Okay- I need to talk about a thing. On May 20th, a series of tornadoes struck Oklahoma. The largest, hitting the town of Moore, killed 25 people, 2 of them children, and seriously injured 377 more.

Normally, I wouldn’t bring this up, but a few hours later, the Westboro Baptist Church started tweeting about how “you brought His wrath Oklahoma! Oklahoma, you’ll pay,” and various other things claiming that the tornadoes were divine justice. They claimed that “fag-infested Oklahoma” had been cursed by God.

Their flier for pickets of the dead children’s funeral contained this line- “THANK GOD FOR MORE DEAD CHILDREN IN OKLAHOMA.”

I have never hated anyone or anything more than I hated the Weatboro Baptist Church at that moment.

They then registered the domain www.godhatesoklahoma.com.

Soon after, the domain was hacked by someone calling himself th3j35t3r (the jester), who changed the site to the image above. It redirects to the Red Cross donation page.

Let’s applauded The Jester for this, and spread the word.

10 Things You Need to Know About 'Sharknado'
  1. Sharknado premieres tonight at 9pm EST on SyFy.
  2. You can watch the trailer here.
  3. The premiere of Sharknado could potentially conflict with the birth of the royal baby, in which case, watch Sharknato.
  4. Sharks. Tornadoes.
  5. The TV film features Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, sharks, and tornadoes.
  6. Despite the multitude of predictions that Sharknado will most likely be spectacularly horrible, it might be the BEST horrible TV film of all time.
  7. The TV film cost about $1,000,000 (estimated) to make.
  8. In a phone interview with UPROXX, actress Tara Reid said, “You just had to use your imagination and pretend there were sharks everywhere.”
  9. Here, the director of the movie explains the joy he had while making the film.
  10. The countdown begins:


Photographer George Kourounis travels the globe looking for the angriest parts of our world.

His ambition to document the most strange, dangerous, and rare natural phenomena has led him to chase tornadoes, trudge through ice storms, and even get married on the side of an erupting volcano.

In a talk at TEDxAthens, George explains his obsession, and tells some stories from a quest to share the beauty in the scary parts of nature.

Watch the whole talk here»

(All photos: George Kourounis / Angry Planet)

“27 years ago, Edmonton was struck by a F4 tornado that killed 27 people, injured over 300, and caused more than $332.27 million in damage. Inspired by the overwhelming community response to the disaster, former mayor Laurence Decore called Edmonton a “City of Champions.” Unfortunately, the slogan has lost its original meaning over time as many associated it with the local sport franchises. Few widely-known tributes exist, including a song by the Rural Alberta Advantage and a privately-grown memorial tree.”