i had part of this song in my head but i couldnt remember which song so i googled it and it was this.

and i forgot how much i love this song<3

EDIT: hes one of the few people singers i actually see opening his eyes wider for difficult notes instead of closing them xD

Hit shuffle on whatever you listen music to and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass it on to 10 people.
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Pretty Girls - Britney Spears feat. Iggy Azalea

Red Button - Mike Posner

Gone In September - Mike Posner (omg I forgot how much I love this song/how sad it is)

Settle Down - No Doubt

A Real Love Survives (A Rock Steady Vibe) - No Doubt & Ms. Dynamite

Total Hate ‘95 - No Doubt (one of the faves)

6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne 

Promise - Konami Kukeiha Club (Silent Hill 2 soundtrack)

G.U.Y. - Lady Gaga

Bennie and the Jets - Elton John

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I wonder if a member of Boyz 4 Now will mysteriously leave the band to mirror real life events (my bet is on Matt the sky grandpa) and they'll host a contest to find their next member at Wonder Wharf and Jimmy Jr and Gene and Darryl and Rudy and whoever else decide to audition and Louise and Boo-Boo can be reunited. And Tina will help coach her friends about how to drive tween girls wild.

yeah sky grandpa would definitely be the one to leave he’s nearing retirement age lol. and i love the contest idea !! just image how into it jimmy jr would be… but he’d probably be so into the dancing part that he’d completely forgot to prepare a song though. gene would probably be more interested in pitching them song ideas than actually auditioning. rudy would want to audition but the dancing and singing would be too much for his little boy lungs to handle

but i can totally picture tina using her erotic friend fiction expertise to teach the boys how to be flirty. and louise would definitely sneak off from the group and try to slap boo boo again