one last celeb story okay justin bieber tried to apply to my university
so the university board had a meeting about it and they decided against it
my christian university literally denied justin bieber admission this is probably my favorite thing ever

Jaye’s work had a SaveMart event where they showcased all their food for fall and they had leftovers so she brought home a shit ton of food. It was like Christmas. We got tooooons of pizza crust and mozzarella, different artisanal breads, chicken, cakes, cookies, goat cheese and arugula, jams, and cream cheese. It was amazing. Everyone was freaking out. I’m so happy we have food!


It’s Labor Day weekend, tooooons of kids are going home, but I agreed with my mom I won’t go home until Mid September for a family event. But she just texted me telling me she made time to come drive up to MKE Sunday morning :) we’re going to get my hair done, go shopping, grab lunch, etc. I am very excited and now have something to help me make it through the rest of the week!!!

k-ushu said:


haaaai!!~ -so sorry for replying so late im stupid i know..-

1. First impression: wow such an awesome & fabulous monochrome blog
2. Truth is: i still freakin luv your blog so much seriously…. your an inspiration seeeensei.. -dies-
3. How old do you look: maybe 16-17..
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yeeeEEEEEP
5. Have you ever made me mad: heeeeeeell noooo~
6. Best feature: everything everything eeeeeeeverything
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope~
8. You’re my: frieeeend??… super huge stalking material..
9. Name in my phone: 
10. Should you post this too? oooooohhh yeeaahh… this way i can send you too tooooons mwahahaha-.. -dies-

anonymous said:

How did you do that? It's perfect!

ahhh I assume you mean the phone theme!!! if you’ve got android go to the google play store (I have noooo idea if it’s available elsewhere) and download dodol launcher!!! from there you can get tooooons of supercutie themes ;u;

it’s free and super easy to do!!! customizable as heckie and so well-put together, wowow *u*

anonymous said:

Know any video game blogs bruh?

Oh totally bruh, there’s so many good ones. I’m sorry if you wanted the list in alphabetical order but I’m too lazy right now (and sorry if it’s late too)

thievesintime, ded-secjenovaahr-aymondkenneycarmine-brothers, thegamerslegacy, belovedgameselizabethcomstalkerkennysboatdedsechackerproblematiquemonstersabsterigo, become-legendmasseffcta-wesker-bootycitadrellletsgetonwithitmain-menupiratekenway

and there’s tooooons more but then this thing would be hella long and would take a lifetime but hopefully this fulfills your needs! :3

lackist said:

whish tumblr user would you most likely want to get to know.. someone you dont know that well

there are way too many like. im friends with a tooooon of people on here that i dont actually know that i can’t pick just one person idk

For our 10 year anniversary we spent the day packing up our lovely loft to get ready for a new #cottage life adventure… Here’s a sneak peek during our tour last week. It’s on 5 wooded acres, has a stone fireplace, and tooooons of storage. It was all windows and bright and pretty and I can’t wait to get back to country life! 🌿💕💃🎉 #rhodeisland #exposedbeams #movinglikeapro

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what are some good editing apps? and what are good filters for the apps!? xx

I really like vsco cam for filters - some good ones on there are C1, F2, T1 etc but actually all the filters are really good and the app is free

Also another good free one for editing with like blur and contrast and brightness and airbrushing etc is pixlr express, that too has a tooooon of filters, just the filters are not as great at vsco

hope this helped! xx

anonymous said:

31. 3 random facts32. are your friends mainly girls or guys?33. something you want to learn34. most embarrassing moment35. favourite subject36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?

31. 3 random facts about anything? the tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end, one thousand is the first number to have the letter a in it, a loooong time ago when settlers were first coming over people thought tomatoes were poisonous

32. mostly boys i think

33. astronomy

34. idk i have s tooooon of embarrassing moments

35. i loved biology alot

36. um idk   

knock me for everything (i have tooooons u can pick n choose to knock til doomsday) but my eyeliner yall can leave that shit out right away bc anything ur jealous ass can come up w will just be plain false no offense x