Avengers/Fast & the Furious Headcanons

1.  First off, Bucky cannot be blamed for his panicked reaction to Steve Rogers meeting Brian O’Conner.  Or the fact that Steve can apparently do with his Harley what Brian is able to do with his cars (Supra, Skyline, the Ford Escort, the Subaru…). 

2.  Originally, Dom didn’t know why Bucky a.k.a. Brooklyn needed to have a panic attack, right up until five seconds after he was confronted with blinding, fearless, cheerful grins from the two blondes.  Also, Brian was going to teach Steve the finer points of racing…. in a vehicle with four wheels, this time, Cap, trust me, it’ll be fun. 

“Fuck,” was the only appropriate reaction. 

3.  There was a reason why Tej didn’t want to follow his Uncle Nick’s footsteps and join SHIELD.  But of course, he and the rest of the Family ended up getting adopted into the Avengers instead.  He and JARVIS were tight, though.

4.  Rome’s new homey was gonna be Colonel James Rhodes, because he the only sane, sensible one in this crew of loonies, yo.  I am breaking up with you, Bri, you and Cap can give Dom and Brookie all the heart attacks, because I am done.  I am DONION RINGS, I am taking my life back, this is me making a stand, you hear me? 

Edited to add:  Okay, so Rome forgot about brother Sam Wilson in Team Sane and Sensible but he the better looking bro in this trio, okay?

Sam Wilson would like to state he’s the one with the cool epic fucking wings, please and thank you.

James Rhodes would like to point out, War Machine Roxxx - micdrop. 

5.  Mr. Nobody and Director Coulson’s initial meeting was tense, filled with sharp smiles, double talk and an equal dose of I’m going to protect my goddamn team from your shenanigans please and thank you.  But as they had a mutual hatred of HYDRA, an accord was reached. 

6.  It turns out that Jane Foster was cousin to Brian O’Conner and incidentally, they were both descended from one Margaret Foster, sister to Sarah Rogers.

So, basically, Jane and Brian were Steve’s long-lost cousins.  

“It’s hereditary and there’s more of them than I thought!” Bucky wailed.  

“Aw, cousins, yay?” was Clint’s attempt at comforting his fellow ex-brainwashed sniper bro. 

“Hell, no - you’re not leaving me to deal with all this alone, Barton!”

Bucky was eventually comforted by the fact that he also had help coming from great-niece Darcy, Thor and Dom. 

7.  Bruce Banner and Elena Neves are not dating.  No, Tony, we do not need you to set us up at that new Gordon Ramsay restaurant.  No, Tony, that is not lipstick on my lab coat collar.  Hulk like Elena.  Elena friend.  Elena make Hulk not sad.  Elena save Banner from stupid General. 

(There’s a story in there and it has everything to do with an Army/DSS clusterfuck that had to be sorted out by the Wrath of Luke Hobbs.)

8.  Incidentally, nobody was surprised when it turned out that Luke Hobbs was worthy to lift Mjolnir.  Apparently, the nickname Samoan Thor (please thank Tej) was perfectly accurate.

9.  The real terror began when Pepper Potts decided to hire Mia Toretto O’Conner as her new personal assistant (because Mia was more than qualified for the job) and Letty Ortiz Toretto as her personal head of security and driver. 

And then Natasha and Maria made sure to welcome the new ladies, who were really happy to receive the additional firearms and hand to hand training. 

Incidentally, little Jackie instantly developed a crush on “Miss Tasha.”

10.  Tony Stark does not do babies.  Really.  There is a reason why he is so thankful that he has not yet been hit by a paternity suit, babies are fragile, precious and breakable and there is no way in hell he can jerry rig fragile, breakable baby parts.  However, baby girl Jessie O’Conner adored Tony and Tony is doomed, so doomed, because baby Jessie’s massive Uncle Dom will probably be able to Hulk smash Tony even in the suit, to say nothing about Daddy Brian and newly discovered Uncle Steve and Aunt Jane and please, please, please, why does the baby even like me, stop laughing at me, baby girl, I am Iron Man, not Baby Whisperer, oh no, don’t cry, please, don’t cry, Uncle Tony will build you a Jaeger, okay? Okay?!!!!!


oldies but so good !!

i don’t have friends... i got family.

Movie Review: Furious Seven (Furious 7)

IMDb Summary: Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family for his comatose brother.

