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Lily being torchered until Steve and Tong gave information to hydra. (And when you start taking prompts, I would love to read this!)

They don’t know how it happened. She just got snatched off the street on the way back from a party with her friends, and JARVIS alerted them. 

Of course, Tony would go out of his mind. His princess has been taken. She should have been at home with them, drinking hot chocolate and watching crappy rom-coms. He almost makes himself sick with worry. 

Steve, of course, goes all Commander Rogers on the situation. He has JARVIS go through all the CCTV footage in the city to try and find her, but whoever’s taken her is clever, because they’ve wiped all the tapes across the city for that night. She could be anywhere. 

It’s twelve hours before they receive the ransom tape. Lily already looks beaten to hell and terrified out of her mind, and Tony has to excuse himself to physically vomit. 

They meet the HYDRA agents on the bank next to the Brooklyn bridge, and are planning to screw them over and give them false information in a briefcase, but they open the briefcase before Steve and Tony can get Lily safely away, and Tony ends up getting shot in the back protecting her. The other Avengers and what’s left of SHIELD arrive to ambush the HYDRA agents, and Tony and Lily are taken to hospital. 

Everyone makes a full recovery, and Lily sleeps in her dads’ bed for a full month afterwards, even though she’s eighteen. 


okie dokie, so I was tagged by hitmanhvsbands to post 5 things about myself :)

1. I get bored really easily, but I can also get as excited a an 11 year old on deviantart with a new oc, just like that. in other words- mood swings

2. That being said I pick and choose my friends with a lot of caution, and I don’t really treat them with a lot of respect because I’m an asshole.

3. I am an art student (I go to an arts school) and that means I get to meet a lot of cool unique people.

4. I’m a nerd

5. I am so far enraptured in anxiety, I have a hard time talking with people I haven’t known for at last 5 years, in person, or on the phone.

okie dokie all done now I get to tag 5 people yay:

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Walking into the new area, the male held the flowers to his chest. There were people here, and new people meant the joys of giving them flowers. "Um, hello?" He inched in closer, a little jumpy before saying again. "I-I have some flowers for new friends.."

Marlene grinned ear to ear, standing slowly. “Woooow… thank you mister!” she lurched forward, hoping not to scare the new visitor away, taking a small flower in hand. “My name is Marlene Wallace!” she proclaimed, blushing as pink as her shoes. “My partner isn’t really here right now…” she offered him a spot on the grass next to her. “i honestly have no idea where he is. probable torchering bugs.”

STOP IT!!!!!

WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO ME! I thought they they wouldn’t release any more teaser pictures but when I got online and saw ‘Super Junior 4th teaser picture release’ and scrolled down. THAT WAS THE FINAL DRAW!!!!!! why must they be so Sexy in these pictures, I handle 1-3 but when the pics came out now, I unleashed the feels. Oh man if a 5th teaser picture comes out right now I’ll die, why don’t they release the music video right now and get it over with beacuse my fan girl heart cause can’t take it anymore. If they do release another set of pictures can anymore give me a 5 minute next time, I need to be prepared if they do cause I don’t know how will I react next time.

empty stillness; envelopes me, swallows me whole, and guts me slowly but surely bringing on our memories like angry ocean tides, leaving me face up on the shore half-drowning as ice cold waves drag over my useless body. Do you know how often I think of you? Not in happy rememberings but torcherously & cruelly showing myself what I cant let go of, but what I cant have. Like the proverbial hand in the cookie jar I cant wait for you. I thought I could live on the memories, but now there living on me. Eating me from the inside out till Im just a shell of what I wanted to be, like parasites they feed on my constant apathy and dreariness. Till sleep escapes me as well, it seems to have taken sides too, as the long nights remind me of you and even the stars taunt me with my torn love.

~Lynley Bray