one last celeb story okay justin bieber tried to apply to my university
so the university board had a meeting about it and they decided against it
my christian university literally denied justin bieber admission this is probably my favorite thing ever

kitten-burrito said:

Hmm I suppose to elaborate on 55 (relationship story), perhaps the funniest moment you've shared with someone?

Oh man, when someone’s in a relationship with me, tooooons of things are funny. I’ll bring fart and poop jokes back and they’ll be HILARIOUS!

Lauren can attest to this. We still send “LOL I’M POOPIN’” texts from time to time and it NEVER get’s old~

blowinbigblunts said:

How are you/how was your day?

pretty good! I went to my local farmers market and got tooooons of veggies and fresh seafood and came home and watched Star Wars and made crab cakes haha


Ooook so firstly, Im no longer in relations with Loki romantically because basically what he did this for was a lesson that I needed to learn for this school year.

He also gave me a new “mission” which is to find myself in others this year.

I no longer like the guy I had a thing with over the summer but I dont know how to tell him honestly.

And since Ive switched schools Ive had tooooons of homework and I can only go out once a week. The plus? This guy I had a crush on in the school since day 3 ended up liking me back and now WE have a thing (we havent like made out yet or anything lol). We’re not in a relationship bc we’ve only known eachother for a short time and we need to build that mental connections, as well as school is both our first priority and neither of us want to fail. Soo we’re just gonna see how it goes. (Itll go well though, because of the law of attraction and my happy thoughts on the situation.)

Hmm… Theres probably more that I havent mentioned, but yeah.

ive had a bunch special interests through my life and a lot of times i tried to/did drag my friends into it but i remember for the majority of elementary school i loooved webkinz and i collected them for like five years and i got them for my friends as birthday gifts it was fun a girl down the street liked playing with them too but shes over it now and probably sold them all
-then there was warrior cats that was 5-6th grade everyone in my friend group at that time regrets it now except for like 1.5 people
-then i watched youtube minecraft gaming videos i watched a tooooon of lets plays by people like chimneyswift and captainsparkles and immortalhd (โ€ฆwho i actuallyโ€ฆ. still watch lmao) and my sister thought it was wierd when i drew my favorite parts of a series after i finished watching it so i never told any of my friends about it ever because i was afraid they would think its wierd too (and a lot of them do+___+) rthis was like seventh grade
-then homestuck blah blah blah all that stuff was seventh grade too
-anime for a while
-youtubers again but more specifically achievement hunter
-and now its rwby yaaaay honestly i love rwby so much
and i now im going to outgrow it but honestly i dont hate any of the stuff i ever enjoyed i mean i liked it for a reason