My, what a long way this franchise has come. Remember when The Fast and the Furious movies went from being about 10-second races to full-blown action films with crazy action sequences and flying cars? If not, then you probably didn’t see this movie.

My top SEVEN (get it?!) moments from this movie:

1. Fight between Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw. Despite the fact that Statham is more than half a foot shorter than The Rock, he more than makes up for it with his quickness - their fight left Hobbs in a cast in the hospital.

2.  Fight between Brian (Paul Walker) and Kiet (Tony Jaa) in the bus. I mentioned in my review for Fast and Furious 6 that I enjoyed the fight between Brian and Braga in that it was very gritty. Well, this fight is even better - complete with “car jumping antics”!  I am quite impressed by Paul Walker’s on-screen fighting skills.

3. The bus/cliff scene. As suspenseful and jaw-dropping as it is, it is so far-fetched that it just HAS to be CG right? I was amazed when I found out that this was an actual stunt performed by an actual person jumping off of a bus tipping over the side of a cliff in Colorado

4. Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Kara (Ronda Rousey) fight scene. I still think Michelle Rodriguez throws a hell of punch - in fact, she’s a hell of a lot tougher than most guys (see: #6). 

5. Cars flying through the sky, cars flying off of cliffs, cars flying from buildings. Flying cars everywhere. SO. MANY. FLYING. CARS. You are probably dismissing all of these stunts as all CG. It will surprise you to know that the cars flying from the sky were NOT CG (!!) and was in fact a real stunt. 

In addition, although the scene in Abu Dhabi was not real, the cars flying from building to building is indeed scientifically physically possible.

6. Fight between Deckard Shaw and Dominic. 

Sidenote: How sad is it when the villain goes down not because the protagonist has successfully and gloriously defeated him, but because “the street always wins” - or more specifically in this case, the parking lot - major hero fail. But… I am not going to complain because JS kicked ass in this scene :D

7. I really really liked the way the Brian O’Connor storyline was handled. It would have been really easy and un-creative (not to mention tasteless) for the writers to have ended his story by killing him off. Instead, they ended his character’s story tactfully and tastefully, and honorably. 

Sidenote: I had read an article saying that there was a sort of backlash against, what I will refer to as ‘CGI Paul Walker face’. I found this to be really ridiculous and uncalled for. I didn’t think it was bad considering they did well with what they had - and with what they did not have (poor Paul Walker. SAD FACE.). So let us not criticize ‘CGI Paul Walker face’, appreciate the sentiment behind the finale of the Furious 7 movie, wipe away our tears, and move on with our lives.

Final thoughts:
All in all this movie was one of the most insane, over the top, hilariously unbelievable films I’ve seen - AND I LOVED IT!  A hugely entertaining, amusing and enjoyable movie - definitely the best of the series. Sure there were some cheesy scenes (especially the Dom and Letty moments - both in the cemetery and the elevator scene - gag.) and non-Oscar worthy dialog (“I don’t have friends, I’ve got family.”). Of course, you’ll have to suspend your disbelief while watching a lot (most of) the stunts, because sure, a lot (most) of them are completely implausible. But a lot of the action and death-defying stunts were very well executed not to mention exciting and badass! I walked out of the theater thinking, yeah, I would definitely watch that one again - and I did!

‘Furious 7 - Movie Review

“I don’t have friends I have family”.

I think it’s pretty evident by now that the ‘Fast’ franchise knows what it is, a pure fun thrill ride matched by the speed of the cars and quick camera sweep-arounds. And it still does with 'Furious 7’ - even if it’s still trying for emotional depth. But Iv'e got to say bless them for trying.

Saying that it does come with some real emotional depth with a very heartfelt tribute to 'Paul Walker’ at the end - with his time chronicled through the films after his character drives off as the camera pans. It was a nice sincere and heartfelt tribute. And with this 7th installant they’ve done 'Paul walker’ proud with probably the best yet. The story isn’t too dissimilar to the previous films. A bad guy (this time Fast 6 Shaw’s older brother 'Deckard (Jason Statham) comes for the gang for revenge and the group join forces with a (assume) private military company. This time making a deal that they’ll help the team get 'Deckard’ (who killed 'Han’ previously) in exchange for 'Ramsey’ a hacker with a key to all the worlds cameras.

The sense of camaraderie is what makes the hokey and often cheesy script work. Occasionally 'Vin Diesel’ will spout some ridiculous phrase - without a hint of a joke which comes off hilariously bad. But I think that’s part of the fun, even with a slight lack of tongue in cheek with lines been delivered with a serious face. The stupid lines put a smile on your face regardless of the intention - and there were a lot of smiles for me.

