two times i no joke, honest to god, 100% thought they were going to kiss


Only 7 day left to Pre-Order Picnic in Provence! 

#7 on my Provence Top Ten - homemade Fig Chutney. As a rule, I like to have a big pot of something on the boil at all times, and if fresh figs are involved, so much the better. Mollie and David kindly guided me through the process, and their chutney recipe is in the book. Makes the best ham and cheese sandwich in the world…

so since i’m having a very long and uneventful easter break i finally broke down and bought the new prince of tennis 3ds game

it’s pretty fun!! you’re working in an editorial department of some sort and run around the u17 camp interviewing our beloved princes of tennis. i think you’re actually supposed to be an adult since you state at one point that “unlike you guys i’m past my growing stage” so that’s kinda weird but anyway. there’s going to be some kind of reader voting popularity contest thingamabob and it’s YOUR job to get the public to favor who YOU think should win or something. and i’m having the best of chucks because as the score is currently, atobe is in first place and tezuka is in last. and i did not even do anything to skew the results in this favor.

i’m trying to follow jiroh around the most since he’s my favorite. you get to choose a group to write about, so the one i picked was the one with jiroh on it which also just so happened to have marui, and also gakuto and the relevant higas (chinen and tanishi weren’t allowed to compete for SOME REASON but they’re still in the game to “support”. along with kabaji). all the dialog uttered by the princes of tennis is voice acted, and jiroh’s va is doing such a great job going between being a sleepyhead and totally excited. at some point i was interviewing jiroh and he was uninterested at first. then we were talking about how old hyotei is, and yukimura randomly butted in to inform us that rikkai dates back to 1878 and i’m like “hyotei’s from 1919″ because i apparently knew that and jiroh was SO IMPRESSED and now we’re friends i guess. in fact, i just ran an errand for him to get him a MANGA. and now oshitari’s like “oh i read that.” and gakuto is like “LEMME READ” and jiroh is like “NO ME FIRST!!!” he even gets cross. here it is: CROSS JIROH

ok but i’ll stop before i start livetumbling the whole thing.

other interesting things that have happened so far: i got plus points from kite by telling him he looks like a model. then i was gonna interview gakuto but it turns out he has like a million billion zillion friends who kept interrupting by texting him so we had to cancel because apparently he couldn’t just turn off his phone.


Hosoya Yoshimasa + Sports Animes

“When I entered training school, there was a manager who always looked after me. Before that person quit the place, the last thing that person brought to me was an audition for TeniPuri. I heared the results on a public phone outside of work. When I heard that I passed, I shouted in the lobby, “I really passed the auditions!” because I was super happy… I feel like I was able to return the favor a bit.”Hosoyan on how he started as a seiyuu (PairPuri Vol. 2)