In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
And where you invest your love, you invest your life

sketchy DS9 In the flesh au? 

actually i just wanted to remind everyone that these people are dead and also draw them as zombies 

i remember from Fallen Heroes something about trill spots turning white (maybe light brown? idk) some time after death, but i don’t know much about how a cardassian/bajoran’s skin would look after death so she looks almost normal except for the HOLE in her STOMACH where she was SHOT 



This girl is named Audrey Grills. DO NOT TALK TO HER. She is ***INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS*** i’m not one to be mean, and i’m not one to start shit about people. I have given this girl many chances. She is a liar, she is incredibly immature, she is very triggering and does not respect people’s triggers, she is VERY sexual, she has -literally ruined a cosplayer’s life by pressing charges against her- for a picture that AUDREY HERSELF asked for, and said cosplayer is now facing 7 possible years in jail. When i have tried to confront her about how disrespectful and rude she is, she has blocked me on facebook and threatened to call the cops on me. Literally all i said was “you need to stop. You really need to stop.”

Audrey is not to be trusted. Now, i do have a bit of a presence in the cosplay community in this area, so i am asking everyone to ***please be very careful***. She is emotionally manipulative, she talks about (rape, cutting, and suicide) almost nonstop, she starts drama over very small things that can have VERY severe consequences, not just a few hurt feelings. This is not a “i don’t get along with this cosplayer so i’m going to complain about them” post, because i have given this girl way more chances than she deserved. And, she is dangerous. Again, please, dear lord, DO NOT TALK TO HER, AND DO NOT HANG OUT WITH AUDREY GRILLS AT CONVENTIONS.

Thank you for your time, and be safe.

When someone asks me about my favorite Anime


I could go on FOREVER