Mills District

Orlando, FL

August 29-31

Congratulations everybody!!! We have done it! TOTAL BUMMER 4EVER will once again take place in Mills 50 located in Orlando, FL. We are so proud to be a part of this community and to experience a weekend of sharing and giving. More info will be announced later this month. Join our mailing list for updates and announcements.

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TOTAL BUMMER 4EVER is only 8 weeks away!! During that time we will be announcing a handful of bands every week through our mailing list and our tumblr. 

YUNG LIFE (Knoxville, TN)

Yung Life will be returning this year after a stellar performance last year. They have, deservingly so, recieved a great deal of attention after releasing their self-titled EP (Chill Mega Chill/Death Party Records). 

MOON JELLY (Orlando, FL)

Moon Jelly will also make their second appearance at TOTAL BUMMER. This year they will be featured as a 5 piece and will be releasing their self titled EP from Bleeding Gold Records.

HELLO OCHO (Atlanta, GA) 

Hello Ocho will be making their first appearance at TB and we are super psyched to have them to town. 

“Although much of the group’s songwriting style remained the same, the mysterious energy it had been channeling all along began to gel with subtle but experimental hippie/pop aesthetic, propelled by the broader depth of kraut rock repetition.’ - Cribnotes

PEACE ARROW (Gainesville, FL)

Peace Arrow, one half of Hear Hums, will be a familiar face at TB but with a different sound. Mitch has reinvented himself as a one man band playing lush soundscapes paired with melodic guitar. Spirit Cat Tapes will be releasing his latest release, ↑↓↑↓.

Presale tickets are now available and for a limited time they come with a free Spirit Cat Tape of your choice. Tickets are $25 until august 1st so make sure to grab one now.

oin our mailing list for updates and announcements.