty anymore.

“Agent Hill,” a man called from the entrance to the command deck.  He hurried toward them, clumsily dodging other Agents on his way, and almost face planting twice.

Fury raised an eyebrow at Maria and she turned her face away from the man.  “He was at the Triskellion, refused to launch the Insight carriers, bought us a lot of time.”  Fury nodded.

When he made it to them he was out of breath and he doubled over for a second to catch it.  “All hands are on deck and the carrier is fully operational.” He was juggling three different tablets looking for something. “We’re just waiting on the coordinates from Mr. Stark.”  

“Sir, the coordinates,” an Agent said holding out another tablet to the man.  He froze for a second, looking between Maria and Fury then back to the Agent.  

“Oh you’re talking to me!” he said surprised and maneuvered the tablets in his hands so he could accept the fourth.  The Agent walked away and he turned to Maria and Fury confused.  “People keep doing that.  Calling me sir.  It’s weird.” He passed the tablet he was just handed off to Maria who shot the information into the helicarrier’s system.

“You stood up to Hydra. You’re a legend around here kid. Get used to it.”  Fury said clapping a hand on his back and had to stifle a laugh.  The guy looked like he was about to swallow his own tongue.

“I…I…” the man fumbled for something to say until Hill took pity on him.  

“Why don’t you take tech command and do one last run through before we ship off.” Maria handed him back the fourth tablet and he barely managed to keep a hold of all of them.

“Tech command?” he asked. “Yes ma’am.  Right away.”  He tripped over his own feet in his hurry to get to his station and fumbled with the head seat until he finally managed to get it on right.

“Who is that guy?” Fury asked as he rolled his seat backwards to grab something from another Agent and the cord on the headset snapped taught, jerking him back.  

“No idea,” Maria said. “I think his name is Trevor.”  

“All systems up and running Agent Hill,” he called out, giving her a thumbs up for good measure.

“Alright,” Fury turned toward.  “Let’s take her out for a test drive.”  

today at my job appliance the guy told me to “tell a little something about yourself” and i completely just shut down i hate when people ask that 

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OMG YOU KNOW WHEN WILL THE CARMILLA SERIES BE OUT? (If the answer is in the faq tag, sorry 😓 i can't check the tag here in mobile)

You totally can check the tag on mobile. I just did. And SOON.


Make Me Choose

dragonlikecats asked: Hiro or Kenai

Maximoff Twins : Figure Skating AU
Wanda’s partner for the World Cup left and she needs to find a new partner to skate with. Pietro, her hockey prodigy brother, decides to step up his game to help his sister. 

You know who would make a great figure skating coach? Clint.


Okay, um…so here’s the speech. The zombie thing is a bitch. Your world shrivels down to a dot, you know this, and…All you think about is how to get your next meal, and keeping your secret. And…No one can really…know you. Now. Kissing, touching, sex, love, yelling at someone for stealing the blankets. Um, out of the question. Forever. But then one day I see this…Beautiful woman. She’s the only thing in color. Odd ‘cause she’s so pale. And then suddenly there’s hope again. That’s all I’m saying. Who knows if we’ll even like each other. But I like everything I’ve seen so far, and, um…What have we got to lose?

Help a disabled trans woman survive poverty

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