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Figured I haven’t made a cover of a song in a long time, so I decided to sing Nine In The Afternoon since it’s been in my head for the longest time. I might be singing more covers, but I need more recommendations, so message me on Facebook or tweet me them!

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I still love cats. <3 

is-a-real-bore asked:

Oh my gosh! Me tooooo! I actually met this guy who let me take pictures on stage. c: the tour manager was being a douche canoe and find let me take pictures of OM&M because apparently they can sue you if they don't like the professional picture-___-

That’s awesome! But that totally sucks! I was like in the front row, right in front of Phil the entire time. It was sick. I got really good pictures, and videos. Best experience ever. Don’t think I want to go to another concert for awhile now though, my neck and calves are killing me! >_<