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Memoria y reclamo por el genocidio armenio en el Luna Park de Buenos Aires

Memoria y reclamo por el genocidio armenio en el Luna Park de Buenos Aires

La conmemoración por el centenario del genocidio armenio en Buenos Aires culminó el 29 de abril con un acto multitudinario en el estadio porteño Luna Park, donde la memoria se conjugó con la emoción y el arte para recordar al millón y medio de personas asesinadas por el Imperio Otomano y para reclamar a Turquía el reconocimiento de su responsabilidad y culpabilidad en ese exterminio.

Fue un acto…

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PR has been and will always be about building relationships. In an earlier ear, you needed only to worry about a few beat reporters, gossip columnists, or talk show hosts. Today it’s about knowing bloggers, Twitter communities, influential Diggers, Facebook groups, or other collectives.
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On December 15th, The Algemeiner hosted the first in its series of discussions dedicated to “finding solutions,” to Israel’s negative media experience. The initial session on “Israel in the Media” was moderated by Gershon Jacobson Jewish Continuity Foundation Director and Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune and generated a lively repartee. Panel members included Benjamin Brafman, James Taranto, and Ronn Torossian.

Efune organized a tripartite agenda, setting the temperament of the discussion he asked “What is the problem? From where does it come? What are the solutions?”

Renowned criminal defense attorney Benjamin Brafman initiated the discussion defending “any criticism of Israel” he would offer as “constructive.” “My heart is filled with love – such love engenders the obligations to offer suggestions – even if ‘they’ do not want to be heard.”  Calling himself “an advocate on behalf of Israel,” the attorney said he was “deeply concerned that Israel does not do a good job in its efforts at hasbara, (public relations)” and needs to take “pre-emptive actions.”

James Taranto, editor of the Wall Street Journal’s OpinionJournal, followed, stating that he “hates” and is “a skeptic” of public relations. He juxtaposed Israel’s “open society” against the “exotic” systems of the Palestinian Arabs, and cautioned that “anti-Semitism – not usually a problem for Americans – is a strong current among journalists from “other countries.” Taranto had specific criticism for Tom Friedman of the New York Times, who, said Taranto, is “reporting on the contents of Thomas Friedman’s imagination.”

Ronn Torossian, founder and president of 5W Public Relations, used the forum to deride the public relations practices of the Israeli government. Citing the failure to have “well-spoken people who speak to the issues,” he denigrated Israel’s public relations efforts as “a lot of people making a lot of noise and not communicating.” Israel, said Torossian “scores an ‘F’ in the school of media and public relations.”