Benedict Cumberbatch on Top Gear tonight...
  • Benedict:I don't die because Mycroft swoops down in a helicopter to save me whilst wearing a girl's skirt.
  • Benedict:Kirk, Spock and Bones are assumed to be immediately at it.
  • Benedict:I'm sure there's fanfiction out there with me and John Watson floating in space whilst handcuffed to a bed.
  • Benedict:*whilst driving the car around the track* Use the track, Benedict.

Jeremy: I wonder if we’re heading towards that MASSIVE raincloud. Yeah, we are, aren’t we?

*cues up the song “Africa” by Toto*

Can I just take a moment to appreciate how much I laughed when these pictures came out of nowhere on the credits?

I feel like this explains why Tanner loves (and is really good at) to geek out over technical things.

And Rutledge…weirdly looked like a friend of mine.

O u gaiz.

I feel like we would’ve been really good friends in high school. Lol.