He ran his hand over the pages and it seemed to him as though a faint scent was rising from them, like the fragrance of lavender from old letters. It was the tenderness mingled with melancholy which we bring to a time that belongs irrevocably to the past, when a pale, delicate shadow rises from it bearing lilies of the dead, and in it we find a forgotten likeness to ourselves.
—  Robert Musil, The Confusions of Young Törless, 1906
Sophie Jodoin — Red Torsos / Robert Musil

"Les mains aussi, qu’il eût dû pourtant, semblait-il, associer aux gestes les plus élégants, il ne pouvait les imaginer qu’agitées, tâtonnantes. Et c’est précisément sur elles, qui étaient ce que Beineberg avait de plus beau, que se concentraient sa plus vive répulsion. Elles avaient quelque chose d’obscène. C’était le mot. Et il y avait également quelque chose d’obscène dans ce corps qu’il ne pouvait s’empêcher de lier à des mouvements de dislocation. Mais d’une certaine façon, c’était dans les mains qu’il semblait que cela s’accumulât, pour en faire rayonner comme le pressentiment d’un contact qui faisait courir sur le corps de Törless un frisson de dégoût. Il fut lui-même déconcerté et un peu effrayé par cette découverte."

Peintures : Sophie Jodoin / Red Torsos / Huile sur mylar / 2007 / via : parergon
Texte : Robert Musil / Les Désarrois de l’élève Törless / Trad. : Philippe Jaccottet / éd. Seuil.

RadioActive New Zealand Music Show 30/09/2014 with podcast

Beastwars - Tower of Skulls
Dance Asthmatics - Garbage Guts
Dead C - Scarey Nest
All seeing Hand - Fog and Debris
i.ryoko - Future Window II
JD Musgrave - Nunns (draft)
Skeptics - Any Any
Shocking Pinks - Whats Up With That Girl? (feat Ashlyn Raymond and Arkitype)
The Fuck Chairs - Black Panthers Scream (A Side)
Torlesse Super Group - Erewhon Senital Number 2
Career Girls - Beware of Dawg
Renderizors - Stranger at Your Party
A Art - Bloome
Team Cat Food - Just Once More
Flies Inside the Sun - the Afternoon Blind
Scorched Earth Policy - Sunset on the Loading Zone
Peter Gutteridge - Planet Phrom
Demarnia Lloyd - Nothing
Peter Jefferies - Crossover
Aldous Harding - Titus Alone
Kody Neilson - hell vs t rex
Connan Mockasin - Please Turn Me into the Snat
French for Rabbits - Spirits
The Body Lyre - Gussied Up
Sharpie Crows - In the Club (tonight)
The Terminals - Medication
The Pin Group - A Thousand Sins
Astro Children - Shoe
David Mitchell and Denise Roughan - Grey Funnel Line

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Why not? Isn’t it great? There always comes a point where you don’t know whether you’re lying, or whether what you’ve invented is more truthful than you are yourself.

How’s that?

Well, I don’t mean it literally. Of course you always know when you’re fibbing; but at the same time what you’re saying strikes you as so believable that in a sense you’re standing still , imprisoned by your own thoughts.

—  Robert Musil, The Confusions of Young Torless
Anything that looks big and mysterious from afar always arrives as something simple and undistorted, in natural, everyday proportions. It is as though an invisible frontier has been drawn around each human being. Something that has been prepared elsewhere and which approaches from afar, is like a misty sea full of giant, changing forms; what approaches the person, becomes action, impacts against one’s life, is small and distinct, with human dimensions and human features. And between the life that is lived and the life that is felt, sensed and seen from a long way off, that invisible frontier lies like a narrow door, through which the images of events must cram themselves together in order to enter the human being.
—  Robert Musil, The Confusions of Young Torless
And in that nothingness, that incompleteness, he recognized that what he had lost was not merely longings but something positive, a spiritual strength, something that had blossomed and faded within him under the cover of pain.
—  Robert Musil, The Confusions of Young Torless
Sitting by the open window at night and feeling abandoned, feeling different from the grown-ups and adults; feeling misunderstood by every laugh and every mocking look, being unable to explain to anyone what one meant, and longing for someone who might understand … that is love! But you have to be young and lonely for that.
—  Robert Musil, The Confusions of Young Torless
Because thoughts are something special. Often they are nothing more than accidents that pass away without leaving a trace, and thoughts, too, have their times to live and to die. We can have a flash of insight, and then, slowly, it fades beneath our touch like a flower. The form remains, but the colours, the scent are missing. We remember them word for word, and the logic of the sentence is completely unimpaired, and yet it drifts ceaselessly around on the surface of our minds and we feel none the richer for it. Until - perhaps several years later - all of a sudden another moment comes when we see that in the meantime we have known nothing of it, although logically we knew everything.
—  Robert Musil, The Confusions of Young Torless.