It’s been a very long shift

Kirk slipped into Spock’s quarters without knocking. The tall man raised his eyes from the computer he was working with. One of his eyebrows elevated up.

“Captain?“ Spock asked in confusion. He wasn’t expecting his captain to come here in this late hour.

“Shhh,“ Kirk replied. “I just stopped by to check if you’re doing well.”

“Indeed. May I presume there’s is other concern in your mind if you’re intruding at this time, sir?”

“Well, there may be some other,” Jim smiled mysteriously. There was a little sparkle in his hazel eyes.

“And that is?” Spock rose from his chair and lifted his right eyebrow in silent question. His face was neutral, only his eyes revealed a little curiosity.

Kirk didn’t answer. Without words, he broke the distance between them and kissed Spock on his vulcan lips.

“I missed you, Spock.”

“I missed you too, t’hy’la.”