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Check out this awesome TopShelf Boutique short filmed back in December about a our founder and CEO, Christina, who had dreams and made them a reality! Here you’ll get an inside look (literally) of the fashion truck bizz and what hard work goes into it!

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Both were awesome to work with and we can’t wait for more opportunities in the near future! <3


Believe it or not, one thing I rarely make time for myself to do any more is actually go and get a mani + pedi.  There are a couple of reasons, but I think that the biggest thing has been both convenience, and the worry about what in the actual hell kind of toxins are in nail polish.   A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by LUX SF to come in for a complimentary DeLUX Manicure and Pedicure.  Luckily, my overly busy sister from another mister, Santina, happened to be available on a Saturday, so, we went to Hayes Valley together and got in some great girl time.

Ladies, I wish I had the words to convey how amazing this service really was…Words don’t escape me very often, but let me just tell you that the two hours of pampering and mimosas were thoroughly enjoyed.  The only bothersome thing that happened during the entire experience, was trying to make a decision on which laquer I was going to choose.

In addition to the relaxing and minimalist decor, the thing I most appreciated was that all of their polishes were either 3 or 5 Toxin Free and all of their products that they used (soaps, exfoliants, lotions) were all made by Bliss, which made me feel like I was having an impromptu spa day. One thing that I really liked about their polishes (besides coming in every hue of the rainbow) is that the LUX SF brand of nail polishes are all playfully named after street and neighborhoods  that can be found here in San Francisco.  I was so pleased with the experience, that I have an appointment already scheduled for this Friday.  

If you are in the Bay Area, I highly recommend making an appointment treating yourself to the best mani and pedi ever.  Oh yeah, and they are open until at least 8pm every day, just for us busy City Girls.



*Though I did receive complimentary services from LUX SF, these opinions are solely mine.  I would never recommend anything I didn’t truly believe in.  


It’s crazy that TopSehlf Boutique’s first brick and mortar store has been up and running for a few days shy of a month! Thanks a bunch to everyone for the love and support, and if you haven’t already, please come by and visit!

TopShelf Boutique - Crocker Galleria 2nd Floor! - Mon-Fri 10-6pm

We are also getting the Fashion Truck back out there, keep following @topshelfstyle on instagram, twitter, FB and Tumblr for all the updates


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