OK, so after this was posted I was actually informed of a minor (IMPORTANT) detail concerning the All-Tongue and how Asgardians um, use it and I apologise for being massively uninformed (DISHONOR ON ME DISHONOR ON MY COW). There was also the point made that many Germans DO in fact speak fluent English so, you know, SORRY AGAIN :(

On a lighter note, really I just made it for the lols… :)

PS. I apologise in advance for probably using ‘knien’ wrong. I don’t actually speak German except to say stupid things that don’t really mean anything…

"If you’re referring to the incident with the Dragon, I was barely involved. All I did was give your Uncle a little nudge out of the door."

Oh hey, I’m back! Woops, it’s only been 5 months (SORRY, I’LL DO BETTER I PROMISE probably. I don’t even have a good excuse. I’m just lazy).

So Doctor Who is fantastic. I love it. Capaldi is magic, Clara is the boss, Rusty was a sass machine and everything is wonderful. This silly doodle is based on a wonderful little scene from Firefly (which admittedly I haven’t ever watched a whole lot of) that made me giggle :)