horanshands top 20 blogs » fuckyeahzarry

I don’t care what anyone says, because Gemma has probably the best blog on tumblr. I’ve only talked to her once or twice, but when I have, she’s always been so nice to me. And that’s saying something, because I’m kind of crazy. She’s the definition of quality and she’s the first blog I always go to for new pictures! :)

horanshands top 20 blogs » niallispretty

Kristie is just amazing. She’s pretty too (see what I did there?)!! Alright, so listing the manymany awesome things about her will just take too long, so I’ll list a few. She has perfect edits, she always makes some fantastic audio rips, her fanfictions are beautiful, and she is always the first one to have any information whatsoever. It’s amazing how perfect her blog is. :)

horanshands top 20 blogs » risquenouis

Trudie, simply put, is perfect. Her fanfictions are amazing, and she is the goddess of AU stories. When she uploads, I always read her stories ASAP. They are beautiful and awesomely epic. It’s really an honour to know this girl. :)

horanshands top 20 blogs » wowniall

Beatriz is just… wow. Her blog is probably the definition of quality. It’s so dang perfect. I’ve talked to her twice, I think, and both times we’ve had awesome conversations. All her posts are so quality and I love her blog to pieces.  :)

horanshands top 20 blogs » sexlinson

Demi is the Darren to my Joey and absolutely perfect. I like going on her blog and spamming text posts and I love trolling her tinychat conversations like a creep. She’s amazing and one of my super closest friends and I laugh at her a lot because I get redvines and she doesn’t. ;)

horanshands top 20 blogs » nialliam

Wow. So many good things about Georgia, I dunno where to begin. Firstly, she’s a Starkid (and a Nighttroll) and that just makes her like five times awesomer. Second, her blog is so perfect. She’s super nice and her fanfictions are awesome and its just… awesome!

horanshands top 20 blogs » irishchickenfillets

Nina is the bestest. We have this plan. We will one day dress up as men and stand outside a 1D concert. They’ll then take us backstage (because ya know, we’d be hot as men) and we’ll whip off our clothes. They’ll be freaked out fo’ sho. Why did I tell you this? I dunno either. But it just displays Nina’s awesomenesssss.

horanshands top 20 blogs » midnight-down

Stephanie. It’s hard to even grasp that she’s the same age as me because her fanfictions are about a billion times better. The fact that she ships Narry is just a bonus. ‘Trigger Happy’ and ‘Stereo Hearts’ are two of my favorite fanfictions on tumblr, they are just so well put together. Besides her killer fanfictions, Stephanie’s blog is just amazing in general. Her perfect posts are perfect. :)

horanshands top 20 blogs » niallgorgeous

Claire, you are pretty much amazing in every way. I love how defensive you are about Nouis and I love how you like a bunch of my posts when I’m being funny and I love everything else about you. You are so perfect and your blog is quality :)

horanshands top 20 blogs » horandom

Alright so this girl right here is brilliant. She’s funny and pretty and amazing and Monique-y. She’s such an amazing person and I can’t even think of anyone quite like her. (That’s a good thing BTW.) Anyways, Monique is cool and I love her URL a lot. :)

horanshands top 20 blogs » niamstyles

Christie Agnis is… special. She is also super slow at Draw Something, so I suggest not playing with her. Anyways, she’s pretty cool. She has a nice face and a nice blog. I love her to death and she’s just perfect. :)

horanshands top 20 blogs » tomlinsarse

Aysha is perfect. We share a love of Narry and Blacy and she is just awesome overall. In every sense of the world, she is perfect and epic and asdfjkl. She’s an amazing writer and probably one of the most beautiful people I’ve seen, inside and out. :)