Castie X Reader

Request: Request: Could you do one where the reader is saved by Cas and brought to the bunker. Then when tfw begin explaining all the supetnatural she gets like a flashback and it turns out shes an angel who fell then she and cas fall in love. Sorry its a lot

Request: Can you write a fic about Castiel cast down on earth to capture a demon but was injured during the fight. The demon take the reader as hostage btw. The reader was grateful for him to save her but soon found out Castiel is an angel and was his soulmate. Sorry for my poor English.

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Raoul Silva: You’re smaller then I remember.

M: Whereas I barely remember you at all.

Raoul Silva: It’s strange; for me, it just feels like yesterday. Are you surprised?

M: Not particularly, but then you always were a slippery one.

Raoul Silva: Maybe that’s why you liked me so much.

M: You flatter yourself.

Raoul Silva: No remorse. Just as I had imagined.

M: Regret is unprofessional.

Raoul Silva: ”Regret is unprofessional?” They kept me for five months in a room with no air. They tortured me, and I protected your secrets. I protected you. But they made me suffer and suffer and suffer. Until I realized, it was you who betrayed me.



Is your dog torturing and annoying you?

How to annoy/torture them back 101:

Step 1: find favorite toy
Step 2: place under laundry basket
Step 3: enjoy as they get frustrated cause they can see it but can’t reach it.

I’m a horrible person, I know! Hehe