home safe and i didn’t even see a grizzly bear in case you were worried about me. we did find bear scat twice though! so.

tonquin valley is very pretty. I helped pick the location we went to because Amethyst Lakes sounded like the best place to be. We camped in the same place two nights, but did a super long day hike on the friday. Saw so many good things and got so exhausted! The first two days were a bit rainy/cloudy/cold but our hike out was sunny and blue! 

i’ve never taken so many pictures on a trip before. ever.

now it’s time to work on finishing up august!



Day 1: Ferried with my bike to the island to explore Nanaimo for 5 hours, sat next to a lady from Germany and talked the whole bus ride to Tofino, checked into the hostel and went for pizza with a girl from Toronto, sleep.

Day 2: Biked 40kms exploring the entire Tofino Pacific Rim, view points, running into and eating lunch with Toronto, surf shops, chesterman beach, middle beach and long beach! Ate some dinner then headed up to Tonquin Park & Beach to find 2 french hippy backpackers sitting on the trail waiting for their friends. We chatted, I sat, more appeared with tents from the trees.. 8 Quebecois now, we smoked pot out of my gandalf peace pipe, we found a secret beach for them to camp the night, we gathered fire wood, we repelled down roots into the secret location, one showed me an ancient tree and described his shroom trip and connection with it, a father & son caught and gave us a fresh salmon right in front of us in the sunset to cook over our fire.. he said “enjoy our province”. The Quebecois shared their food with me and clothes as I had poorly packed for the day, we huddled around the fire roasting marshmallows while sharing stories, music, hash and kraken.. at 2am I walked threw the moonlit forrest to my hostel.

Day 3: I woke to meet my Australian roommate to go for waffles and coffee together. We walked the town a bit but then I was off to The Common Loaf pastry cafe which was the meeting spot previously discussed the night before. The Quebecois trickled in again from their illegal camping spots some being busted overnight. They made plans for the day in french taking my opinion as needed. Glasses and scarves on the table, some without showers for weeks. All of them on their own adventures continuing to meet in certain towns. One Quebecer girl was added to the group this morning making three girls and six guys, more colourful patterns and conversations. It was decided and we were off to Cox Bay, some by car, some hitch hiked, I bicycled and the rest took the free shuttle which only made sense. We reunited on the beach to make salad, eat chips and other random food.. watch surfers, drink more alcohol, pass around more joints, read books and enjoy each others company huddled all on one tarp in the cold Tofino ocean winds.

Around 4oclock we were rained out.. we slowly gathered our things and discussed further plans including shelter and warmth as they were all without accommodation. One boy was off to hitch hike to Victoria, some for more groceries but we all agreed the meeting place was to be Jacks Pub. All of us off the same way we came, me biking back into town with large rain drops hitting my glasses off each arm of the beastly trees that lined the highway. When I got back to the hostel my Australian roommate was there so I invited him to the pub. After a quick shower and a power nap we walked just outside of town together to find half the frenchies having a self made party in Jacks waterfront pub and the other half we caught heading out to find a new camp spot for the night. Conversations, card games, smiles and laughter, food and beer, parking lot dance parties and yoga lessons. After receiving a phone call from the other half saying they found a place to camp we walked back into town to the “bottle-O” meaning liquor store. Sadly we parted ways when they found out the camp was an hour away. Long lasting hugs goodbye, number exchanging and plans made to meet in Vancouver in September as this half of the group was leaving in the morning. Australia and I with a 6pack in hand grabbed some pizza then headed back to the hostel.

Day 4: Australia and I woke up early with a general plan. We headed up to the Common Loaf and bought a 5 pack of muffins and a coffee each, down to the Co-Op and bought towels and underwear and to the rental shop to get surf boards and wet suits or “wetties” as he called them. We then hopped on the free shuttle down to Cox Bay and crushed some gnarly 5 foot beach breaks.. he was much better than I as he goes every day back home. After about 6 hours we polished off the rest of our muffins and headed back into town to return our gear and shower up at the hostel. Had a little rest then jumped on the free shuttle again down to where they had a surf shop, a cafe called the the Tofitian, a juice shop and of course the famous food truck which is also downtown Van called Tacofino!

