What:  Luino Tostino

Where:  L'Appetito | get directions!

Price:  $5.00

Taste:  Delicious.  L'Appetito blew me away again with one of their sandwiches. Featuring high-quality genoa salami, swiss cheese, and red peppers, this sandwich showcases simple ingredients with big flavor. They even sprinkle some Italian herbs on the inside to give it a little extra oomph.

Value:  Totally worth it. The Luino filled me up without making me feel disgustingly full, and it was extremely tasty. If I wasn’t filled up, I would have gotten right back in line for another, especially at only $5.00. Definitely recommended.

See i wanna be like a wine taster but with like food people find in their freezers

Like “OH yeah this must be a tostino’s pizza roll, circa two years ago” that’d be a fun job i think

storytime: when i was little i didn’t know totinos and tostitos were two different things so i just called 90% of snack foods ‘tostinos’

anonymous asked:

A, B, D, L, O, R, T, Y

A- anna!❤️

B- my babe(bailey) c:

D-Donna aka my space gf

L- I love love tbh like everything that comes with being in or loving someone

O- ummm I like oatmeal actually, especially the Dino egg one

R- Rock music was the first to come to mind

T- tostinos pizza rolls are my jam, I grew up on them

Y- frozen yogurt! Especially when you load it up with brownie pieces and Reese’s :)

eilijohnson asked:

When you get this ask, post 5 things that make you happy and pass this along to the last 10 people who reblogged you.

Oh man, 5 things that make me happy? WELL For starters, some people make me really happy!

Some people that make me happy are ammyrambles because she is seriously the most sweetest person I know and I absolutely love her to bits. <3 One of my best friends for sure. I look up to her for inspiration with my art and overall her qualities are just amazing.

Another person is commander-freckle. I have so many insider jokes with her and i always calling her on skype or texting her like non freakin stop. Super hero time! NERD.

doomgamer3000 THIS FUCKIN NERD RIGHT HERE. Been best friends with him since 5th grade and we kinda just stuck by Each other all these years! He’s my DORITO FACED SENPAI CHAN-SAN who sings about tostinos pizza rolls and inhales pizza bagles.

starstomp​ This girl right here makes me hella happy. She makes me smile a lot even though im really insecure about her (and by that, I mean, im just overly worried she’ll leave me over something ridiculous) but I know she wont because she loves me a ton. Love you babe, you’re amazing and great.

and last but not least, something that always makes me happy is Ke$ha <3 Her music is wonderful and she is a very amazing person and singer <3

I have so many ther things that make me happy like Art and singing, but those people are the top 5 things (or really, people!) that make me happy <3

I just remembered the microwaved taste of tostinos pizza rolls. I sure could go for some right now. I miss being a kid again when all I worried about was what to watch on tv and what can I eat