Yul: I’m shy, Olabuni (same thing as Oppa)….☞☜ 

Yoong: Just trust your Oppa!

This was when we were getting ready for “I don’t know love yet” special stage at KBS Gayo Festival ~♬

This time, my pretty dongsaeng Yoona was in charge of being a handsome boy~
I mean~ Have you ever seen a pretty student like this~ hehe
Isn’t this awkward…?! Honestly.. this pose… didn’t our roles switch..?!

We divided the teams into Oppa team and Unnie team and wore uniforms.. 9 of us stood there.. straight~
We looked so funny… We made everyone in the waiting room laugh.
And the 9 of us were busy laughing at each other on the stage~
That performance was funny and amusing whenever I watch it~ I am gonna watch it again ~

Source: Yuri’s Tossi Blog

anonymous asked:

on yuri's comment on instagram, what is tossi means? :)

TOSSI was an old Korean social networking site.

if you are curious about her old tossi entries, here are some of her translated entries:



Injuries of the band members:
- Piyo: When the van rolled on it’s side, it threw him out of the vehicle, and when his head impacted the ground, it seemed he died instantly. However, they did take him to the hospital straight away, even trying to revive him. Unfortunately he was unable to be revived. Piyo took his final breath around 11AM that morning.
- TOSSY: When the van turned on it’s side, he was caught between the car’s frame and the street causing severe injuries. According to the hospital, he currently has a fractured shoulder-blade, a orbital fracture, a head contusion, a gash on his forehead, and bruises all over his legs. Fortunately he can now walk on his own, and is able to eat on his own. His life is not in any danger.
- Shutaro: When the van had turned, his entire body was thrown around, causing him to need three stitches in his side.
- Rito: He had to receive stitches on his head, as well as his left and right side due to the impact.
- Yohya: Both of his hands were lacerated, he also took a rough blow to his lower back.
- Yuu: Both of his knees have been lacerated. His back and legs have been hit pretty badly as well.


Dance Umbrella 2015, Johannesburg

The Dance Umbrella 2015 kicks off in Johannesburg this week. There will be six productions by Cape Town based companies.

Beside Unmute Dance Companies “Ashed”, which I blogged about yesterday

the following five productions can be seen:

Figure of Eight

Venue: Dance Factory, Tuesday March 3 & Wednesday March 4 @ 19:00
The Architecture of Tears
Choreographer/Director: Ananda Fuchs
"The Architecture of Tears
(visually inspired by a study of ‘100 Tears Photographed Through A Standard Light Microscope’ conducted by Rose-Lynn Fisher in 2013) comments on falling lustfully, landing painfully, dusting off vigorously and confronting our simple and complex truths. Society appears to accept our curiosities far more readily then we accept them ourselves.
FO8’s power duo Grant van Ster and Shaun Oelf join forces with dancer/musician Thabisa Dinga and choreographer/director Ananda Fuchs in an exploration into the human responses to attraction beyond gender and social correctness.”

Mamela Nyamza

Wena Mamela Choreographer: Mamela Nyamza
Venue: Dance Factory, Thursday March 5 & Friday March 6 @ 19:00
"A pick axe, the ultimate female tool of African agriculture and pointe shoes, the attribute of every ballet dancer - with these references, and a life-size costume character as “partner”, Mamela Nyamza performs an eccentric solo that reflects on her personal history as a black South African woman and dance artist. In daz- zling pictures she dissects the shackles of traditional role attribu- tions and goes beyond the expectations of the female dancer.
This work was created by Mamela in residency at various spaces: Theater im Pfalzbau and Steptext Dance project In co-production with DansArt Tanznetworks / Biennale Passages 14; DorkyPark Studio 44, Berlin; École des Sables & Association Jant-Bi, Toubab Dialaw, Senegal; French Institut Paris, Acacia Park, Goodwood Cape Town, South Africa. A special thank you to Germaine Acogny and Robyn Orlin.”

Gavin Krastin with Alan Parker

On Seeing Red
Choreographed by: Gavin Krastin
Sound composition by: Shaun Acker
Venue: Barney Simon Theatre, Thursday March 5 & Friday March 6 @ 20:30
"Amidst the current treacherous global climate of greedy organisations of power, rapidly developing wars, corrupt governments, bio-medical disasters and streets of spilled blood and restless ghosts, “On Seeing Red” offers a ridiculous, yet reflective and angry escape into a land of arresting images and absolute nonsense. Fractured and fantastical, the work charts a journey of abandoning land and rejecting ideas of the body in an effort to flee from impending global chaos.
Presented in collaboration with the National Arts Festival.”

Tossie van Tonder

The surviving feminine, inhabiting dark deep places hidden from mortal eyes and influences
Choreographer: Tossie van Tonder aka Nobonke
Imagist: Guy de Lancey
Venue: John Kani Theatre, Thursday, March 12 March & Friday, March 13 @ 20:00
"In a heightened state of emotion, voice and authenticity of being, the unstated truth of van Tonder’s South African dance archive of 32 years is given expression through the ecstatic powers of the ageing female dancer. Van Tonder is witness to the wilfully denied South African underbelly, while embodying the extreme state of emergency – throbbing, wide-spread and infectious.”

Chuma Asanda Sopotela

Negotiating Space Programme
Venue: Moad Gallery, Sunday March 15 from 19:00
"Seven choreographers will negotiate their way around the space assigned to them at the Moad Gallery in
the Maboneng Precinct. This programme will give
the audience an opportunity to “walk-about” the performances one-by-one.
Choreographers include Thapelo Kotlolo, Leigh Nudelman, Yolandi Olckers, Thuso Lobeko, Kristin Wilson collaborating with Rob Mills, Kieron Jina and Chuma Sopotela from Cape Town.”

Plus many performances by artists from other areas of South Africa and the world.

Dance Umbrella webpage:

Fiquei sentado no aeroporto, esperando. Não se pode confiar em fotos. Não dá pra saber. Eu estava nervoso. Vontade de vomitar. Acendi um cigarro e tossi. Por que eu tinha que aprontar dessas? Não queria saber dela agora. E ela estava vindo lá de Nova York. Eu conhecia uma porção de mulheres. Pra que sempre mais mulheres? O que eu estava tentando fazer? Era excitante um caso novo, mas também dava um trabalhão. O primeiro beijo e a primeira trepada tinham uma certa dramaticidade. As pessoas são interessantes no início. Aos poucos, porém, todos os defeitos e loucuradas botam as manguinhas de fora, é inevitável. Começo a significar cada vez menos pras pessoas, e elas pra mim.
—  Charles Bukowski.