Ok so I know I’ve already posted these pics for comparison.. But I just kept looking at them over and over and just staring at my shoulders… So here’s another one…

Like holy shit, I know it can’t all be just from working out (in the first pic I had been running and working out daily for almost 4 months, this most recent one was only a month of working out and running)

I’m still amazed that there are changes occurring from testosterone after 2 years… (Side note someone recently told me my voice is deeper than the last time we spoke like 6 months ago…)

First photo: 

1 year, 10 months on T 

9 months post top surgery 

3 months pre hysterectomy 

Second photo: 

 2 years, 4 months on T 

1 year, 3 months post top surgery 

3 months post hysterectomy


What’s most difficult about being an FtM Trans* teen is just the simple fact that I will never be cisgendered male. Nothing I will ever do or accomplish in life can ever change that and it honestly breaks my heart. Yet, with that being said I am so grateful for everyone who has inspired me and helped me on this journey. I never thought I would get this far. Thank you. -Cody

I am trying to raise money to have top surgery done by Dr. Garramone in Florida. I have been on hormones for nearly two years, and binding my chest for three. I have very little income, so it has been really hard to put money away for this, which I desperately need to live comfortably and happily…

Putting this out there again. I don’t have much income and I am in very deep debt, and I know I cannot live without this. Please help me spread this around and raise money for my top surgery.


(Hi everyone, I am launching another fundraiser because my situation has become extremely dire and I really can’t handle the constant suicidal ideation I’m dealing with along with the steadily worsening agoraphobia from PTSD and dysphoria)

Hello! My name is Charley. I am an autistic & disabled freelance artist from NYC. I am transgender (meaning that the gender was assigned at birth is not my gender). I am disabled (both physically & mentally). I am a very friendly person suffering from severe anxiety that has steadily evolved into agoraphobia, most notably due to dysphoria in regards to my chest (and the subsequent assumptions people make about my gender).

Going out can induce severe panic attacks that negatively affect my already quite compromised heath, not to mention how majorly it affects my ability to create art, go outside, and be able to make a living. Getting a desperately-needed double mastectomy will majorly improve my quality of life and mental health, and quite literally save my life! Unfortunately, this is a very expensive procedure that my insurance refuses to cover, and with all things considered, this will cost me over $8000 out-of-pocket which is not attainable on my own especially in my current state, which is why I really need your help!

All funding will go directly to fund my surgery, with a small portion allotted for the travel and accommodations I will need during the week or so recovery period. I have a surgeon selected, Dr. Beverly Fischer. I have seen patient results and am extremely impressed, and she isn’t too far from me.

This campaign may not have perks like most, but saving a trans person’s life by donating a couple bucks or sharing this campaign is an incredibly noble thing to do, (and a chance to get a custom piece of art from me may be enticing)! I will also mention backers in a thank you post on my well-known tumblr, transrants when all is over.

If I don’t reach my full goal, all proceeds will be placed in my top-surgery fund. Regardless of whether I make my funding goal, your contribution will majorly help in getting me this surgery I so desperately need.

On a global scale, this may not mean much. But this surgery will quite literally change my life and allow me to live my life with so much more confidence and happiness. At this current time, every time I go out I get jeered at because I do not fit the stereotypical expectations of either binary gender. It is literally killing me, I am suffering from endless suicidal thoughts and my anxiety prevents me from going out and enjoying my life. Many other transgender and disabled people have been able to achieve surgery goals through crowdfunding, which is encouraging to see. A single dollar towards my surgery is a step forward to getting this surgery I need so badly.

Some people can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help!

All I ask is for you to SHARE this campaign wherever you can. Like I said, a single dollar will get me that much closer to a major life-saving surgery I desperately need, so by boosting it to your friends, family, and followers, you are helping me majorly to reach those who can donate.

Hey everybody! My name is Andrew. I am a 21 year old trans guy and in exactly 5 weeks I am having Top Surgery. My surgery is with Dr. Mangubat in Seattle, WA on March 27th. My surgery was covered entirely through the huge hearts of the people who follow my blog, who know my story, and who vibe with my experiences. 

If you’ve followed my story since then, you know that there’s the still looming need for a little bit of money to cover my time off of work. I’ve raised a bit already but I decided that I should do something lighthearted and maybe fun. 

I want to do a Pushup Pledge. How this would work would be similar to a relay, where someone pledges a dollar amount per lap that a person completes. This would work per push up. Donations would range from $0.10 - $1.50 per push up. On March 20th I will max out my push ups(and take a video of it for proof) and I will receive donations based off of whoever has pledged and based off of how much they have pledged. 
If I do 80 push ups and someone pledges $0.10 per push up, then they would donate $8.00. The last time I maxed out, I did 56 push ups. But I will make a video either tomorrow or in the next few days after I’ve received a minimum of 5 pledges. 

My push ups will be perfect form, elbows in, and I will go until I either collapse or until my form is so bad that they can’t be counted. Having a surgery date has made me impatient, nervous, and has given me new lenses on the dysphoria that I experience. Along with raising money to be able to pay my bills, I will also have something to occupy my mind in the next month and keep my mood up. 

Please message me if interested! Donations won’t be needed until after I have posted my max out video and I will be accepting them through my paypal: andrewluke1994@outlook.com. 

