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The mind is a powerful tool, failure to use it effectively can result in our greatest downfall.
—  Okema Martin

anonymous asked:

I've been having some problems with lineart. whenever i lineart a sketch it just looks like a blob and looks really bad from my original sketch. I used paint tool SAI and this has been bothering me for a long time. I don't know if I just need practice, but do you have any tips for this kinda stuff? c: if not, thanks anyways! (I love your art btw)

i can understand the problem youre having bc i have the same issue in that whenever i do line art it loses a lot of what made the sketch good
my approach to that though was not just not do line art, and use my sketches as line art :v i don’t know what your style of sketching/line art is like or how clean you like it to be, but because i generally like a loose and kinda rough look to my drawings i figured doing line work was pointless when i could just neaten up my existing sketch! plus i inevitably end up painting over a lot of my lines anyway

for reference heres what my sketches/line work end up looking like?

i know there are tons of artists who can do really wonderful line art separate from their sketches though, which i think the key to that seems to be keeping your lines very loose and to make broad strokes, try to line with the same energy that you use when sketching rather than trying to trace over the sketch work perfectly?

but yeah!! i don’t know of how much help that’ll be to you since i don’t know what kind of style you’re going for with your line art and drawings in general, but this is about the extent of my knowledge regarding lines lmao

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In the chapter 781 i've learn something: Doflamingo never love his brother: we can read the line : "Corazon meant nothing to me, he was annoying and troublesome" but the only reason he said to law in chapter 762 "I kill anyone that touch him" it's because Corazon get a training and Doflamingo was interest in is strengh but Corazon was still clumsy so if Corazon was weak, Doffy while not be interest in his brother and it's the same for all the member of his family pretty bad doesn't it ?

I was wondering if someone would bring this up to me! Personally, I’m not 100% convinced that this chapter proved that Doflamingo is an uncaring monster who looked at his brother as just a tool to use 

Doflamingo knows that this is what Law thinks of him, and he knows that saying it will further enrage Law. Doflamingo was already healing himself at this point, and chances are that provoking Law to attack him would hurt Law more than it would hurt Doflamingo. Given the context here, of Doflamingo saying this because it’s what Law “so desperately wants to hear,” and provoking Law to attack him again, I don’t think we can interpret this as a definitive look at what he really thinks. Doflamingo lies a lot. His quote here doesn’t necessarily has a reason to be taken as more true than the other times he has stated that he cared about Corazon or that he does genuinely want to protect his “family.” If the arc ends without ever touching on Doflamingo’s thoughts and feelings again, then yes, I’ll change my opinion and agree that Doflamingo likely never truly cared about Corazon, and maybe never cared about his crew either. However, we still have time to go and Doflamingo could be lying about what he said here just as easily as he’s lied about other things. 

As for this scene from chapter 762

Some people think that Doflamingo did care about Corazon before being betrayed by him, while others think that he was simply protecting Corazon until he had a chance to use him via getting him to sacrifice himself to make Doflamingo immortal using the Ope Ope no Mi. With where things currently stand, it’s leaning more heavily toward the latter explanation. 

Thumbnails for my next gallery piece!

I get questions in what supplies I use every once in a while, but honestly I could use a tool like this very basic bic pen I found on my floor and I LOVE how it goes on the moleskine paper. Basically what I’m saying is don’t let the tools define you as an artist. You don’t need the fancy stuff as long as you get the result that you want! In the end, it’s just a tool. Its the practice that will get you better in the long run and you find the tools that works best for you!

It would be 100% easier for me if the people in their tutorial videos would actually say which tools they were using so I could actually try along with them.

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how is ur hair not dead yet? i dyed my hair blonde n my hair was so dead i had to dye it dark. u kinda have the same hair texture as me if i remember correctly ur hair is thick and wavy naturally? how do u keep it alive when u use hot tools/ dye it?

it’s damaged, but it’s still very healthy considering all the heat and dye i put on it. I use coconut oil on my hair a lot! it helps out tons! I baby it a lot also. I only wash it once a week and sometimes I’ll do breaks without heat when it starts feeling really dry or before I do something dramatic to it! if you want more info I can get more in depth 👼

magslekan asked:

Hello! I love making great notes, with post its, highlighters, sharpies, and color coding, but I'm not sure If I'm using them effectively. Do you have any tips on how to use these tools better?

