This is it #MursArmy! Olly’s TV wife Caroline Flack is in the final of Strictly Come Dancing and tonight, from 6:30pm on BBC One, she and her partner Pasha Kovalev will need our support more than ever as she competes to take home that glitterball trophy!

Voting will open after all the couples have done their first dance of the night. You can vote for her in three ways:

By calling 6 22 52 10 from your mobile
09011 22 52 10 from a landline
Or by voting for free three times on the website at

Olly has stuck by and supported her all through this as have we so make sure you get those votes in! #FlackerstoWin #TeamPasholine


We were walking through Winterhaven in Tucson, 

got a free hot chocolate from a young man shaking in this 50 degree weather after asking if he took credit while the chocolate steamed from a pitcher parked in front of his red truck, 

"nah, but I’ll give you one for free". 

What a good start to a night spent side by side with Tyler on the leash, 

Christmas lights flashing in a spot mid-town, blocked from traffic, children smiling and wanting to pet our main man,

we saw “snow”, the twelve days of christmas. 

 Some people sung Christmas songs to the crowd, others read Shakespeare riding accents, tones of an earlier time and dressed the the T of the play’s ambiance. 

What a night well spent before us, may the lights keep shining for us on a night snowmen froze outside just to watch us walk by. 

I always wondered how people could tell me that ‘it will get better’ when they weren’t living my life. How did they know it would get better? Then I realised, that it wasn’t so much that it ‘will’ get better but that it ‘can’. If I want things to get better I can make that happen. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.