Hiiii guys ! ;D

How about a livestream “conference” on youtube with us next week ? We’re not sure to do it, but if there is enough people, we could do it, we will answer to your questions as Tora and Koe (Not cosplayed). :D And maybe, if this thing works, we could do it again in the future, and we would maybe act like Percy and Nico ! ;D

What do you think guys ?? :D 

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Okay, this is really weird, i have never done something like this before.

I have already told you that your videos and your blogs are amazing and that you’re wonderful..  maybe even too many times and I’m being annoying so i decided to do a fan video of your videos (that are fan videos as well so, yeah, weird) just to finally show you how much i love you. It took me 9 hours to do just a silly video, i’ve  actually been awake all night, but it was’t something new since i have tumblr, you know lol

Sorry if I’m a bit awkward, problably i’m not the first doing a video for you because.. well becuse you’re great. 

I ship Percico, of course, and i ship Kora because you girls are too cute and perfect, sorry for all the compliments but i only say those things to people who deserve it. Ok, VI AMO TANTO, love from Italy.

- Luna

(sorry for my mistakes, as i said is 8AM and i haven’t sleept)

P.S.Thaks for answered me on youtube, i wish could come in french just to give you two a bear hug <3<3<3

koeandcosplay toracosplay <3

OK, I HAVE A PROBLEM HERE, I DON’T KNOW IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR THE SONG OR EVEN WATCH THE VIDEO, BECAUSE OF COPYRIGHT BLOCK, AND SINCE I’M DUMB I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. So i will just wait for you to see it, if you will see it, and if you can’t here the song maybe i can ind another way to send you the video.. oh my god i’m such an idiot.. *palmface*

An important announcement

Hello lovely Popcorns !! <3

First of all, thank you very much to all our followers, welcome to the new ones, thank you for still being here for the ones following us since a while now ! You are already 2350 amazing persons making us smile everyday with your comments, lovely reblog messages (which we read every time <3) and your asks ! 

Okay now the big « BUT » about the asks ! As you might have noticed, our ask box has been closed for a while now, you are getting an « URL not found » message when you try to ask us a question. The ask box is closed when we reach 50 questions. The issue is lately we have not been able to get the number of questions to do down to a normal level because of the many ask we get through fanmail….

So from now on, to get the ask box open more often for everyone and allow Anon questions, we have decided to respond with gifs ONLY when the questions are sent via the ask box. All questions and messages via fanmail are still welcome, but we will answer in private and there will be only writing.

So for those who did not have the courage to read all this here is the sum up : When the ask box is closed and you get an « URL not found » message, you are welcome to send fanmail, but we will not respond to the questions with gif sets, only in private. When the ask box is open, feel free to ask as many questions as you want ! 

I hope you all understand why we’re doing this, and we are as always looking forward to your questions! =D If we had a choice we would have done this differently but we can’t manage anymore, ask box is always closed and with this rhythm it becomes difficult to conciliate the blog with personal time <3

We love you, little Popcorns and Koralistics !! <3


Nominated by jakesfriends

1) I don’t have one
2) brown
3) originally blond but dyed it brown with purple highlights
4) I love to read
5) black
6) my imagination
7) Logan Lerman
8) turtles
9) All if the Stars
10) Last night I Sang To the Monster

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Hellooooo Anon ! Soo for the Alice in Wonderland cast, we have Koe and me in the first picture, we are both girls, and 19 now. When we filmed we were 17 since it was filmed 2 years ago !

Second picture is Nezu, a girl, she is 19 also, but a few months older than we are ;D

Third picture is Kitsune, she’s 18, last picture is Hebi who is also 18. We’re all girls ;D

As for pronouns it really doesn’t matter, don’t worry about that, as long as we get people are talking about us it’s totally fine =D


Thaaaank you for all your cute reactions about the “Raging anon” ! You’re all so sweet !! - Koe

Yeah, and don’t worry, we keep going and we don’t stop running this ask blog ! In fact, when we started this blog we already knew we would have some haters. - Tora

Haters will hate ! /Philosophy/ But we were waiting for “logical” and “intelligent” comments like “I don’t like you, you’re not a good Percy/Nico” or something like that… We didn’t expect the…”Kill yourself” stuff, that was kinda ridiculous and funny ! - Koe

Anyway ! Thank you, we love you, we don’t care about raging anons ! We have more persons who love us than persons who hate, and that’s the only important thing ! LOVE LOVE LOVE ! - Koe and Tora 

And don’t kill yourseeeelf, noooo ! We don’t live together for the moment because we’re students in different city ! But one day we will be a perfect little family ! <3 - Koe

THANK YOU SO MUUUUCH !!! YOU are perfect ! You all ! <3<3<3

(OOC : Helloooooooooo lovely followers ! ;D Just passing by to remind you we have a live stream this evening (Wednesday 23rd of July) at 7pm in France, for those who are interested, check your timezones to know how late it is in the country you are in ! We will post the link to the livestream once we started it ;D We’ll respond to your questions as Tora and Koe <3

We loooove you, lots of kisses and hugs !! =D We hope to see a lot of you, don’t be shy to ask questions ! )

Hello lovely followers ! Sooo recently we have been attributed the ship name Kora XD and now someone suggested we find YOU a name. Yup, a cute little name for you, our followers… So in this post we would like to ask you if you have any suggestions for what you would like to be called as our follower XD we will choose the name we like the most <3

Please send your suggestions to our personal blog toracosplay or koeandcosplay, or as a comment on this post ! 

Hoping you’re all inspired XD <3 We love you <3

(drawing by Tora xD)


Tadaaaam ! Here we are ! 

We’re animals… - Koe

/nods/ - Tora

Seriously, we’re both girls ! :D - Koe


Yep ! We totally will ! We have another video which is finished and editing, but we’re waiting for posting it ! But it will be here soon !! - Koe

Wait for it guys ! <3 And we looove Jason so, sorry we can’t ! :D - Tora


Ja ik ben ook Nederlands ! Sorry voor de schrijf fouten (die er waarschijnlijk wel in zitten) ik woon al 11 jaar in Frankrijk en ik schrijf niet zo vaak Nederlands XD Ik vind het ook super cool iemand te vinden die nederlands is, Percy Jackson fans zie ik niet zo veel, maar nederlandse Percy Jackson fans bijna nooit ! Heel veel kusjes uit Frankrijk ! - Tora

Kruiwagen !!! :’D - Koe


Thank you soooo much !!! YOU are awesome ! Thank you to be there for us !! - Tora and Koe


Thank you all !! We love you so much !! Love love love !!!