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Wait does that mean that Mary is afraid of bees and Kuroha is triggering her phobia on purpose. That could be one explanation of Outer Science. (I read some possible theories and one of them is that Kuroha want to get together with Shintaro than lose him to his non homocidal maniac twin and outer science happens but mary reset the timeline because she love konoshin. And another about Konoha failing the science test. Anything is possible really.)

Well it’s not canon as far as I know but it would be cute if Mary was afraid of bees. But there are also other theories to do with the routes. Like if Hiyiba and Hiyori are saved in one, Shintaro and Ene die in route XX so Kuro keeps killing everyone and getting Mary to reset the timeline until everyone lives (Summertime Record possibly) but it’s only theories until Jin tells us why


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I wonder what made Ayano's father decide to experiment on Takane and Haruka for and why them in particular? I know the context is that Ayano's dad was trying to bring back his wife back from the dead but I wonder how does experimenting on two sick kids would do to bring back a grown woman. (I am sorry if this discussion has gotten serious. eeh. :/)

Well, has far as I know Kenjirou and Akaya has an interest in Medusa which is why they adopted Kido, Kano and Seto because of their eyes. After his wife died, he seems to still has reseach on them shown in Ayano’s Happiness Theory 

So maybe he tried to create something immortal which could maybe lead to bring the dead back to life but he needed humans to test on. I’m not sure why Haruka or Takene or if my theory made any sense but this is how I’ll see it until Jin actually says why… (It’s fine. This gives me the chance to tell someone my theory on it) 

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I did remember one part of the manga where Shintaro was forced to go on a roller coaster with the mekakushi dan and he end up pulling the funniest expression since toasted bread. Come to think of it, I should re-read that part because I take pleasure in seeing Shintaro getting screwed over in funny ways.

haha, I remember that bit. Should be in a beauty pageant

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Kano being well Kano tries to hit on the now newly miss America Shintaro and end up pulled away by Kido a la pokemon style. (Shintaro in the manga at least is like the king of the funnies. He has at least two incidents where I couldn't tell if I should laugh at him or not.)

I can imagine this happening to be honest. but on the other had, anything that has Kano in easily imaginable