The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time 2014 Edition (Part II)

Well folks, it’s that time again. Since the last list, I’ve reviewed another 335 varieties – almost one a day This list reflects the ones I’ve reviewed in the last year as well as those reviewed before that – 1,365 varieties in all. It seems to get tougher each time – so many good ones! Here’s this year’s list – the best of the best. With that, I present to you The Ramen Rater’s top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time 2014 Edition.

#5: Samyang Foods Maesaengyitangmyun Baked Noodle – Southh Korea
Last year was the 50th anniversary of ramyun in South Korea, pioneered by Samyang Foods. Samyang decided to try making something new – SBN, a baked noodle. What’s really neat here is that the noodles smell like bread! The broth is a lot like gomtang, a traditional beef soup. To shake it up, maesangyi is added – kind of like seaweed spun into a cotton-like consistency. The finished product is quite delectable; almost like a chowder! Original review here

#4: Sapporo Ichiban Otafuku Okonomi Sauce Yakisoba – Japan
I’ve always really loved yakisoba and this is the best I’ve found in an instant form yet. Otofuku is a brand of yakisoba sauce that can be found almost anywhere, and it’s inclusion in this one is just perfection. What’s more, the noodles are garnished with green laver (flaked seaweed) and a little mayonnaise packet! Original review here

#3: Prima Taste Singapore Curry La Mian – Singapore
Premium chewy noodles are given the opportunity to swim in some of the best curry broth I’ve ever had. The real difference here is that there are two sachets – curry paste and a ‘premix’ which is primarily coconut powder. Sheer delight! Original Review / Special 2014 Re-Review

#2: Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian – Singapore
Prima Taste’s La Mian noodles are just pure wonderful, and their paste and coconut powder sachets are brimming with rich flavor. This one is a little spicy and has strong shrimp flavor. Little beads of chilli oil dance around the top of the broth like miniature rubies. Spectacular! Original review / Special 2014 Re-Review

#1: MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle – Malaysia
The ultimate! The noodles are just the right texture and gauge – not too wide or too narrow with a chewiness that is perfection. The broth is amazing – extremely spicy (hit #7 on the 2013 Spiciest Instant Noodles list), and features a strong curry flavor and a hearty finish. I am truly impressed with this one and would consider it to be the one I would love to eat every day. Bravo! Original review / Special 2014 Re-Review


Top Ten Favorite Bioware Characters #1 Miranda Lawson

"Physically I’m superior in many ways. I heal quickly and I’ll likely live half again as long as the average human. My biotic abilities are also very advanced. Add to that some of the best training and education money can buy and, well, it’s pretty impressive really."

The Top Ten Moisturizing Shampoos for Afro Hair

Let’s be honest, shampoos and Afro hair in any state are not a fun mix. Shampoos leave my hair and many other Afro people with all texture’s hair dry. I feel like I put my hair in an oven and it came out as straw or fried noodles. Not cute

So here are the Top Ten Moisturizing shampoos any Afro person should consider using. Some are not categorized as shampoos but all natural remedies/cleansing conditioner. But as long as it does it’s job no fuss in my book!


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1. Apple Cider vinegar
Retail: $5-10.00

I know right Vinegar? Don’t worry you won’t smell like the base of some salad dressing, the smell goes away and gets rid of the build up in your hair. Also it makes your hair easier to detangle as well as leaving a beautiful shine. When using you can ether use it with a cleansing conditioner or a moisturizing conditioner. Two cups of cold water to dilute the mixture. Remember to rinse with cold water to close your hair cuticles and help the shine and tangles. Here’s a video And one more


2. Bentonite Clay/Mud Wash
Retail: $10.00ish

Okay so why would you put clay in your hair? Chile’, listen. This clay has been around for a very long time and has been used in skin care and hair care. This wash sucks all that icky build up out your hair while leaving it smooth and soft. It’s a life saver. Getchu some. How to make your own Mud wash


3.Elasta Qp Creme shampoo
Retail: $7-8.50

This is excellent for for relaxed hair and naturals love it too. It’s pretty affordable around most beauty supply store. Try Sally’s or your Black beauty supply. Here’s a vid 


4. As I am Coconut Cleansing Conditioner
Retail: $7.25-8 

This is a cheater and I don’t care! This cleansing conditioner is a miracle send for co-washers as myself. I love this junk and it loves me. Not only do i use it as a deep condish but I also use it as a regular conditioner. It leaves my scalp feeling cleaned and not stripped. It has a beautiful smell and it’s affordable Here’s a video


5. Tea Tree Tingle shampoo trader joe’s
Retail: $3.99 

If you’re a hairista who likes bargains and the wholeistic/organic/natural route, take a trip down to trader’s joe and snatch this one. It’s tingly and gets your hair nice and clean. It doesn’t strip your hair and has an extra fresh feeling because of the ingredients! It’s also HIGHLY affordable Here’s a video



6. Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo
Retail: $6-8.00

Affordable and moisturizing as well as cleaning. This smells nice and is creamy. An excellent review!


