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Idols, Gods, and Kings: Literary forces Teddy Wayne (The Love Song of Jonny Valentine), Tom Wolfe (Back to Blood) and Cristina García (King of Cuba) explore the concept of power with three very different casts: an eleven-year-old superstar’s road to fame; the varied, shady folks running an election in Miami; and a fictionalized Fidel Castro and his vengeful exile. Moderated by Greg Cowles (The New York Times). 

3 pm, St. Ann & The Holy Trinity Church, Sept. 22

Avenue of the Americas. 2015.

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”

'You Ate Too Much Man, Too Much'

The last chapter or so of The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe has revolved around a small group of post-college age intellectuals, mainly writers and poets, living in this funky little cottage on this magical street called Perry Lane. The focus is on how one the foremost thinkers of the cottage, a dude named Kesey, volunteers at a local research facility to take experimental drugs such as LDS, Mescaline, DMT, Psilocybin Fungus, and a plethora of other mind expanding substances. Kesey’s experimentation leads the rest of the cottage to open the door into the budding (no pun intended) drug culture of the 60’s revolution. This is where it all starts, Kesey ends up creating an organization with the goal of taking the love generation past acid, and into something on a bigger level. What start must eventually evolve or else it will die. The hippy movement died because Kesey could not accomplish it’s goal.

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