You were a tool.I wanted to know your purpose. So I tested your iron on every faucet,every doorknob, every broken thing I could find. But all I did was further damage the house and drive holes into the most delicate walls.
—  “I’m Usually Better at Keeping My Walls Intact” by Brittney L. Melvin
4 tools you should be using for writing
  • Journal/notebook
    • It’s great to keep ideas down, especially if you’re on the go. I find it useful to jot down a phrase or a plot point that I wanted to remind myself of, or even a small note of continuity. 
  • Word processor
    • Some people like to write their novel or poetry of flash fiction in a notebook, the old fashioned way. That is perfectly fine and acceptable. However, editing and submitting to publishers or others (beta readers, friends included) is best done electronically. It’s so much more streamlined to make changes and get a feel for how your work will look in print. 
  • Time management
    • This means a planner/organizer. No exceptions! Making time to write is one of the hardest things for people to do. By giving yourself time for writing, and making it special (and a habit), you can and will write!
  • Decent playlist/background noise
    • During Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve learned that writing anything of quality comes to me better when I have music to fit the mood of the scene. I have a few playlists saved up for different scenes and makes my fingers want to type instead of just sit on the keyboard.
    • For some good background noise, check out my post about what’s in my favorites bar. There are a couple of really good websites for this!