Roxy Lalonde likes stuff. she has a life not just ‘lol drinking lol everyone is so hot’ she is so much more then just mindless drunk texts and senseless rambling– She coded a file and sent it to jane and blown up janes computer. The only other person who blew up a laptop? sollux.   

Roxy liked coding files to mess with her friends, she liked playing video games, she liked writing fan fictions about gay wizard ocs. She quit drinking before she went god tier, i still see TOOOOONS of fan art and fanfictions with her making spelling mistakes when she is in god tier.

she saw she had a problem, and FIXED IT. SHE FIXED HER PROBLEM. Unlike other alpha kids who sat and thought too much about there problems. They didnt fix there problems,

You would think that someone who had a big problem and fixed it would get a butt load more of adoration, but no. A lot of people still portray her as a dumb drunkard. 

sometimes i wanna buy a tooooon of fast food and just gorge myself and maybe have sid help me finish what i cant

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Alex once "borrowed" $500 from Onision and never paid him back, there was a tooooon of drama about it. I really doubt he has as much money as people say he does.

Oh my god. I don’t like either of them but what the fuck haha

+ Madi

Theres like tooooons of weed just besides me that I have the right to smoke but not to take home and I want to take advantage of it but I’m already so high I can’t even roll

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I actually love this blog so much

Thank you!!! We’ve been light on the posting in May (especially me), but we have tooooons of stuff waiting to be shared (I still have photos from Janaury’s AAS even…). It seems like the Universe of AstroFashion might be infinite! ;)


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Just ignore the hate and block that anon. The more you answer them, the more they will send. Believe me, once I ignored them, they went away after a few days. I got tooooons of Zach hate that legitimate messages would get lost in between. They're not doing anything but making people feel sad for them for spending so much time on someone they don't like. They need to get a hobby or something. Frankie has such a fab life and is making so many people happy. Any haters are irrelevant.

Thanks so much I know they think they’re right😂😂😂

Alright, so. I’m still sick. Though I’m thinking its the tail end of it all so my life wont suck anymore. Stupid Allergies have really been kicking my butt this season. So I should be getting to replies soon! Though Next week through the 9th of June is going to SUCK for me. Why? Well, I have all opening shifts besides my days off and Wednesday. So Sunday, Thrusday, Friday I open at 5:30am to 2:00 pm my time. Monday and Tuesday are my days off and Wednesday I close 10:00 am to 6:30 pm. So yeah. Not a happy camper about opening. I hate openings. So very much. But if I don’t do them, no one will. But after next week (i should be better by them please lord) i will get to everyone and everything! I will post tooooons of memes okies? Ilu all please don’t think I left you all behind. ilu okies? Though me and my boss were talking. She’s a rper here on tumblr and wants me to make a harry potter rp blog. We found out I’d be a great Ron Weasley. Yep yep. So that might happen. okay time to nap. Nighty night! You can always get a hold of me on skype which is Wrenchisms.

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Pinkie dash and anmithist and garnet

A: Aaaah, the flow of passion in their energy just gives me so much energy. the two obviously care about each other, and I have a tooooon of examples I’ve never brought up even though the episodes it was present in was analyzed a ton of times. Gotta talk about this ship more. The only thing that can perfect it is the inclusion of the cutie pie Pegasus, Fluttershy, as she’s also super loved by the two and PinkieShy is super cuteeeee. FlutterDash is kinda meh as RD is super out of character when it’s used.

I’m assuming you mean AmethystXGarnet? I guess a C, as i don’t see much of it. Garnet’s like a mom to Amethyst, not a lover or anything.