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merman and firefighter swim together occasionally

this is succinct and to the point. I love it

final answer: MakoHaru bruh


for this picture? yeah, you’re welcome. (not mine tho) makotoooo put on a shirt holy hell nah jk pls don’t

Haru is forever my pouty tsundere merman sigh

Makoharu is a super cute ship no joke. They are now off in Tokyo being adorable together

thanks anon!!

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I keep seeing stuff about Tuckington highschool AUs where Wash is a complete disaster and now all I can think of is a She's All That AU where Tucker bets he can turn Wash into a prom king and Wash has secretly had a thing for Tucker for ages so he goes along with it and then of course Tucker starts to fall for him because he's... well, Wash, and once Tucker gets him into some clothes that actually fit instead of constant baggy sweats he's DISTRACTINGLY ATTRACTIVE too but then Wash finds (cont.)

out about the bet and is so, so massively hurt until Tucker comes back to him on his knees. And plot twist: there was never any chance of Wash being prom king anyhow because Tucker’s group of friends is actually the biggest collection of losers in school (but who cares, he gets to make out with the hottest guy in school like ALL THE TIME, who cares if he still wears cat shirts).


Confession 101
  • Hindi ako straight. I do like/love Boys but I do like/love Girls too. I'm attracted to boys same way to girls.

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Bless you for all this ace talk. I came out as ace to my mom awhile ago. She doesn't really get it but I think she kinda accepted it was one of my quirks. My dad on the other hand, I am not out to. He often says stuff to random people about me not dating or whatever and kinda treats me like I'm less mature for having not expressed interest in anyone. It kinda stinks. I was wondering what the reactions your parents/family had to you coming out as ace spectrum? If it isn't too much trouble.

It’s definitely not too much trouble!

Sexual attraction and activity is so often seen as a sign of growing up and becoming mature, but sexual attraction is not what makes us grown up and mature.  Your father is being very unfair. I’m really sorry to hear that he’s not able to accept that not everyone is interested in dating and the like. :(

I related to my mom that I had never experienced a sexual attraction to anyone except maybe 2 people last Christmas.  My mom’s reaction was ‘I think that’s completely normal.’ (The context was that Mom believed that everyone experiences sexual attraction the same way/with the same frequency).  It felt very invalidating - like I wasn’t being heard - but on further reflection, I’m pretty sure my mom is also on the ace spectrum.  She barely dated in high school and college (though she did date) and has never expressed to me that she felt any interest in sleeping with those people she did date.  After my mom and dad got divorced, Mom never looked to date anyone or get remarried - she was single and absolutely disinterested in an SO for about 13 years.  (She is now remarried, but she fell completely backwards into even dating her current husband.  It’s actually a super-cute story, anon, but beside the point, haha.)  I think that my experiences with sexual attraction seem normal to my mom because she feels the same way about it!

I also related my feelings to my oldest friend, who also responded with ‘I think that’s how everybody is.’  I know that she has experienced sexual attraction to a number of boys over the years, whether she’s dated them or known them well or not.  She had recently begun dating a boy she really, deeply liked, though, and had noticed the difference in her level of sexual interest in him as compared to previous boyfriends.  I decided to not try to explain it to her.

When it comes to being ace, most people seem to assume that at some point that identity will change - including ace people themselves.  It’s also very difficult for people to understand the experiences of others, so naturally we relate it back to ourselves and our own experiences for comparison - and many, if not most, allosexual people are not going around constantly feeling sexual attraction to everyone who is their type.  I don’t think the difference between the ace spectrum and the allosexual spectrum is as pronounced as it feels, which is why so many allosexual people will respond to an ace experience with ‘I too have felt no sexual attraction at some point (subtext: because nobody I knew pinged what makes me feel sexual attraction), so you, like me, just need to find the right people (subtext: the people who make you feel sexual attraction).’  I think that’s where my friend was coming from, at least.

I’m sorry, I went a bit off on a tangent there, but I hope that helps you feel better?  Not everyone will get it, but if they can respect it, that’s at least a good start.  *hugs*

A young mother hit on me while I was picking up my brother from school. She wanted to know which was mine. Why are human beings so obsessed with finding someone with the same burdens as ours. It’s too human to be attracted to familiar faults. As if meeting someone that bleeds the same or shares the same wound might be the answer that modern medicine couldn’t bring us. That just by meeting each other we might suture new scars over our skin and leave patched together like circus freaks. Bound by the new start of the old end of something we thought of as a weakness. I’ve grown sick of trying to hide what makes me sick. And I refuse to use your body to clot the blood. You are no longer my tourniquet. 

My ex girlfriend writes poetry about someone else. She tells me I can no longer speak to her. That I have been kept past my welcome. That there is a new guest waiting to fill my vacancy. I only have time to grab my things and steal the soap before check out. Why are human beings so hell bent on erasing the past to appear unscathed. She thinks we’re a white board, that with one lick of a cloth and some elbow grease she can rid herself of my handprints strewn across her ribcage. But we will always be chalkboards, every stroke in the letters runs gooseflesh up my arms and I can barely stand to finish her name. And when the lesson is over we wipe as well as we can but in the end you can still see the dust. It shines in the sunlight, and you can almost make out the words when you’re distracted by the beams. Try hard enough and you just might catch a glimpse of what we were before everything settled.

My mother says you can’t change your stripes. That when I was young I would take pictures with the goofiest smile I could find inside of me. That I hated spice, and dreaded the deep waters. I don’t have the heart to tell her that on occasion I will look wistfully out the window in front of camera lenses in order to perfect a pitifully fake sense of melancholy. That I’ll sit down to the bite of food if only to invigorate me into believing that I’m alive enough to feel my mouth burn. Or that at night I have dreams of drowning in angler deep valleys, and wake up without so much as a sweat. My father says that real life is about the constant re-evaluation of what makes us alive.

They all make as little sense as I ever did.

don’t romanticize basic rights 
it’s not attractive that a man is a feminist 
it’s not sexy that a man finally realizes the prejudice against women and how stupidly oppressed women are 
it’s common sense