Hi! One of the best techniques for studying with post it notes that I’ve seen is known as the shrinking note technique. You start with a large post it note, fill it up, and then work your way down to smaller post it notes, forcing yourself to understand and summarise the information as you go. I also sometimes use post it notes to separate information according to it’s source. For example, if my notebook is largely full of textbook notes, anything from lectures that I want to add will be added to the page on a post it. That way I know where the material has come from.

Highlighting isn’t very effective as a study technique, but you can use it to mark key words and ideas so that they stand out from the page. Colour coding works in a similar way; again it’s not a very effective study technique, but it can help information stand out, as long as you keep the colour code consistent. You can use different coloured highlighters so that they match your colour coding system to integrate the two styles together.


I finally got my results back from the ADD/ADHD assessment and while it’s inconclusive how much is from anxiety and how much is from actually ADD/ADHD, the psychologist says I’m definitely on the less severe end of the spectrum just based on symptoms alone.

And she says my sensory overload issues are really common to ADD/ADHD. I feel so, so much less ‘crazy’ just knowing that. I’m not just some weirdo like I’ve felt for thirty years…there’s a lot of people like me and a lot of them are really cool and it’s not even that big of a deal, it’s just about learning what tools there are for us and how to use them.

I’m. Actually really happy about this? I mean if she’d been like, nah your memory and sensory filters seem fine, it’s totally not attention deficit disorder, then…it wouldn’t have just magically stopped. I’ve been feeling like everyone got an operating manual for their brain but me my entire life. It would still be there, just unnamed and therefore unmanaged in any real way. But when you can name something, you have power over it, and you can find your allies and coping skills with that name.

Diagnoses, man.

(I’m still really kinda not thrilled that I might have IBS and/or CFS. Acronyms aren’t Pokémon, gods dammit, I don’t gotta catch ‘em all!)

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AHH Your littl dA icon is adorable!! How d'ya make it? I'm terrible at pixel art and pretty clueless about it, but I love it!

oh wow thank you! I used Paint Tool Sai to make it, I’m really bad at pixel art too so I hardly ever make dA icons ahah, anyway! I drew out all the frames on separate canvases and then slapped them in order on this gif maker website and thats basically it!

heres the settings i used on the website for the speed and all 

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What program do you use to mesh hair ?

I use ZBrush to make a high poly sculpt. Once I get the basic shape in order, I Import the sculpt into 3DCoat to do retopology (create low poly). Then I import the low poly into 3D Studio Max to clean up the geometry and UVMap it. Once I`m satisfied with the UV and geometry, I open 3DCoat once again to draw the texture on top of my clean, UVMapped low poly mesh.

All of this would be futile without S4CAS Tools which I use to skin the meshes via auto conversion. I avoid Blender b/c I really don`t like its UI and am secretly hoping for 3DSMax supported GEOM plugins.

If you`d like to learn more (outside creating just S4 content) keywords for googling here would be mesh sculpting, retopology, texture baking and hand painting textures.

A great resource/learning site is and its forum. There`s A LOT of things one can learn there and I definitely recommend it.

You know, I’m all for posts analyzing writers/producers’ motives and narrative framing and creating flawed characters and holding them accountable and all that, but when it’s a tool used exclusively to bash on PoC characters as it so often is, I’m out.

How many posts have I seen recently that go something like this, as if the first sentence and the last absolve the writer of the often (but not always) racist and misogynistic views they express about that character:

  • you know, it’s all the writers’ fault really
  • bashes PoC character
  • bashes PoC character some more
  • five paragraph essay about why PoC character is terrible
  • the narrative framing would be so much more interesting if it favored [insert white cis man here]
  • but you know, it really is the writers’ fault not [PoC character]’s at all!! :)

I’m all for holding the creators of our media accountable. But that means holding ourselves accountable and examining our own biases too, not hiding behind a thinly veiled and flimsy argument about ~bad writing.

1. nope, I do not use photoskinning as a technique. I normally use textures that are already made, for conversions and clothing. For knitted textures I use cotton-overlays over the original textures. Thank you!

2. thanks a lot! I use “gadwin printscreen”, and edit my pictures in photoshop cs6. For big images, I use misstiikeris method, here for setting pictures together. The amount of time used in photoshop depends, but normally I use ten minutes, maybe twenty. 

I normally liquify the edges a little, to make them smoother. And I use burn-tool for basic shadows. For hard shadows, I usually paint with black and smooth it out (erase some of it as well) Other than that, I use “color efex pro” for colors and “topaz labs” for smoothness. And I use joes-stuff’s psds as well.