Liger Zero Souga Gusoku Myoko day 3
I got a fair amount of progress in considering it’s monday so I can’t spend all my time playing with Myoko. As you can see aside from the one piece of armor on the right front leg shes still bare, but I did customize the katana by adding a chain and a blade liger fang. The boosters in the 3rd picture is showing how easy it was to make it snap into the HMM ligers back, just adding that peg was all it took. The head armor is almost all done, i had to drill a couple new holes because the HMM liger’s head is a bit narrower than the tomy one. I don’t think I’ll make much progress this week as work is gonna keep me kinda busy, but I still am eager to see her completed. The standard liger zero armor should be painted in no time so at least she won’t be naked much longer, anyway let me know what you think!


jchedges said: Where did you get these? Also, can you actually move their feet and arms around?

Yes! These are completely poseable since all the parts are separate magnets attaching to a metal core in the body. It’s the most brilliant line of toys I’ve ever seen and I wish it had been more successful in it’s time. Since these are so rare, they only show up on ebay every few years or so. There’s more information on them in previous posts on my blog.