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Out this week from Candlewick Press, the paperback edition of Delia Sherman’s The Freedom Maze features a new, gorgeous cover that evokes the Louisiana swamps where this engaging tale of identity, time travel, and magic unfolds.

The Freedom Maze is, as Tor.com’s  Brit Mandelo described it in her review, “an eloquent and genuinely moving tale of real magic, stories, and the disjunction between Southern myth and Southern reality, circumscribed by time travel and complex trials of identity — racial, familial, gendered, and otherwise.”

Winner of the Andre Norton Award, the Mythopoeic Award for Children’s Literature, and the Prometheus Award, the story follows Sophie, a young girl from the 1960s who finds herself transported to a plantation in the 1860s, after making an unwise wish to have a time-traveling adventure just like those in her favorite books. Mistaken for a slave because of her darker skin and unkempt condition, Sophie soon finds that life is nothing like her books, and that the complexities of this era, just as her own, cannot be smoothed into an easy narrative.

Lock In by John Scalzi

I got this book from the library around 2:00p yesterday and finished it at 10:30p the same day. It is awesome! If you are on the fence about reading it, check out the short story that is set in the same universe on tordotcom's website, Unlocked: An Oral HIstory of Haden’s Syndrome.

Ya’ll need to read this, not just because it’s a fun universe to explore, but because of the treatment of LGBTQIA, the differently abled and POC. Scalzi does an OUTSTANDING job of populating his story with a diverse array of characters who don’t feel like tokens. It was so refreshing that I nearly wept.

I’ve always sort of hoped that massive fantasy novels might be forged in secret elven furnaces — or possibly hand bound with the silky hair and tears of a legion of fairy bookbinders. Damn you, tor.com, for demolishing my hopes with this extremely educational post, This Is How Huge Door-stopper Fantasy Novels Get Made.

On the other hand, WHOA this is cool.

And some of you may remember how excited I was about A Memory of Light back in January.

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A nice blog post on Lesbian SFF, if you’re looking for that sort of thing. I’m not*, which is why I was confused as heck when Nanci linked me to it this morning. Why don’t any of my friends know anything about what I like and constantly send me things that are relevant to my interests?

(*This and everything after it is a total lie. I eat that shit up, and all of my friends and acquaintances and anyone who’s ever stood behind me in line at Disney World knows it.)

Feature Development for Social Networking

by Benjamin Rosenbaum

Personal Sidenote: Excellent satire of our relationship to each other through social media. Eerie, plausible, scary and humorous short story. Perfect light-reading science fiction!

Marsha Shirksy

Got bitten …

Roland Wu wtf? Are you kidding?

Buster Day that is so not funny

Emily Carter omg Marsha are you serious?

Marsha Shirksy I’m not kidding, you guys! There was a rager at the supermarket. I could tell he was acting weird & I know I was totally stupid not to just drop my stuff and run! I’d just been in line forever & they had this terrific local asparagus on sale. Yes, I may have just sacrificed myself for asparagus.

Emily Carter Oh, honey! That is awful.

Marsha Shirksy I’m so scared you guys.

Jesus Palanquin Where are you? Get home NOW, lock yourself in, and get on the CDC registry. Hospitals are turning adults away until symptomatic, and the cops in Oakland have been shooting first and asking questions later.

Buster Day oh shit Marsha I’m sorry

Jewell Thomas omg not you too!

*     *     *

To: “Emergent UI Features Team”
From: Suresh Patanjali
Subject: “Became a zombie” Life Event

Hi Everybody

Legal has gotten back to me and they are cool with this feature! I think this has real potential, thanks for all your hard work.


To: “Emergent UI Features Team”
From: Tracy MacGier
Subject: Re: “Became a zombie” Life Event

Suresh, what the fuck? We decided AGAINST making it a Life Event! The point is to be able to tag other people as zombies. If you can log in to update your own status, you’re not a zombie, am I right?

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New Story - "The Ugly Woman of Castello Di Putti"

New Story – “The Ugly Woman of Castello Di Putti”

Here’s what Tor.com says about “The Ugly Woman of Castello Di Putti,” which is live on the site today. (The lovely cover illustration is by Richard Anderson)

Returning to the world of Stormwrack where she set the Tor.com story “Among the Silvering Herd,” A.M. Dellamonica offers a new story that takes us deeper into this fascinating world, the setting of her new fantasy novel Child of a Hidden Sea

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