As well as the banter there’s the big set pieces something that worried me slightly. With the trailer showing so much, the car halo jump, the crashing buildings the truck with 6 machine guns. it all seemed like they revealed too much. Thankfully they saved a lot with heavily armoured car chases on mountain sides and military grade choppers with on-board drones. Far more fire-power than the previous films tank. And with the inclusion of 'Tony Jaa’ some pretty great fight sequences. Its not all wonderful as despite Jaa’s inclusion some of the other fight sequences weren’t anything special. A fairly dull one top of a car park and one with 'Michelle Rodriguez’ lacked bite.

Adding to the star quality this time is 'Kurt Russell’ as the mysterious 'Mr.Nobody’ who’s clearly having a good time. Letting lose with his characters interesting mannerisms. The quirky, oddball leader who’s easy-going - a favourite neutral type character of mine. The other side Jason Statham’s role as villain works well with his natural scowl and arrogant poise as 'Deckard’ make the character both unlike-able and feel genuinely deadly.

It’s a strange thing to know that the man that started it all, the man who genuinely loved cars and great friend with all these actors won’t be around for the next one. But 'Furious 7’ is (yep saying it again) a fitting tribute to 'Paul Walker’ not just the wonderful end scene of the movie or the clips of his time on each of the 7 films but the whole film. The camaraderie between the actors, the smiles on their faces - genuine. The dialogue may be corny and crappy and the story serviceable but at its core it’s about a family, not just on screen but in real life too. it all comes across to make it the best of the series so far.


Wrong number

Tony: Hey Brucey babe, I just experienced the worst day of my life. I need to vent, so it’d be good if you could listen to me for a minute. Well, more like 10 minutes, haha. *talks really fast*


Tony: So, like, I was robbed twice this month, can you believe that? One time was on the bus, I lost my phone, the second time was when I walked home, this dude just jumped out of nowhere and pointed a knife at me, so I had to give him my wallet, after sassing him of course. Then Iron died last week – you remember my cat Iron right – she was old but I was hoping she could make it, but she didn’t. *his voice cracks a little* Yeah, than this morning I forgot to bring the papers I stayed awake all night to write. I begged the professor to let me turn it in later but the old bat refused before I could finished my sentence. *groans*

Loki: This is not –

Tony: Right, it all sucks I know. Then when I was walking home this car ran over the water puddle near me and guess what. I got wet from head to toes. The fucker just sped away, of course. Then when I got home, about to take a shower there was something wrong with the water heater, so I had to take a cold shower. Now I think I’m sick. *miserable*

Loki: *he sounds a little amused* My apologies, but I am not this ‘Bruce’ you intended to call.

Tony: Wha – oh hell *blanches* Umn. Sorry. I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know –

Loki: I can see that. *chuckles* It’s alright.

Tony: Uh. Thanks. Sorry again.

Loki: I need to go now, but I hope your day will get better, Anthony.

Tony: Oh, sure, goodbye. Wait, how – *the call has been ended* – did you know my name. Huh. *stares at the unfamiliar number on the phone’s screen*


Movie Review: Fast 7 (2015) – Utterly Ridiculous, Ridiculously fun!

The action might be over the top, but that’s what makes it work. The movie is almost a cartoon in its insanity, but it’s a fun cartoon, with well choreographed fight scenes, bright bold colors and cars that will have most grease monkeys drooling like they’re looking at a centerfold.

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Furious 7, A/A+

One of the biggest movies of 2015 that I was anticipating the most and that was on my list of top five movies to see this year was Furious 7. This is the movie I saw on the weekend of April 3rd. I have a whole bunch of stuff to say about this film and this movie franchise. If you haven’t seen Furious 7 and you don’t want the movie to be spoiled for you, do not continue to read the rest of this post.

The first thing I want to say is that I was a fan of these movies way before Paul Walker died. I saw Fast and Furious 6 six times at the movie theater. I had all of the movies on DVD before Paul Walker passed away. So I’m not a person that just started to watch these films recently because he died. Not that anything is wrong with that, I am just letting it be known that I was into these movies long before he left us. I have always been a supporter of these films.

