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just curious, but what about "babydoll" that you don't like? used too much? just not your thing?

I hate pet-names in general (the only one I’ve ever been okay with being called is, “Miss,” hahaha), and find them super out-of-character for Steve and Bucky’s relationship specifically. A) They canonically use insults as endearments which is like…way cuter. B) Steve, pre-serum especially, but these things linger, has a tooooon of issues surrounding his masculinity, and not being able to live up to the 1940s ideal thereof. I really can’t see him enjoying being called super cutesy, feminized pet-names, and I can’t see Bucky – who knows Steve so, so well – wanting to push that particular button.


Sketchbook photos of developmental stuff for the graphic novel I’m working on (it’s real!!) Will begin to post more information and story snippets eventually, but basically it revolves around a little guy named Pemberley (bottom right) who lives in a river town where all the houses are built on stilts. That’s not really a story yet though. A tooooon of writing needs to be done to put a real script in place, so bare with me!

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Theres this pissbaby named hohentai. She posts tooooons of DONT REBLOG OOH LOOK AT ME I WILL CRYY OOOH DONT REBLOG shit. You know what to do.

I had to go to the hospital Friday afternoon around 12 from school cos I got sick. I haven’t had my phone since that time and I just got it back Monday, when I also finally came back home. Was supposed to see Denzcel Friday after school but I had no way of telling him that I couldn’t see him because I was at the hospital, so he waited hours and hours around my house for my reply, worried sick

Baby thought something was wrong and that I was just shutting him out (when really I couldn’t talk cause I was at the hospital) and dropped off roses the next day to my dad to give to me

I got my phone back Monday evening to see tons and tons and tooooons of long paragraph texts of love and reassurance plus all of those little texts where he would be telling me what he’s doing now and this that, still bothering to text me all of the little things of what we would be doing even though he knew I wouldn’t be able to reply the whole weekend

It’s just so nice to see how worried someone is for your well being while you’re hurting. He never fails to prove to me how much he cares each and every day and I still think it’s amazing how he’s the one person that I have ever been in a romantic relation with that I have never had to question. Always, always doing the little things. I appreciate him so much. So thankful for every little aspect that pertains to him.

Almost 4am & I just miss him so much

…hehe…….Hehehehe…..BHWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh god Kishimoto….You are glorious!!! Sakura you miserable pile of life fail! Couldn’t even pull out a brat out of your own cooch! Hell, you didn’t even get a picture with Sasuke!  ZEHAHAHAHA! Oh yes mmm yes yuymuymyum your tears are delicious~~ Oh, and to think we completely overlooked it, in 700 chapter, just becos it ended Naruto, oh this is golden! I am going to have a tooooons of fun with this one >D

I’m such a fan of @bellamihair #lillyhair it’s so thick and you get a tooooon of hair!!! It’s pricy BUT like the saying goes: you get what you pay for! #bellami #bellamihair #BELLAMIMOVEMENT #TEAMBELLAMI #lillyghalichi @lillyghalichi #jetblack and #beachblonde #hairextensions #22inch #blondehairdontcare #blackhairdontcare #blackhair #blondehaird #ombre #ombrehair #mua #makeupartist #makeup #selfie #celfie #selfietime

Ok so I now have a plan for my shelving unit. Top shelf w/ light will be for succulents. Middle shelf also w/ light (when I can get another fixture eventually) will be for seed germination. Bottom shelf w/out light will be for plants with lower light needs. Yes. I think I’m going to hold off on the second fixture until we are living somewhere hopefully more permanent; I don’t want to have to pack up a tooooon of lighting equipment and such when we move out of this place. But hopefully one day I want a shelf full of succulents, a shelf to start mah seeds on, and a shelf with already grown plants who may not need as much light as the former two.