โœฅ top 8 types of PNMs and how to recruit them! โœฅ

Formal recruitment will be here in no time. Evaluating hundreds or thousands of PNMs can be overwhelming. Consider these distinct female personality types and see what they can do for your chapter. Along with your sorority values, think about who you want as a sister and what they bring to your sisterhood. 

Different types of PNMs respond to a variety of messages during recruitment. Not everyone is convinced by the same techniques. Tailor your tactics to each kind of PNM and give them what they’re looking for. Pledging a brilliant MIX of personalities is the #1 goal for your next new member class! xoxo ;)

 Top 8 Types of PNMs to Recruit: 

  • The Playful PNM: This girl is enthusiastic, funny and loud. She’s an extrovert and life of the party. Every pledge class needs several of this type for their creativity, ideas, energy and fun. These girls are innovators and work fast. They can also be a little disorganized and easily distracted, but always lovable. Give a Playful PNM plenty of attention and approval during recruitment. If she believes your sisters have tons of fun, she will be very interested. 
  • The Powerful PNM: This girl is strong and perfect for leadership. She is assertive, productive and in control. Every chapter needs a collection of doers. Powerful PNMs are goal oriented and work very hard. Sometimes they can be demanding, but they get the job done. Offer this type appreciation, credit and loyalty and she will be very attracted to your sorority. If she sees impressive leadership opportunities at your house, that will win her over. 
  • The Perfectionist PNM: This girl’s dress is pressed, her hair is perfectly styled and her manicure is flawless. She is precise and thinks before she speaks. A precise PNM is organized, neat, graceful and strong. She loves to make lists and she gets projects completed. Without these sisters, the chapter would fall into chaos and hopeless disorganization. Perfectionist girls need some calm and sensitivity to feel comfortable. Present a sharp, polished chapter image to attract this type to your sisterhood.
  • The Peaceful PNM: A zen girl is even tempered. She doesn’t get as excited as the Playful and Powerful girls. She is easy-going, diplomatic and patient. This PNM avoids conflict and hates confrontations. She is comfortable in her own skin and always keeps her cool. A must have for sorority chapters. Pledge peaceful PNMs to bring balance and harmony to the membership. She may be hard to read sometimes, but she brings calm to an excitable sorority. Show this type respect and harmony and she will be interested in your chapter.  
  • The Motherly PNM: Some girls are just born nurturing. No matter what their age, they love to take others under their wing. A sorority needs a few mothering types to give wise advise, help the littles and serve as new member educators and Rho Gammas. Motherly PNMs are mature, think ahead, are good listeners and always know the right thing to say when there’s a problem. This type is very reliable and an asset to the membership. Offer a Motherly PNM family, friendship and a place to call home. 
  • The Innocent PNM: This PNM is pure cuteness. She is honestly sweet and kind to the core. She is lovable and has no hidden agenda. Every sister falls in love with her. An Innocent PNM has lots friends, smiles all the time and is a totally positive person. She is an ideal “follower” but may be a bit slow in picking up new ideas. Love her up and repeat the chapter’s warmest attributes to this PNM for maximum effect. In the end, she will fall for the friendliest sisterhood. 
  • The Prom Queen PNM: You know her when she walks in the door. She’s the prom queen, the head cheerleader, the pageant pro and a runway model all rolled into one. She’s so beautiful you can’t stop staring. She has it all. She’s also sociable, friendly, and has sparkling charisma. She comes from an outstanding family and she can do everything ~ from music, to sports, to academics. The Prom Queen PNM may be the closest thing to perfection. Be charming, outgoing and sharp to hit it off with thus type of PNM. She will pledge the best of the best, so shine your brightest. 
  • The Quirky PNM: To keep your sorority from becoming a Stepford chapter, give the Quirky type a chance. Don’t write off the PNM who is unique, original, colorful, or creative. PNMs who are outside the box, provide interest and diversity to a sorority’s membership. Quirky PNMs may be a different size, have a different world view, or a different fashion style than the majority, but that spice is what keeps chapters from becoming boring. Jazz up your recruitment by considering the off beat PNM and the individuality that she has to offer. Connect with her through your smarts, sense of humor and a genuine interest in her as a future sister. 