Any signal boosting is awesome and so so appreciated. I think this is a pretty rad and fun way to raise funds and I hope I can at least reach that 5 pledge count. 

what’s up! my name is rosi.
i am a qwoc/questioning genderqueer of color with plans for top surgery in a few months. i’m planning on pivoting on this giant change in my life, to begin to make big moves to improve my life and make myself happy. my chest is the biggest source of my corporal dysphoria.

yesterday, i had a consultation with my doctor. my subcutaneous mastectomy will be scheduled for june and is going to cost me $6,500. i’m going to start myself at $1000 of my own money but would be so grateful for outside help. in addition to the surgery cost, i will be raising funds for post-op checkups and for the medication they anticipate prescribing me with (i don’t and never have had health insurance so this will be expensive for me.) in addition, i will be raising funds to secure my living situation for my healing period, since i will lose my job when i undergo this operation and will be starting college just a short few months after.

i’m avoiding gofundme because of their refusal to remove their fundraiser for darren wilson, and am choosing instead to collect funds through paypal

i will be using the linked tumblr page to keep track of donations.
to show my gratitude, i will make a little placard with my hand lettering (that you can preview here) of every donator’s name/designated name, unless otherwise requested. if you are the donator, you can use it however you want! they will be uploaded to the donation tracking page!

>  C L I C K  H E R E  T O  D O N A T E  <

My Name Is Sage.
And I am an FTM transgender individual.
If you stumbled upon this page by accident, here is a little information for you; I present my coming out letter.

Dear family, friends, strangers and who else it may concern,
I have come to a point in my life where I can no longer hide in a body that does not reflect the person inside. This shell has become nothing more than a struggle and a burden on my shoulders. And I will try to explain this the best way I can. 
From a very, very young age, I have never felt like a girl. In fact, anybody from my childhood should have seen this and noted that it was more than just being a Tom boy. I didn’t really think about gender and biological sex, but I knew something was more than different about me. 
I felt like a boy. 
Except what I felt, was the opposite of what biological sex I was. I ignored these feelings, and I figured everybody felt the same way to a certain extent. I didn’t question my parents about it much.
Puberty hit, and I became disgusted with my body. I hated my hips, my breasts, and any feminine feature. It never felt right, and I knew something was off. At this point in time, I questioned if anybody else was feeling this way. What if I was the only one? What if this is what it feels like inside, to be gay? Is that all that’s going on?
I kept all of these feelings hidden deep within me. I didn’t know there were others out there like me. I didn’t know what it was to begin with. I was scared, alone, and confused. 
I came out as gay in high school. I figured that’s what was causing me to feel like I was in the wrong body. I thought it had something to do with my sexuality. I was wrong.
But because of coming out, I learned so much about the LGBT community. I bet many of you don’t know what the T in LGBT stands for. If you don’t, let me be the first to inform you. It stands for Transgender. I didn’t know this until educating myself about the community further. I slowly started to realize that everything that I felt, made sense, and it had a name too. Gender dysphoria, or its medical name, Gender Identity Disorder. I was both so relieved and so terrified. The current medical approach to treatment for persons diagnosed with gender identity disorder is to support the individual in physically modifying the body to better match the psychological gender identity. Otherwise known as transitioning. Coming out as gay was hard enough. Coming out as a transgender person? It felt impossible. My anxiety would rise every time I thought about it. I cried myself to sleep thinking I would never be accepted for this. That I was a freak, some sort of a fuck up, the family black sheep, the outcast. There were many times in my life that I wanted to commit suicide, to the point of needing hospitalization. I never gave anybody a direct reason for these suicidal tendencies. But I will come out and say that they stemmed from gender dysphoria.

My dear friends and family, my gender is not female, nor was it ever. I am male, even if my biological sex does not show it. I ask you at this time, to either accept me for who I am, with open arms, or erase me from your life. I will no longer hide. I will no longer fear rejection. This is who I am. 
For those of you that have known, thank you for sticking by me and supporting me. You mean the absolute world to me, and I love you. And thank you, to the best person God could ever give me, for your undying love and support through all of this. I love you more than anything, Tabitha. Thank you for doing the same. 
I’m sure there will be many questions. All I ask is you to be respectful in asking them. I am not opposed at all to educating those who seek more knowledge. If you AT ALL have anything negative to say, you feel that I am making a mistake, or are unsupportive in any way: unfriend me, block me, erase me from your life because I do not need you in mine. That goes for friends, as well as, God forbid, family members. 

Thank you, 
Sage Alberts. 

This GoFundMe page is for my very expensive, but very much needed, gender reassignment surgery, aka top surgery. This surgery usually costs around $8500. I work 60+ hours a week with a job that pays salary, a very low salary at that. I’m working on saving at least $100 every month for my surgery, and hoping to make up the rest through  this campaign. Keep in mind I also have to pay for my testosterone prescriptions and therapy sessions, which we all know can run at a high price.

Any little bit helps, and every dollar brings me closer to my true self. I believe in paying it forward, and that’s what I plan to do as I raise money for my surgery. Thank you so much for stopping by, and thank you so much more if you decided to donate. Your support is everything to me.

Even if you can’t donate, please pass this page along to help me spread the word. 




heyo nuggets!! :+) before i tell you a bit about myself and my story, i just want to thank you for taking the time to read this and for checking out my gofundme. my name is julian, i am 18 years old and i live in canada. i identify as a non binary trans boy (he/him/his pronouns) and i am currently in the process of saving up money for my chest reconstruction surgery. for whatever reason, gender reassignment surgeries are not covered and as you can see, this surgery isn’t exactly cheap. unfortunately many people within the trans community cannot afford to pull nearly $8000 dollars out of their pockets for this life changing surgery. i am one of those people. i would really appreciate it if you could please share this link whether you are able to donate or not. i cannot even begin to express how much i appreciate all of the support. thank you again so much! xx

best, julian :’) 


Just got back on a regular workout routine, as well as picked up my regular yoga and meditation again. My body and mind are both slowly but surely making it back to a more stable and healthy-feeling state. Just wanted to capture a moment of self-love and confidence from today ‘cause body positive moments are important. Sending much love and good vibes out into the world today 😊