K.K. Cruisin'
  • K.K. Cruisin'
  • Kazumi Totaka, Mesmonium
  • Animal Crossing

(Album art by Karlen Tam)


'Hoy, readers! Wander here. CA's recent Animal Crossing post got me thinking about the aspects of the series that I love most; in particular, its brilliant and jazzy music. Many of Animal Crossing's songs sound like something out of the Peanuts, but going to the Roost on a Saturday night will give you a chance to hear K. K. Slider's slick tunes. My personal favourite of Totakeke's compositions is “Cruisin',” a tight lick covered here by guitarist Mesmonium. There’s something about Cruisin’ that just demands to be grooved to, and we here are happy to oblige.

This song would sometimes be played in Smashville if you happened to catch one of K.K.’s shows, but here’s hoping that in Smash 4 it gets a remix as cool as this one. Enjoy!

[Bonus track: a fun jazz ensemble version of the same tune, arranged by Michael Saddekni and Brian Nabors. See it performed here!]

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This Yoshi’s Story cover desperately needs more exposure. I highly encourage you to watch/listen to it, it’s an absolute joy. It also has an Otamatone! Tell me that is not reason enough!

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Wii Shop Channel music.

Kazumi Totaka - "Nintendo Wii Main Menu"

Nothing beats a videogame with an impeccable score (The Sims, anyone? Right?), but there’s something special about the music we associate with the consoles themselves, even if it’s just a tiny, sublime soundbite. Japanese composer and voice actor Kazumi Totaka did a superb job writing the music for the default Wii channels in 2006, and judging by some of his other composing credits (Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion, to name two of dozens) I really expected no less. When I close my eyes and listen to this it’s like I can physically feel the stress evaporating from my body. Great for maintaining a somewhat-neutral emotional equilibrium while trying to keep your cool as you write that final paper. 

- Callie

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BUBBLEGUM K.K./ ケケアイドル (animal crossing new leaf / とびだせどうぶつの森)

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