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Top Ten Tuesday: Best Lands of EDH: Part 2 - The Mana Fixers

Hello Tumlr-ites and welcome to another Land centered top ten! As you can tell today is Wednesday and I apologize for the late post, but I wanted to make sure I nailed this list after the positive reaction from last weeks Top Ten Ability Lands. Today we’re going to be looking at all the lands that help us get the mana we need. Mana is Magic’s most important resource, and these cards are the backbone of what makes multicolored decks work. Grab your Expedition Map and let’s search out some awesome lands!

Number 10: The Karoos

A longtime staple of the Commander format, these lands take their name from the white land of the original Visions cycle. The Karoos earned recognition due to the simple fixing they provide and the fundamental card advantage of being two land drops in one. Although they work great with any land untapping effects, they aren’t higher on the list due to their vulnerability to land destruction. While normal LD can be effective in EDH, destroying a Karoo is even more crippling since it sets a player back two turns. Despite this they are still very powerful and often show up in my multicolored decks. The most famous are the Ten from Ravnica block, but if Mono Color is more your style check out the original five!

Number 9: The Tri Lands

I’m usually not a fan of lands that enter play tapped, but with enough of an upside they can make the cut. The Karoos are one great example of good EBT lands, and so are the Tri Lands! They are notable as being among few lands that can produce more than two colors of mana and are great at fixing 3, 4, or 5 color mana bases. With the addition of Khans of Tarkir we even have one of every combination, with the Shard Lands handling allied three color combos and the Khans Lands handling wedge combinations. When building a mana base you never want to overload on tapped lands but these are strong inclusions!

Number 8: The Man Lands

A third enters tapped land! I said before that there had to be major upside to make the cut, and these lands have proven their worth in multiple formats. The Man Lands provide a constant threat that cannot be removed by sorcery sweepers, which are so common in EDH. The cost of inclusion is also very low since they fix your mana while not taking up a spell slot. The only major downside is that the Two Color Cycle from Worldwake only includes allied colored pairs. Again if Mono Colored play is more your thing, check out the old school Man Lands from Urza’s Legacy!

Number 7: The Pain Lands

Now we arrive at the lands the enter play untapped, which is critical for aggressive decks or those with a tight mana curve. The Pain Lands are classic dual lands, with the allied pairs showing up back in Ice Age, and they’ve stuck around due to their elegant design. With the 40 life totals in Commander the pain is rarely an issue, and if it is you can always tap them for colorless mana pain free. Although it wasn’t until Apocalypse that we saw the enemy colored counterparts they were just reprinted in the M15 core set. Don’t make the painful mistake of missing these lands in your next deck!

Number 6: The Filter Lands

Originally appearing as a ten card cycle in Lorwyn block, the Filter lands have been super efficient fixing in most formats they appear in. This is due to the fact that they enter untapped and allow such flexible fixing. Need to pay two Black mana but your first land drop was a Forest? No problem since Twilight Mire has your back! Even if you lack a buddy land to make either color of mana you can still tap them for colorless to keep from falling behind. These are especially useful in decks that have heavy colored mana requires, and you can combine them in a three color deck to be a near infallible mana base. Don’t filter these out of your next land search!

Number 5: The Check Lands

The number 5 cycle on our list gets it’s name from “checking” whether the appropriate lands are in play when it enters the battlefield. These are staples lands due to their simple requirements, but also their synergy with the lands higher up on our list. It’s worth noting that the Allied colored pairs have been printed many times in M10 through M13, but the Enemy colored pairs have only had one printing in Innistrad. I for one am very glad that R&D has moved towards balancing mana for all ten color pairs. Remember to check for these lands when you build your next mana base!

