It was raining like crazy and I was in the mood for some grunge. Wore this to my talk in SMX a few weeks ago. I was a bit nervous because I haven’t given a talk in 7 months—my stage fright was back with a vengeance but I’m glad it went really well! I’m back in my zone, baby! Haha! Thanks to everyone who came despite the weather and the fact that it’s a Sunday. On to the outfit!

What I’m wearing: button-neck sweatshirt (Perry Ellis), cargo vest (Suiteblanco), pants (Topman), watch (Puma Time), belt (Human), bracelet (SM Accessories), sunglasses (Topman), beanie (Sinstar), boots (Palladium). Hype this on here.

Button-neck sweatshirt from Perry Ellis | Cargo vest from Suiteblanco | Belt from Human | Heavy layering is key if you’re going for the grunge look. I also added this huge leatherette belt to add some depth and texture into the outfit.

Grunge is all about wearing dark or subdued colors—but these random pops of color from the patches made the look so much more interesting! 

Skull iPhone case from SM Accessories | Even my phone case has a grunge feel to it! lol

Combat boots from Palladium | Due to the unpredictable weather patterns, these babies were just necessary. 

Photos by Lissa Kahayon

I think every outfit post I’ve published on my blog has at least one or two items from Topman—that’s how much I love the brand! Topman/Topshop is the biggest and most popular high street fashion brand in UK and I love how they’re always one step ahead of the fashion pack. They just get it. 

I got so excited when I found out that they’ll be opening their biggest store to date in Robinsons Magnolia! It’s one of the few malls I go to because it’s near my place, it’s not too crowded and I won’t have to go through Edsa! Anyway, here’s what went down at the Topman/Topshop VIP opening party!