Now that we were stuffed from smashing back burrito’s, having funky tasting smoothies and eating a bag of chips with ginger beer we jumped back on the shuttle with absolutely no plans for the rest of the evening. This is what amazes me.. after saying goodbye to the Quebecers that had left in the morning we happen to coincidentally spot the other half walking down the side of the road so we quickly discussed wether or not we should get off being that we were on the last shuttle back. “I reckon we have no other plans” so we did and walked towards them with smiles ear to ear and all of us laughing at the situation. Apparently they had just stayed the night at a 17 acre hippy community in the forrest called Pooles Land and were just heading back so with open arms they invited us. As some headed in a few of us walked over to a brewery to pick up some growlers at the Tofino brewing company which is a 64 FL OZ jug of beer. When arriving I found they were in the most interesting hippy community filled with small trailer shops, rope swings, hammocks and tents in every corner. They had situated themselves perfectly in an abandoned camper covered in graffiti with a missing front door. The girls were preparing a meal containing large portions of salad, potato and onions. Above us was a tree house so large it held up six tents that resonated with sounds of didgeridoos. Just up a few steps was a large fire ring where we sat for hours passing around jugs, joints, guitars and drums. We sang for hours upon hours coincidentally knowing most the same songs until it was late and the sounds of howling hippies grew silent. Australia stuck out most of it but headed back early being so “tuckered” from our long day of surfing. When it came time for us to turn in they offered for me to stay with them and of course I couldn’t say no. They laid out a blanket on a hard surface where the mattresses would have been if it hadn’t been abandoned and next to me slept the additional Quebecer from day 3.. which might I add is very beautiful with her borderline dreadlocks, brown eyes, french accent and wonderful physique. Shortly after the cold crept in the missing door and the realization that i could not sleep with out a real pillow sunk in I asked to sleep with her on her self inflating single travel matt and pillow. We of course ended up cuddling, holding each other threw out the entire night and in the morning she made tea, sat on my lap and shared her oatmeal with me. Something I discovered on this trip is that travellers if treated with kindness can be wonderfully generous. My Tofino adventures couldn’t have ended more perfectly but sadly it was time to go. I gathered my things, took in long lasting hugs from everyone with a kiss on the cheek from someone special and headed back to the hostel. When arriving I found Australia packing for his day once again who said “I figured you’d stay the night there”.. typical me going with the flow of things. After grabbing one last lunch together I vanished with the sunset and absolute west coast at my back. Goodbye Tofino

4 or 5 of the Easternmost [Galapagos Islands] are rocky, barren and hilly, producing neither Tree, Herb, nor Grass, but a few Dildoe-trees, except by the Sea-side. The Dildoe-tree is a green prickly shrub, that grows about 10 or 12 foot high, without either Leaf or Fruit. It is as big as a Man’s Leg, from the root to the top, and it is full of sharp prickles, growing in thick rows from top to bottom; this shrub is fit for no use, not so much as to burn.

A Collection of Voyages. In FOUR VOLUMES. I. Captain WILLIAM DAMPIER’S VOYAGES round the World: Describing particularly, the Coasts and Islands in the East and West-Indies. The South-Sea Coasts of Chili, Peru and Mexico. The Countries of Tonquin, Achin and Malacca. The Cape of Good Hope, New-Holland, &c. II. The VOYAGES of LIONEL WAFER; Giving an Account of his being left on the Isthmus of American, amongst the Indians, and of their Treatment of him; with a particular Description of the Country, &c. Also TheNatural History of those Parts. By a Fellow of the Royal Society. And DAVIS’S Expedition to the Golden Mines. III. A VOYAGE round the World: Containing an Account of Capt. DAMPIER’S Expedition into the South-Seas in the Ship St. George. With his Various Adventures and Engagements, &c. together with a Voyage from the West Coast of Mexico to East-India. By W. FUNNELL, Mate to Capt. Dampier. IV. Capt. COWLEY’S VOYAGE round the Globe. V. Capt. SHARP’S Journey over the Isthmus of Darien, AND Expedition into the South-Seas.VI. Capt. WOOD’S Voyage through the Streights of Magellan. VII. Mr. ROBERT’S Adventures and Sufferings among the Corsairs of the Levant: His Description of the Archipelago Islands, &c. Illustrated with Maps and Draughts: Also several Birds, Fishes, and Plants, not found in this Part of the World: Curiously Engraven on Copper-Plates. (London: James and John Knapton, 1729), vol. I, 101.