"Capturing Resonance" by sculptor Soo Sunny Park (deCordova Museum)

"Park created the undulating textile by inserting thousands of acrylic squares into chain link fencing. As “Capturing Resonance” was created in a window-filled space, different lighting makes the piece a constantly evolving palette of colour, shadows and reflection. The installation also features an audio element as composer Spencer Topel created an dreamy, elegant composition that is activated by motion sensors so the sound is ever-changing and layered like its iridescent muse." By Chloé Douglas for Plentyofcolour.com


“Capturing Resonance” By Soo Sunny Park and Spencer Topel

In their first collaboration, sculptor Soo Sunny Park and sound artist and composer Spencer Topel have transformed deCordova’s Window Gallery into a multi-sensory environment. In Capturing Resonance, the eighth project in the PLATFORM series, Park and Topel have composed a large-scale installation that utilizes the intense natural light in the gallery with the flow of museum visitors through this transitional space to create an ever-changing sculptural soundscape. Park is best known for using quotidian building materials such as insulation, dry wall, and mesh screens to create experiential installations that rely on repetition and the interplay of light and materials to sublime effect. For Capturing Resonance, Park has similarly transformed a ubiquitous and obdurate material – chain link fencing – into something transcendent. By affixing thousands of iridescent acrylic Plexiglas squares into chain link cells, Park created a sprawling, undulating structure that transmits, reflects, and refracts both the natural and artificial light into the gallery. Hanging from the third floor ceiling, Capturing Resonance fills the narrow space. The cascading, interlocking convex and concave Plexi and chain link fence units appear as biomorphic forms, overwhelming the field of vision of each visitor as they enter the gallery. Depending on the time of day, rainbow hued shadows fill the space, shifting from crisp representations of the structure to abstract color washes with the path of the sun. In Capturing Resonance, shifting light becomes a sculptural material and a symbol of transient physical and psychological states.