7. Creme of Nature Moisture & Shine Shampoo with Argan Oil
Retail: $7-9.00

Creme of Nature has been around for a while and on the shelves of most Black beauty supplies right next to Dudley. You never know what you’ll find and what works wonder for your hair and this bad boy is definitely in the plus department!  This video is all ya need


8. Silkience Moisturizing Shampoo

Skrrt, don’t try and play like you’re not in dollar tree all day. (They have V05 moisture milks.) But discovering this lovely shampoo was everything. In a time where I was broke (and still am) I bought this guy under pressure. I was so surprised that it WORKED. It’s a wonderful shampoo that literally made me feel like I didn’t even need to go and put conditioner on. I did anyways better safe than sorry.


9. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
Retail: $9.99

Everybody raves about Shea moisture and good reasons! Another great one from Shea moisture many love. Here’s a vid


10. Giovanni’s Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo
Retails: $7-9.00

Don’t sleep on Giovanni, I use their deep conditioner and leave-in. Both fantastic and this one proves to be as providable as always A video!

The theme of November’s installation of my new “Top Ten” series is soul mates (in the magical realism sense). As always, this Top Ten Series is inspired by werewolfwagon, one of my favorite Sterek sources.

Note: Because this is my top ten soulmate fics, this list is based off of personal preference, not the fandom’s collective preference.

1. examine every inch (whimsicalimages | 3,364 | PG)

John Watson can see a red string around every person’s fingers that leads him/her to the person they’re destined for.

2. Deoxygenated Series (Ibmisscharlie | 4,295 | PG)

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?” 
Everyone has a clock, either installed by futuristic machines or they’re born with one.

The numbers can’t guarantee happiness, reciprocity, or even fidelity. They’re just a fact of life. In a world where everyone hides their numbers, John Watson meets a man with bare wrists.

3. Celestial Bodies Series (songlin | 18,907 | NC-17)

They watch the omegas in their class miss a week at a time for their heats, or turn up pregnant, or drop out entirely, and see even the nicest, brightest boys and girls get rude and dumb and aggressive after presenting as alphas. Privately, they wonder what the rush is about.

John and Sherlock are eighteen years old and still haven’t presented as alpha or omega, though they’re both sure they know how their cards have been dealt. That is their first mistake.

4. The Ties That Bleed (luchia13 | 11,733 | R)

John Watson has been bonded by blood to Sherlock Holmes. Until the day Sherlock dies, they will be tied together. Until the day Sherlock dies, John can’t.

5. With Eyes Wide Open (cleflink | 8,048 | R)

Thirty two hours after they met, John Watson shot a man to save Sherlock Holmes’ life.

Three hours after that, John Watson let Sherlock Holmes see his soul.

6. The Waiting is the Worst Part (loyalnerdwp | 4,065 | PG)

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

7. Fate, At Your Fingertips (radialarch | 7,604 | PG)

Even “soulmate” is just a word.

8. Time Enough (airynothing | 1,135 | PG)

John refused to believe that Sherlock, of all people, could have simply missed his soulmate.

9. Simple Gifts (agameofscones | 1,834 | PG)

Every person is born with one innate talent. They are also born with one soulmate, and the full potential of their talent is not realized until they’ve found that person.

“So why does it matter to find your person if you’re okay without them?”

“Because”—Mummy sighs, and perhaps sounds the littlest bit sad—“you are perfectly okay without them, but that doesn’t change that you’ll always be better with them.”

10. Inscriptions Series (orphan_account | 36,909 | PG)

Everyone is born with the name of their Soul Mate on their finger. This is called their SBI, or Soul Bond Inscription, and from the time a person turns sixteen, they are locked in a Search for the person with the corresponding SBI; the person with their name on their finger, in the same color as their own SBI. They do not know when, and they do not know where. All they know is that at the end of their Search is the person they are meant to spend the rest of their life with.

I should probably also mention Walking Together, Colors, Millennia, and Cycles.

And of course, here’s my soulmates tag if you’re looking for more.

P.S. I’m so excited about my 3k celebration! It’s currently in the works.