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or just wrap yourself in huge blankets. It keeps warm p well

i do this a lot, yes, and i also have a tiny heater that is called a cat, but neither of those is particularly helpful when out and about walkin’ in the fucking cold winter wonderland

(today i had to walk from a friend’s apartment after dark and i was just like oh right this is why we wear layers)


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1) If you could be anywhere else in the world where would you wanna be?

Bahrain or May be London or New York! Idk but yes BAHRAIN FOR NOW D:

2) If you could be in any of your favorite series/movies/books what would it be?

Harry Potter or the Hunger Games! x)

3) yo, if you could change your name what would you want it to be?


4) Favorite Marvel Superhero?

Ummmm Iron Man!

5) Ever wanted to beat someone up really bad? if so why? if not, why are you lying? 

Ah yes, my brother and people from my college! ._.

6) dontkillme…: Favorite snack?

Gah, I’ll eat anything! I love food! *__*

7) Name 3 positive things about yourself. This is actually a healthy exercise folks, don’t be so rough on yourselves…

It’s really hard. I don’t know. let me try.

*I’m kind but I’d rather tell you the bitter ugly truth than a sweet lie.

*I don’t judge people.

*I don’t really have a lot of friends anymore but friendship still means a lot to me. And if I love or care about you, I’ll do every possible thing to make you see that.

8) Do you wear matching socks like..every day?!?!

Only if I’m going to college! 0_0

9) Hogwarts House?


10) Tony Stark or Seneca Crane’s beard?


11) You are amazing for having even cared to read all of this omfg so go treat yourself with something and let’s pretend there is not Q11. 

Ah thanks! XD


1. Do you like pop corn? I like pop corn. 0_0

2. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

3. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

4. What color shirt/t-shirt are you wearing now?

5. Hypothetically if I were to throw a pie at you, would you get less mad if I asked what’s your favorite flavor?

6. What would you do if you were starving and the chocolate bar that you were about to eat, started talking to you?

7. Oh, since I’m asking you questions, can we be friends? I need friends but I am too bad with conversations! 0_0

8. What’s your favorite day of the week and why?

9. Do you really think that expecting the unexpected makes the unexpected expected?

10. What does the last text on your phone say?

11. I was wondering.. if you don’t want to be friends with me, will you be cat with me?  *__*

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the look on his face omfg!!! he is judging you so hard for making fun of him!!! xD

He’s such an idiot though! I was happily in bed when I hear this obnoxious meowing coming from the hallway. I got up and there he was, in all his starvation, rolling around on the floor and meowing at me! And I stood there and was like da fuck is your issue Tiger? And he went to the basement door and I was like ‘oh you must need food’ and I go down there and I SWEAR he would NOT eat out of the one with food in it. Like what the hell?