Number 4: The Shock Lands

Now we get to the really powerful lands! These ten classics showed up in the original Ravnica block and then got reprinted in Return to Ravnica block.  Although these lands take their name from the drawback that resembles a classic burn spell, their upside is undeniable. Not only can they enter play untapped and provide two colors of mana, but they possess the basic land types (ex. Plains Swamp) that makes them easy to search up. In commander they can also count towards man of the effects that count land types, like Cabal Coffers. They also offer awesome synergy with the Check Lands and with the lands later on our list. If you’re looking to build a solid mana base, I’d be shocked if you didn’t include this cycle.

Number 3: Command Tower

We are talking about Commander, so what kind of list would this be without Command Tower?! This is as good as it gets when it comes to simple mana fixing in the format, although it will need plenty of help since you can only run a singleton copy in EDH. The only real downside to this land is that it’s a nonbasic and it’s pretty awkward in a colorless Commander deck like Karn, Silver Golem. Since the EDH rules state that a deck cannot generate mana outside of it’s Commanders identity anyways it;s usually not an issue, but in order to build a proper mana base you’ll need the help of the other lands on this list!

Number 2: The Fetch Lands

Number Two on our list ends up being the second most expensive, and some of the most prominent lands in multiple formats. The Allied colors, originally from Onslaught, are less expensive due to their reprint in Khans of Tarkir bu the Enemy colored Zendikar lands are still quite expensive. These lands are so efficient since they allow you to exchange for whatever land you need, either a Island or a Mountain for Scalding Tarn, at the low low price of one life. The real kicker is that you can use them to tutor up any dual that possesses the land type, like the Shock Lands. They also allow you to reshuffle your library if you know whats on top of your deck and fuel the graveyard for mechanics like Delve. The only real downside is the amount of time it takes to search a 100 card deck and shuffle your library, which may slow down your EDH table. Although with so much value provided it’s no surprise these lands fetch such a high price!

Number 1: The Original Duals

Is number one any surprise? Hailing all the way from Alpha, these ten lands are the most expensive non-basics you can buy, and for good reason. They count as both basic land types, can be searched using fetch lands, and count towards the Check lands with no real drawback at all. Mark Rosewater has stated many times that lands cannot be “strictly better than basic lands” and these lands clearly break that rule. Add that to the fact that they are stuck on the Reserved List, never to be reprinted again, and obviously they will hold the most value. Many players feel that they are overkill in a casual format like Commander, but their power cannot be denied. If you’re able to afford these lands why not play with them?

That wraps up our list on Commanders top mana fixing lands! Cutting down to ten (ish) cards was not easy, and there were lots of Honorable Mentions. I also prioritized the cycles that can cover all color combos over the incomplete ones like the Lorwyn Tribal Cycle. If you feel there are any awesome cards that I missed please let me know! As always your feedback is welcomed.

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Photos of the day - May 6, 2015

Damaged houses are seen from an Indian helicopter in Khanigaun, Nepal;  Fernando Verdasco of Spain in action against Marin Cilic of Croatia in their second round match of the Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament; a demonstrator blows his whistle in the Kanyosha district of Bujumbura, Burundi; SpaceX’s Dragon capsule launches from Cape Canaveral, Fla.; a Nepalese, who lost a family member to the April 25 earthquake, prepares to end the mourning period in Bhaktapur, Nepal; and Indian children cool themselves at a fountain as temperatures rise in New Delhi, India.

These are just some of the photos of the day for May 6, 2015.

Photos by: (from top) David Ramos/Getty Images, Clive Brunskill/Getty Images, AP Photo/Jerome Delay, Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/AP, AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha, AP Photo/Saurabh Das

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kenzzyt asked:

If you could visit the U.S. What would be the top ten places you would want to go?

1. Yosemite 

2. NYC

3. Colorado (snow)

4. LA

5. Disney World

I don’t really know any other cool spots to go

Edit: I don’t know how I forgot San Francisco 

Top Ten Karaoke Songs

1. Neil Diamond - Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon

2. The Shangri-las - Remember (Walking in the Sand)

3. Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows

4. Journey - Don’t Stop Believing

5. ELO - Mr. Blue Sky

6. Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon

7. Righteous Brothers - You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

8. ABBA - Money, Money, Money

9. The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore

10. The Carpenters - Superstar

Bonus: Any Bob Dylan song sung in the style of Bob Dylan

Top Ten Biases

Tagged by ooolalajunsu. Thanks, darling. :)

(List 10 biases, all must be from a different band/artist)

10. Taeyeon (SNSD) - she’s beautiful and amazing. the end.

9. Sungyeol (INFINITE) - yep, I love the spaz. that smile, though.

8. Rap Monster (BTS) - since I first found BTS, V was my bias, but alas, Namjoon has knocked him out. Namjoon is all kinds of magnificent.

