twirlin ‘n tossin

people have reasons for doing things they do. things that make them seem “cowardly” or “distant” may actually be helping them a HELL of a lot than what you were doing. 

if you continue to assume that cowardice, distance, or lack of emotion is the reason someone acts a certain way, that person most likely is going to drift further and further apart.

if you continue to discredit them long after, even as far as claiming their feelings were never there to begin with, then just fuck right off completely

ugh jules always big-sister teasing josh charles and talking about how hot her husband is and tossin browz at cable dramas LIGHT OF MY LIFE

royallywarped said:

I'm just tossin' this out there but I think you'd make a pretty hot Mom cosplayer v.v

dude thanks! ;3  I’m thinking of putting together a Mom Lalonde cosplay at some point. I think it would be a lot of fun especially since Sloan cosplays Bro and we could be annoying parents together.