We’ve teamed up with to bring you our “King For A Day” cover contest!

Break out your camera, give us your best Pierce The Veil impersonation, and have fun! Get your videos in by September 21st for a chance to win:

- VIP Tickets + meet & greet for you & 3 friends to the “Collide With The Sky” Tour
- $100 Visa gift card
- $100 Tilly’s gift card
- Pierce The Veil hot sauce
- Pierce The Veil t-shirt
- Signed Pierce The Veil screen print poster
- Cover video featured on the Pierce The Veil & TopBlip pages
- TopBlip sponsor prize (TBD)

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Hey guys! I wouldn’t normally do this but I need your help as I am entering a Wonder Girls dance contest and I need people to vote. You can sign in via facebook and rate using those red dots on top of the ‘Pin it’ / facebook like / twitter tweet buttons! you can choose how many circles to give me and also leave a comment too.

I really want to win because you get a handwritten letter from the Wonder Girls but if you guys have some time to do it for me, I’d be really grateful. I may not win but I’d be happy to have at least tried. There’s still 12 days left! Here’s the link to my video:

This is my friend @ibrittanynicole (Brittany Nicole)! She may look familiar because you may have seen some of her wonderful YouTube videos out there. She is currently in a the Topblip Music Competition for her cover of Grenade! There are a lot of competitors in the tournament and I’m asking for your help because Brittany deserves it! 

To vote go here and click on Brittany’s video! 

Also, be sure to keep coming back to the page. When she makes it to the next round you better be ready to get your click on!
Share the loveeeeeee and REBLOG or RT! :D
Thanks everyone!  


Hey there! I just wanted to express my immense gratitude to all of my followers who have been absolutely amazing in getting me to the third round of the All Time Low ‘For Baltimore’ Cover Contest. I can’t even say how much I appreciate all of you guys! Right now, I’m in the race to the finish to make it to the fourth round of the competition. I’m behind by around 50 votes, likes, and tweets and I only have until 5 p.m. on October 11! If you like this video, you can vote, like, and tweet a few times to get me votes. You can also vote every day. (: I know it’s a pain, and I’m super sorry! It would be amazing if I could make it to the next round and I would be eternally grateful. Thank you so much!


Share this video by clicking here! It would mean a lot to us if we could win this TopBlip contest :)  

my friend Austin Jones is in a cover competition for The Ready Set, and has moved up to second place! if you guys could just click ->here<-
then listen to his cover of Give Me Your Hand, and then vote (possibly a 5?), i would appreciate it sooooo much ♥ pretty pleasee? c:
to vote, you do either have sign up or log in
(either with facebook or an existing site account- i promise your vote doesn’t show up on your facebook and you wont get spam) 

please guys, this could help his music career soo much. today is the last full day of voting, and his fans and friends are trying to get as many votes as possible for him. check it out? thanks ♥  

Guys, I need your help more than ever right now.

I am entered in a contest to open for Tyler Ward at a concert, This has been my dream and I am so close. 

What I need YOU to do is simple, click the link on this post, log in with facebook and or twitter, then press 5/5 stars on my video, You can vote EVERYDAY! Please repost this. I want to win this so bad, you have no idea how much it would mean <3


Lists of covers for the Allstar Weekend TopBlip contest. Check it out, and tell me if its yours!

I saw some AMAZING COVERS. You guys are all sooo talented. Check out these covers, and vote. You all deserve whatever your trying to win (i read it once, but I kinda forgot) Good luck to you all! if you have one that isn’t on here, sumbit it to me via my as box or on twitter (@amandaaa_081) and I will post it on here and twitter! If it IS on here, and you would like credit, tell me (twitter or tumblr) and I will put your name next to it.

[None of these are mine, I did not enter, these are one that I have seen/voted] :D on twitter) («i didn’t think I would find a guy covering it!) (I like their lyrics) (amazing Violin/Guitar violin!) (