Furious 7, in my opinion, was a great movie, and so far the best movie of 2015. I admit that I may be bias just because I already love these films so much. With the exception of Tokyo Drift, these movies are always entertaining and they always deliver good storylines. From where the last movie left off, I already knew Furious 7 was going to be a good movie and I already knew what the storyline was going to be about. But after Paul Walker died, I didn’t know how good the film would turn out to be. There were many obstacles that the cast and the producers and writers had to overcome, but they did a great job making the best film possible.

At first I thought since he died in real life and he didn’t get to complete all of his scenes, I was for sure they would kill him off in the movie. To me, it made sense to do that because they were already building a storyline about the brother of Shaw (from the 6th movie) getting revenge on Dom and his crew for what they did to his brother. So I figured, well he already killed Han, they would probably let him kill Brian as well now. In my mind that was the only thing possible that they could do. But technology is a beautiful thing, I must say. They didn’t kill Brian off and after the way the movie turned out, I am glad that they didn’t. It was sad enough that we lost Paul, I am glad that we didn’t have to lose Brian as well. They used computer generated imagery to put Paul’s face on body doubles, so his scenes could be completed. I have to say that they did a good job because I honestly could not tell which scenes were really done by Paul and which scenes weren’t. The only scenes I know for sure that were not done by Paul were the scenes on the beach and at the very end when he took that last ride with Dom. I am glad that they let Brian live. The way they ended the movie was probably the most perfect way to end a movie under the circumstances they were under. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to a great actor and a wonderful human being. I think it turned out so great because throughout the movie they stressed the point that Brian has a family now, and he can’t keep living this dangerous lifestyle. This mission was his last ride. After watching the movie, the only reason I would say they should have killed Brian off is if they planned to make another movie. If they were to make a movie number eight, killing him off would have provided a good reason why Brian wasn’t there anymore and it would have allowed Jordana Brewster (Mia, Dom’s sister) to stay in the movies. But since they kept him alive, I don’t see Mia being part of the franchise anymore if they were to make another movie. Because it’s like if Mia is there, Brian has to be there as well. But even if they do make another movie, I am glad they let Brian live. I think killing him would have provided a better reason for him not being around but him having a family is a good enough reason as well. Letting Brian live, I think that was the best way to honor Paul Walker and his legacy.

I will say that with each movie that they make, the stunts get more and more ridiculous, but I mean that in a good way. There were many insane stunts in Furious 7. From the skydiving with cars, to driving a car off the edge of a mountain cliff, to driving cars through skyscrapers, the stunts in this movie are really crazy. And honestly, they are most likely unrealistic as well. They defied all the laws of physics. But to be honest, I am here for the ridiculousness. I don’t mind the outrageous stunts because it is a movie. It’s supposed to entertain you and keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s supposed to wow you. And it’s fun to see these things in movies, even if they aren’t realistic. I can’t speak for everybody, but I don’t want to see just boring car chases all the time. The crazier the stunts, the more action the movie has.

Obviously a lot of people love these movies. But there are those few people that complain, saying that the recent movies aren’t even about racing cars anymore. First of all, if they actually paid attention to any of the movies, with the exception of Tokyo Drift, they would realize that none of the movies are actually about racing cars. Sure, it had racing in some of the movies, but that’s not what the movies were about at all. And besides, with a movie franchise this big, they have to allow the movies to grow into something bigger. They have to develop bigger and better storylines, and I think they have delivered that with each new movie, including Furious 7. If a person wants to just see car races, then these movies aren’t for them. These movies are about way more than that.

