Don’t mind the super blurry stern-faced first photo, but my hair was fabulous last night, and as I only have that one photo of it, it’ll have to do…

Anywho…  about last night. Last night I got all fancied up and headed to a a gala event with a few friends from work. Truthfully I had been dreading the gala for reasons I couldn’t figure out, until I realized the *only* reason I didn’t want to go, was because of the whole fancy-dress situation, at which point I declared (to myself. obviously. as I’m not crazy) how fucking stupid I was being, and decided suck it up and go, and have a good time. 

And a good time I had! The booze obviously wasn’t ideal for my whole weight-loss-goal thang, but fun fact: as of next Monday I’m doing NO booze for 30 days (I’m also counting calories), so I won’t be able to blame my chub-rub on the al-al-alcohol (baby). 

It was the second annual Junior Achievement gala; a non-profit organization which inspires middle and high school students to “think smart about money, develop crucial leadership and entrepreneurship skills, and help prepare them for the workplace.”  The speakers were fantastic, and let me tell you Toronto ladies, there were hot men in abundance (but of course I spoke to none of them, because I have zero game). 

For dinner I was town between a burger & fries (hhmmmm burgers and fries), but I opted for the steak salad, to make up for the calories of the dirty martini and g&ts I consumed by the dozen.*

Overall, excellent evening (especially the solid conversations I had with the guys I went with), and I’m pleased I opted to slip into (ha! I’m so funny) party dress, and head out, instead of having a date with my couch. 


Free Tickets to PRIDE (a movie)

Hey gays! We got some free tickets to see a screening on Pride if anyone wants them! Send us an ask (off anon) and we will send you over the link to get the tickets! It’s just for Toronto though! First asks first serve.

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Hinge House in Toronto, Ontario - Williamson Chong

Hinge House is defined by a 65’ long opaque library wall that serves as a sectional “hinge” by which the public and private programmatic elements of the house are connected. The library wall and primary circulation route into the house follow the slope of the landscape descending towards the ravine. The resulting scissor-like section presents a compact front façade that trifurcates into distinct volumes and windows on the back-side of the house facing the ravine.

The dining room and kitchen are located on the lowest levels while the living room is perched on top. In between these volumes are the interstitial areas constituting the library, study, studio, guest bedrooms and master bedroom. A conversation nook sits below the atrium surrounded by centrifugal stairs with a skylight above.

The house is located on a prominent corner site overlooking a ravine in downtown Toronto. Given the predominance of vehicular traffic and incumbent noise of the site, the house presents a protective, introverted face to the street and an open, extroverted face to the ravine.