This song is so relevant to our generation though. We live in a time where we’re told that we need to grow up and earn money to make a living and our imagination and creativity are suppressed as we get older, We live in a world where growing older stresses us out so much. This song is so important because it represents us. This is why it’s our album. Blurryface is ours.

Hungover Bigbang

So after a dope session of party hard at the BB mansion we got this result

poor jiyong wakes up extremely confused and loses fight against streamers

dae needs his morning dip in the pool, gotta keep that hair hydrated and that butt

and in the way he wakes up taeyang who’s sleeping in the cold hard ground (seriously taeyang, not even a sofa?)

TOP makes sure his face is still a work of art

but then we got seungri, who doesnt show hangover signs at all and is fancily eating breakfast and thinking “amateurs.. my hyungs don’t even know how to party” *snorts in french*


And if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Scarlett: If I could have any power? You mean one that would be really helpful for me or for other people? Because, see, one that would really be helpful for me is very  different than one that would be helpful for other people