The most amazing thing about watching the “Valerie” performance is that we get our clearest look yet into what it looks like when Brittana flirt with each other.

I mean, Santana miming taking Britt’s picture

Brittany shaking her head with that little smirk

Brittany fake-recoiling from Santana’s grasp, like YOU CAN’T HAVE ME JUST YET!

that stupid grin on Santana’s face the whole time she’s dancing! That’s her Only-for-Britt grin!

Santana pointing her fingers at Britt like COME HERE, BABY!

Brittany doing that doofy Elvis-esque dance move and pointing her hands toward Santana like a TOTAL GOOBER

All the dancing and the grinning and the laughing and the hand-holding!

Like this is true-to-form romantic flirting between two people in love. This is how they flirt when they go through the drive-through, when they’re on the subway, when they’re making breakfast in the morning, when they twirl each other around their bedrooms late at night…THIS IS A GLIMPSE INTO THE PRIVATE BRITTANA!