Jack/Ianto Fic Rec Mastermost

Finally. After all these years. Here it is. All the best Jack/Ianto fics I’ve ever found. Please read all of these. They are Important to me.

The Stars Might Stick Where You Stand (M, 20,000+ words) Reverse!verse, with Ianto as the sad immortal leader and Jack as the recruit with a secret. One of the best explorations of character I have ever seen in a fic.

Lovers In A Dangerous Time (M, 4,500+) Lovely bit of get-together. Touch of angst, but touches of everything else. Great characterization of Jack.

Worrisome Heart (M, 45,000+) 20s AU. Jack and the crew run a speakeasy that Ianto stumbles into the life of. A beautiful setting piece, with gritty real Ianto.

Walking the Streets of Cardiff in the Rain (T, 6,500+) Four words: Ianto is a werewolf.

Nomen Animam Meam (G, 2,000+) Soulmates Tattoo verse. Lovely insight into Jack and Ianto’s childhoods. Bit angsty, but worth it.

Last Song at the Midnight Cafe (M, 2,500+) CoE Fix-it. Jack literally goes through hell and back for Ianto. Minor gore and body horror.

Just Another Word (For Nothing Left to Lose) (M, 25,000+) I can’t explain it better than the actual summary: “Ianto’s records show that he was a junior researcher. That’s not entirely correct, but then, Mainframe always protects her own.”

Tryst (M, 5,500+) Angst. Glorious, sad angst. “Otherwise known as “A Blind Date with Your Boyfriend, Later.”

and every color illuminates (M, 12,000+) Post-House of the Dead. Ianto’s on an alien planet, and Jack must find him and rescue him. I just botched the summary there but it’s great please read it.

No Word for Yes (T, 2,000+) Some lovely worldbuilding on Jack’s past, and some insight on that rift between him and Ianto. Fluff, though!

Timewatching (M, 5,000+) "Or, Five Ways Ianto Jones Seduces Captain Jack Harkness" Have I mentioned how much I love Ianto Jones and his tenacity?

Netflix Renews Deal for ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Luther,’ More BBC Series

Fans of British television can rest easy. Following numerous reports that Netflix and the BBC were parting ways, the streaming service has clarified that many of its most popular Brit series are staying put.

In response to headlines that beloved series “Doctor Who,” “Luther,” the original “The Office” and more were going to be dropped from the service at the end of the month, a Netflix spokeswoman tells Variety that such reports were false.

Among the shows that will still be available on Netflix are classic and current “Doctor Who” series, “Luther,” “Top Gear” seasons 17 through 20, “Torchwood,” “Wallander,” “Keeping Up Appearances,” and the original “Office” and “House of Cards” series.

[Click here for the full article and list of titles that are staying!]