Most bigger companies that are accepting of LGBT people will cover your transition related costs as long as you’re insured by them. This is a list that I don’t think many transgender people are aware of. I work for a major company (feel free to message me not on anon if you want to know where) on this list, and my top surgery was covered except for the deductible and “cosmetic fee” that Dr. Medalie charges. I saved over $5000 thanks to this list. Please pass this on.


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hi! my name is oliver and i need your help! please read:


help me transition!!

i’m a transgender male who is struggling to raise money for top surgery. i’ve been trying to put aside money to go towards it, but it’s very hard to save up for it since i also need to save to go to school, pay bills, etc. 

i came out over a year ago to my friends, and only recently to my mother who isn’t exactly supportive. luckily i have many friends who support and love me and have really helped with my depression and social anxiety. before i came out i was a very shy, self-conscious person. i have gained a lot of confidence since then. but not even all the confidence in the world could change the dysphoria i have because of my chest.


i’ve been binding for quite a while, even before i came out as trans. it’s very physically straining. in fact binding can cause serious health risks, including lung problems, back problems, decreased blood flow to the heart, blood clots, bruising, and even broken ribs. i wish i didn’t have to bind but i’m about a 34D.

i hate to ask for money, but even if it’s just an extra dollar you can spare makes a difference and it would mean so much to me.

please donate if you can

even if you can’t spare any change, please spread the word! thank you so much!!!!


3 weeks on T and pre top surgery compared to 2.5 years on T and nearly 2 years post top surgery.

2.5 years ago I couldn’t even have imagined that I’d be as confident and happy with my body as I am today. 


Hey everyone! So I am now working with Flavnt, a clothing company that is aimed towards the LGBTQ+ community. They not only have awesome gear, which you can see me in right there, but they are already benefiting the community with their company. Which is kind of where I come in. 

Flavnt has promised 15% of the profits, when my code is used, towards my Top Surgery Fund. This is a huge deal and will benefit me for the rest of my life as anyone with dysphoria or anyone who knows somebody that suffers from dysphoria knows. 

So, how it works! Check out their site, find something that you like, and when checking out write “ANDREW” into the notes/comments section. That’s it. You not only have an awesome, new article of clothing, but you’re also helping me get another step closer towards life changing surgery. 

If you don’t have the money to buy anything, please just signal boost the heck out of this. If you want to simply donate to my GoFundMe, check that out here. And here is another link to their store

I really appreciate all of the support I’ve been given so far and I hope this is something people want to get behind! 

this is my coworker and dear friend, ezra. seven months ago, he made the brave decision to come out as a transgender male. he has begun testosterone treatments and the next step is his top surgery. the company we work for provides insurance for many of the costs of this procedure, but he is still short in his funds. we live in kentucky and as i’m sure you can assume, his transition is not welcome to some. what he is asking for is help from those who do accept his decision to change his life for the better. if any of you can, he asks that you please make a donation for his surgery funds. he thanks each and everyone of you tremendously. if you can’t donate, please share this to others.

the link to his gofundme can be found here:

if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. thank you and have a wonderful day (:


Hey there everybody! I’ve been transitioning for about three years now, and it’s finally time for me to try to get it over with and finish the transition, and so I was hoping that you’d all be able to help me out! 

I’ve set up an indiegogo page for crowdfunding the surgery, and most of the incentives are drawings since that’s what I do, haha. The link has a whole lot more information, and you can see what it’s all going towards! If you can, please please reblog this and spread the word to friends or family that would be interested but not on tumblr, the best way to get this rolling is to have a lot of people know about it. The pastable link for if you wanna repost it is below!

My boyfriend, Dylan (pictured above) and I have created a top surgery fundraiser after one year of being together and almost two years of him being on T. We are both offering so many gifts to our donors; from handwritten thank you letters to care packages. I have a shop where I make jewelry and embellish clothing, Coco Pourri, and I am offering quite a few things to donors. I was also very lucky to have pretty cool Etsy shops donate a few of their goods to us to give to our donors as well! Glitter Wurst is donating zines and The Pissed is donating pins! There are more small businesses that will so generously be donating as well (in a way, as my personal way of helping out small businesses by helping them with advertising)! Stay tuned for that by checking back from time to time!

If you like handmade items, the lgbtqia community, and lending a helping hand, please donate to Dylan’s Top Surgery Fund.

Please donate to my little brother’s top surgery fund!

"Im Sylar, a transgender male. This means that i was designated female at birth, and as a guy,  i dont have the body i need. Due to wearing chest binders i have damage to my ribcage and back and i need top surgery so that i can have the flat chest i need to survive in this world, because its pretty diffuclt to look at myself in the mirror every day and feel the stares of people trying to figure out my gender as i walk down the street. If you want to donate money to help me out with paying for my surgery that would be so amzing. I promise to provide updates on my transition and things that are happening to me! if you want to know more about whats happened so far though then here you go: Ive been out for 3 years and im 16 years old. Im also starting testosterone soon. Its not easy for trans youth in this world. I have major anxiety and depression to the point where i can barely leave the house. When i started highschool i only lasted for 2 weeks because people would question me and touch me and my chest and talk about me and once it got so far out of hand i began to have breakdowns in the middle of class and stopped going. I do online school now but i still have to see my classmates. The building i go to for school wont let me use the boys bathroom so i dont go to the bathroom at all. My voice is too feminine so i dont talk. I wear a binder but im so self concious about it that i wear baggy hoodies even in the middle of summer. And because of that i have developed many back problems and my ribcage is becoming severly damaged, but theres nothing i can do about it because a flat chest is one of the only things that keeps me going. My family is pretty poor and surgery is pretty expensive. Im going to be working two jobs soon and saving up for an apartment for me and my boyfriend as well as stuff for college, life is starting but i want to be as masculine as possible when it does. Thank you to anyone that donates."

If you can’t donate, please signal boost.

Hiii, guys. This is more than a little embarrassing to be asking, but I’m not sure what else to do at this point, and I’m desperate.

I’ll keep it brief: I’m a trans man. Almost 21, unemployed, and living with chronic depression, anxiety, severe OCD and ADHD, all of which make it nearly impossible to work or complete tasks or even take care of myself.

And I need chest surgery.

That sounds pretty dramatic, but there’s no other way to put it. I need this procedure. It’s not an elective. Having my chest look the way it does is utter misery for me. It affects all aspects of my daily life, and is a huge detriment to my mental health, self-esteem, and overall quality of life.

MSP won’t cover it. We’re still working on it, but even if they do, there’s only one approved surgeon in the COUNTRY who will perform the procedure, and the estimated waiting time is over three years. I can’t wait that long. I just can’t. So it’s $8,000 out of pocket for a clinic in Mississauga, and that’s a damn lofty goal for a kid with no income. 

Please, it would mean the world to me if you could donate any amount at all, or even just signal boost my campaign. Thank you.


Talking about tips that I used to use to deal with dysphoria in the earlier stages of my transition.

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