Furious 7 made $147 million in its opening weekend. A lot of people are saying that the only reason that this movie made this much money is because of the death of Paul Walker. I agree with this somewhat, but I honestly believe that if he was still alive, the movie still would have made a lot of money. I say this because the last movie, Fast and Furious 6, made about $93 million in its opening weekend. That’s still a lot and I believe Furious 7 would have at least matched that without the death of Paul Walker. But who cares if some people only went to see the movie because of his death. That’s natural when a celebrity dies. When Michael Jackson died, his album sales sky rocketed. So yeah, if Paul Walker was still alive the movie may not have made $147 million in its opening weekend, but it still would’ve made a lot money based on the franchise alone.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this movie. Again, I admit that I may be bias because of my love for these films, but I honestly feel like it was a really great film. The humor in the film was hilarious. Tyrese’s and Ludacris’s characters are a great comedy team. Tyrese’s character Roman is just ridiculous and funny as hell, as he has always been in the past films. I love the little romances in this movie between Dom and Letty and Brian and Mia. It’s really sweet but it’s not overboard at all. It’s just enough. And I love me some badass Letty. Michelle Rodriguez is one of my favorite actresses and she was great in this movie. Her fight scene with Ronda Rousey was really dope and total badass. Jason Statham was also amazing in this movie. It was hard rooting against him because when I watch a movie with him in it I’m always cheering for him. But his fight scenes with The Rock and Vin Diesel were also dope. He is a great actor and he was perfect for the role he played. Again, I loved the stunts in the movie. The crazier the stunts the better. The overall storyline of the movie was great and it had an awesome conclusion. The tribute at the end for Paul Walker and the song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth that went with it was amazing and perfect. I love how the movie is about family and loyalty. As a huge fan, and after all of these years since the first movie came out, it makes me feel like I am part of that family as well. I love all of the characters. And I admire all of the actors and actresses and producers and writers and anybody who worked with Paul Walker on these movies. Their courage and their strength is inspiring. To be able to complete this movie after the tragedy with Paul Walker is really something that I can’t even put in words. Under the circumstances that this movie was made under, I think the movie came out the best way possible. They really did a phenomenal job.

A lot of people are saying that this movie is the best of the franchise. I don’t agree or disagree with that statement. I say that because I have seen the other movies so many times, and I have only seen this one once. I would have to see this movie a few more times before I could give my opinion. But I do think this movie is in the top three of the franchise. A lot of the movies are good, but a few of them are really great, so it’s kind of hard to choose which one is the best. The only movie in the franchise that I really dislike is Tokyo Drift. That movie is an abomination to the franchise. A lot of people are saying they hope they end the franchise here because it would be stupid to continue the movies without Paul Walker. I don’t necessarily agree with that. Would I be mad if the franchise ended here? No, I wouldn’t be mad. But I wouldn’t be mad if they continued the franchise either. I just think if they did continue it, they would have to make the next film really good. It probably won’t be the best, obviously, no Paul Walker, but if it’s really good at least, it could work. But it would have to be really good and not mediocre. Some people say these movies should have ended a long time ago. For me, if the movies are good and they keep getting better with each new movie or each new movie is at least just as good as the one before, then keep making them. Why stop? I love a good story and I love these characters, so I want to see them as much as possible.

It’s sad that this is Paul Walker’s final movie. This movie has been on my mind ever since I went to see it and that tribute song by Wiz Khalifa Charlie Puth has been on repeat. Sometimes I still can’t believe he is really dead. Usually I would have went and saw this movie again already, but with this going to the movies once a week thing that I am doing, and having to choose a movie I haven’t seen each week, I decided to hold off on going to see it again. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD though. I know that will be a while from now. Anyways, I would give this movie an A/A+. I didn’t dislike anything about this movie, there is no way I could give it anything less than that.

Movie Review : Furious 7

A review of Furious 7. Before heading to the movies this weekend, check out our review #onelastride #forpaul

Synopsis – Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for his comatose brother.

My Take –This action saga revolving around crazy car chases,  explosions, pumping music, speed ramping , fist fights & karate kicks, constant slow motion camera angles on a semi-clad beauties & bunch of bald dudes beating each other up is probably the most weirdest franchise out there.  When the…

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Circling Back by chaya, freshbakedlady

Circling Back by chaya

Summary:Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. Bucky tries desperately to let him.

This fix is awesome because of how the whole team rallies around Bucky. There’s angst, but it’s offset by things like Tony Stark putting Hello Kitty stickers on the MRI machine so it doesn’t freak Bucky out. 

Steve Rogers: How do you text so fast? 

Tony Stark: I talk, Jarvis types.

Steve Rogers: Are you still working? Are you going to get any sleep tonight?

Tony Stark: Depends on how long it takes to modify the portable MRI into a case that’s as unscary as possible. I don’t know what they used to do with him or with what tech, but I’m thinking a bright pink box with happy faces drawn all over is unlikely to resemble anything he’s seen before.” 

 There’s mutual pining, sassy Avengers, and the ever competent Sam Wilson “So, let’s walk through your fear here. Let’s pretend you do tell him. It’s later, he’s feeling better, he’s a little bummed that fridge magnets don’t stick on his arm now but otherwise he’s fine. You tell him one day. What happens.“  

And I’m always a fan of fics where Bruce and Tony Science! their way into getting super soldiers drunk. 

And there’s a sequel I am very much looking forward to reading.


Vin Diesel and Tony Jaa Training Fast & Furious 7 Featurette

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