anonymous said:

200 36 78 3

200. My crush’s name is…..Carmen. x)
36. Vehicle, all-black Toyota Solara like yooooo
78. The one person who I can’t hide anything from is…idk..nobody comes to mind
3. My favourite comedian would have to be Alonzo Bodden.

So my baby left for the Air Force BMT today, seems like every song reminds me of her, doesnt even have to be a love song. I’ll miss the crap out of her, I guess I’ll be keeping in touch with her through letters and skype/oovoo till when she comes back down after graduating tech school.

When I say “I’m used to it”, it means I’m used to staying up late at night feeling like this. The actual “feeling” that you feel, is something that you never really get used to. It will always sting just as hard each and every night…


It sucks how my family expects me to be Mr MachoMan and not cry or any of that. June is the month of my mom’s birth but also the month of her death and I can’t help but to have this tight feeling in my chest and these constant migraines pounding in my head. What’s worse is I really don’t have anyone that I can talk to about how I’m feeling and how and it’s tearing me up inside so *shrug* here I am on tumblr, sitting in my backyard with tears streaming down my face. =l

I’m scared that every girl I care for will find a better man and end up happier in the long run. I don’t care if she knows, cuz that’s basically just the male ego.