Why Calling It Trauma Minimizes American Torture

On April 14th, Mayor Rahm Emanuel backed a proposal to established a 5.5 million dollar reparations fund for victims tortured by police which included electrocution, beatings, and suffocation to obtain confessions. From 1972 to late 1991, Police Commander Jon Burge and his midnight crew of rogue…


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The heretic’s fork was a metal rod with two prongs at each end attached to a leather strap which was worn around the neck. The top part was dug in under the chin, while the other part dug into the sternum. It would keep the neck stretched and the head erect at all times. To cause more pain, the victim was kept from lying or sitting down by being hung from the ceiling. The victim could only murmur to the torturer as any movement of the jaw would force the fork to penetrate the skin.


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Based on the award-winning novel by Lawrence Hill, The Book of Negroes tells the story of Aminata Diallo after her capture and the pain she endured as part of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Starring Aunjanue Ellis as well as Cuba Gooding Jr. and Louis Gossett Jr., The Book of Negroes will premiere as an epic miniseries that highlights Aminata’s powerful journey.

It’s available to purchase here and here, or wherever you buy your DVDs.

Spanish Donkey

Out of all medieval torture devices, this is probably one of the most gruesome and excruciating. The victim is stripped naked and made to straddle this equine-like apparatus, which is constructed of a vertical wooden board with a sharp wedge on top of it. After that, the torturer would add weights to the victim’s feet, making them heavier each time, until the wedge sliced all the way through the victim’s body.

How to Break a Human Being

When my brother was kidnapped, it was a shock. Often, you saw small children kidnapped, or young women. Jamie was the star athlete of our school district. He was tall, and big. I could never imagine how anyone could have overpowered him. I think that’s why most people assumed that he had just run off.

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Who are we to say rape isn’t an acceptable form of torture? If it saves innocent lives, don’t we have to use it?
—  PoliSci professor during a Cold War lecture that was supposed to be about the fall of Khrushchev but evolved into a rant against Muslims. Submitted by corruptdog