Sometimes Things Don't Go To Plan

And some things do…

On Friday I predicted the database would fall over winthin 24 hours. On Saturday it did.

It got it running again this afternoon. 72 hours of downtime and between 800-1200 records that couldn’t be logged.

Only when it came back up was it spotted that five weeks worth of data was missing. Literally thousands of records.

The IT guys did all they could to say they’d done it properly from the right backup.

I asked them for a copy of the backup and the missing records turned up!

Anyway, by the end of the night I’d managed to merge the missing data into the live database but there are still a few tables that need checking tomorrow.

I’m tired and I’ve got an early start tomorrow. Hopefully the day will go to plan!

tumblrbot said:


I’ve been to lots of interesting places both in the UK and overseas. Germany stands out as one place I really enjoyed visiting, you can see my photos from Dusseldorf and Koln on flickr.

The Netherlands was very interesting on both occasions, the first time to see the Dynamo festival in Nijmegan and the second was to visit Amsterdam - a city with more culture to explore than some countries! One of my favourite places so far has been Prague in the Czech Republic. Such an amazing and fascinating place, the history seems endless and the future had not quite arrived when I visited. Going outside of the main tourist areas was even more fascinating, seeing the Olympic Stadium was great - it’s the biggest stadium in the world with 6 full size football pitches inside it, but never got to host the Olympic Games because of the Communist rule. See my photo set here.

Here in the UK Belfast was probably the most interesting place that I’ve visited. It’s going back about 11 years now, after the IRA ceasefire and during some extensive improvement works on the city. The hostel that I stayed in was in a run down area of the city center and from outside the bedroom window I could see a pub, sat on a street corner with a great big iron cage covering the doorway and numerous CCTV cameras pointed at it. It really drew home the security issues that had blighted Belfast and Northern Ireland for decades before.

But where would I most like to visit? There are lots of places I’d like to see, Italy for Milan, Rome and Venice, Portugal (for great food), Canada (for the Rocky’s and of course Toronto Maple Leafs), Iceland and further north (into the Arctic circle). 

I think at the top of my list has to be Croatia. It’s a place that I’ve wanted to visit for many years. Like the Czech Republic it has such a fascinating history and has not had an easy time over the last 100 years. It’s capital city, Zagreb would be a great place to photograph! Once I was photo’d and cultured out the Adriatic coast would be a great place to chill and relax for a few days in the fun. I will go there one day!