hi taylorswift! This is me taking my AP chemistry midterm today. You may have noticed that I decorated my desk area with a bunch of your polaroids from 1989! I brought them in to help me out throughout the two hour exam. Whenever I needed a little inspiration, I would look at them. Or if I needed a smile I would read the lyrics and look at how pretty the pictures are. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me survive my chemistry exam today. I don’t know what I’d do without you there (in spirit of course!). Hopefully I can actually be with you soon, but until then I just want to say that I love you so much! And thanks again for helping me out on my exam!

Tortured lab monkey found with surgery scars, traces of broken bones and cigarette burns

An exotic  monkey was discovered with torture wounds and scars from being kept as a medical lab animal.

The capuchin - called Daisy - is thought to have been taken from her mother as an infant and put in a laboratory breeding facility where she was operated on.

The animal was eventually confiscated from an exotic animal breeder in Wales where she had been left isolated.

Rescuers found her body covered in healed cigarette burns and surgery scars and her fingers had all previously been fractured.

She is now being nursed back to health at Wild Futures in Looe, Cornwall, where she will be given specialist care and attention.

The cute creature will also join other capuchins rescued from the pet trade.

Primate keeper, Sharon Perry, said: “It is just fantastic that we managed to raise the funds to be able to transport Daisy safely to the sanctuary and cover the costs of her ongoing care.

"She has been to visit the vets for a thorough check-up and will now spend a month in isolation before she can be introduced to some new monkey friends.

"We are extremely grateful to everyone who supported Daisy’s appeal and helped us to change Daisy’s life for the better."

Wild Futures have now taken in more than 30 capuchins, many rescued from conditions of abuse and neglect in the primate pet trade.

Ms Perry said: “Although Daisy is now safe at our sanctuary, her appeal is still running, as any extra funds raised are also vital to help cover costs of a specialist diet.

"We spend £30,000 a year on monkey food here at the sanctuary and there are other monkeys on our waiting list that also need rescuing.

"The more people that know about Daisy’s story and the plight of others like her in the UK primate pet trade, the better."

Elephant steps on HTC Desire Eye - will it survive?

Elephant steps on HTC Desire Eye – will it survive?

The HTC Desire Eye is the Taiwanese phone maker’s selfie-centric smartphone. However, unlike other selfie-centric smartphone’s out there, this device sports two massive 13-megapixel cameras – one in the front and one in the back. Now that we know that the Desire Eye is a selfie monster, how will it hold up against usual wear and tear of daily use, like let’s say being stepped on by an elephant.…

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This is an unfair and completely skewed standard, it’s hard to believe this is so completely overlooked.

Infographic made by Libby Green at

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In regards to the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Do you know what your money is paying for?

It’s paying for animals to be tortured. It’s paying for mice to have holes drilled into their heads and for primates to be injected into their spines with agonising and fatal diseases.
Did you know that 92 of every 100 drugs that show positive reactions in animals do not in humans?

Look at that and think how many cures we are missing because they DON’T show positively in animal tests. The only reason we carry on testing on animals while there are more effective ways to research (mass spectrometry, genome mapping, innovative imaging techniques and highly developed computer models capable of simulating parts of the human body as mathematical equations and three-dimensional graphical models, just to name a few) is because of MONEY.

The ALS Association, who are benefitting from this challenge, has only produced TWELVE positive drug reactions in animals in the last DECADE.

Only one of which has gone on to help humans (a minor drug to ease some side effects). They have been given at least 100 million dollars just this last month to put into torturing countless more animals.

Not only are ALS an awful so called ‘non-profit charity’ their management are also extremely well paid. over 50% of the 24 million they raised in 2013 went to their staff wages. The head CEO earns $339k a year.

Also, how awful that in a world, where we are closer to fighting over water than oil and 34 million humans die every year because they don’t have access to clean water, we are busy throwing it over our heads to avoid donating a full sum of money to charity. If everyone that has partaken in this challenge had donated just a few dollars to provide clean water to these people instead of wasting it, 260 Thousand homes would be provided with water.

Please search or
to find charities that do not use animal research to donate to.


Well, if she doesn’t love you she’s got a mighty funny way of showing it. You should’ve been with us this morning after you went up. When the general asked her for lunch, she said until you came down she was dead.

Myrna Loy as Thursday Lane in Test Pilot (1938).