Title: Bacchikoi!
Maker: Black Monkey
Rating: 18+ for hardcore gay sex
Category: complete OELVN
Platform: Windows! Mac! Linux! Android!!!
Released in: september 2014

Purchase in DLsite (censored 14.82$)

Purchase in Black Monkey  (censored 29.99$ / uncensored 59.99$)


Description (From Black Monkey)

The young transfer student, Toshu Kanada, gets himself recruited in a nearly-falling apart baseball club. His once small world opens up as he gets to know his teammates Ichiru and Masaru. Lead Toshu with his choices and take teamwork and friendship to a whole new level!

Captivating and enjoyable storyline with various routes leading to more than 6 different endings!

User-friendly interface and featuring an interactive mini-game!

Featuring Bacchikio! Original Soundtrack “Strike” by Mimi Neko, Mikkoukun and Kenji-B

Note: The link to the game page contains NSFW images at the bottom. There also seems to be a cencored and uncencored version. I haven’t played this game so I’m not sure how censored the censored version is. I assume no hardcore sex scenes.

2nd Note: It seems like this game only has 2 capturable characters, and according to vndb it takes less than 10 hours to complete it. You could also consider it a “nukige” (focuses more on sex than on the story).

これって京都の神護寺ですかね?サイト「時代劇の風景」にも未記載。行ったことない。行きたい。「破れ傘刀舟 悪人狩り 第42話 愛の残像」鹿島章弘/NET-三船プロ/1975 #破れ傘刀舟悪人狩り #萬屋錦之介 #江波杏子 —- I’d like to make sure the name of this temple. Ending scene of 70’s TV series ‘Yaburegasa-Gasa Toshu’ by Kinnosuke Yorozuya.

根津神社っすね。今は全部朱塗りになってると思いますが。ジャケ写撮った所のちょっと先かな。「破れ傘刀舟 悪人狩り 第十四話 暗黒街のメス」土居通芳/NET・三船プロ/1974 #破れ傘刀舟悪人狩り #ジャネット八田 #桂小金治 #江波杏子 #萬屋錦之介—Nedu Shrine. On TV Series, e. Yaburegasa Toshu, 1974 the inner photo of Suzuki junzo’s sings II is dry near from her