7. Junsu (JYJ) - it is what it is, babe. Junsu used to be in second place on the list, but maybe I’m emotionally preparing myself for two years without eukyangkyang.

6. Chaerin (2NE1) - slay me, my queen.

5. Seungho (MBLAQ) - ugh, Seungho. There was a time when he was the ultimate bias. I have a thing for manly men who are assertive but not jerks, and are creative and really intelligent.

4. Yongguk (BAP) - it’s the voice. Definitely the voice. He’s very good-looking, too. Plus, he seems like a really mature, kind person and intelligent as well.

3. Daesung (BIGBANG) - he was my first k-pop bias and I have such a special place in my heart for Daesungie. Best smile in the universe.

2. Lay (EXO) - the precious unicorn is not only beyond gorgeous, he has one of the sweetest and most genuine personalities I’ve ever seen. I really have no comparison when it comes to his work ethic and manners.

1. Onew (SHINEE) - the man has been my ultimate bias for some time now and I don’t see him being knocked down, ever. Even as my bias list has shifted, he hasn’t moved. That face, that voice, that brain, and that sense of humor, Jinki is my dream.

Okay, I tag do-kyungsoo-me, katkitty3, missmakochan, idk-where-im-going-with-this, kellosaurousrex, imhipwithdakidz, and amazon-bookworm. :)


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attention please! i’ve a lot of favorite characters, but in this list i will point out only my favorite tolkien’s characters, because this fandom the most important in my life. please take this with the understanding.

1. thorin oakenshield

2. bilbo baggins

3. fili

4. kili

5. tauriel

6. frodo baggins

7. samwise gamgee

8. legolas

9. aragorn

10. gandalf

i tag: amralime, aidhanturneroakenbaggins, ohfilibilbosacornrichardarmitakemetaurielsilvangreenleefsblomskvistlady-arryn

anonymous asked:

Top ten Castle fics? (Me? No, I'm not looking for reading material. You must be thinking of someone else.)

Haha! Okay. Here we go. I’ll tag their Tumblr names, unless I don’t know it.

1) Expectations by nic6879 (first Castle fic I ever read, and it will always be #1)

the rest are in no particular order:

2) Out of the Blue by bunysliper

3) Teacher’s Pet by bunysliper

4) When I Was Drowning by bunysliper

5) Convalescence by Sanctuaria

6) Rewound by kathrynchristie

7) Imbroglio by Cora Clavia

8) Meet by Anonymous033

9) Les Deux by alwayswritewithcoffee

10) The Breach by bravevulnerability

Thanks, anon, and happy reading! 

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You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping. Tag ten people after.

  1. Sorry Gypsy & The Cat
  2. Pumped Up Kicks Foster the People
  3. Percy Warner Park Boy & Bear
  4. Demons The National
  5. Dissolve Me Alt-J
  6. Unbelievers Vampire Weekend
  7. Talk is Cheap Chet Faker
  8. Steam Engenius Modest Mouse
  9. Bones Ms Mr
  10. Mercy Street Fever Ray

No kpoop came up because I am fake and truth be told I hate all of it. I kid, eight of my top ten most played tracks are kpoop #notthatfake

I tag: fxkinwaifu littlehoneypeach-zitao mushroom-hatcher absuholute ohmy-eon zitaotrash golfdadsuho2001 suhobos suhoswag& my mum who doesn’t know what tumblr is but likes it when I include her in my life

(I haven’t talked to some of you but I think all of you are cute/cool so I’m tagging you anyway, 10 is a big number. You don’t have to do it. Ignore me. It’s cool. I understand. I still like you)